Learning How To Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

church stained glass messages

Within your church, stained glass may be seen as an ornament, beautifying your house of worship in a way that reflects faith. However, church stained glass is more significant than artistic decoration. Depending on the design, colors, and imagery used, you’ll find wonderful biblical messages within the stained glass in your house of worship.

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Symbolism through Biblical Imagery

One of the most obvious ways that church stained glass adds another dimension to worship and spiritual services is its visual representation of the Bible and its messages. Iconic stories, such as Jesus’ death and resurrection, are made palpable and powerful when paired with artfully crafted images that recreate scenes and symbols associated with a Biblical event, such as the Cross from Jesus’ crucifixion.

The Significance of Color in Church Stained Glass

Even the colors of church stained glass itself gives meaning to images and scenes. Concepts such as the blood and sacrifice of Christ are represented with red. White invokes the purity of God, as well as innocence. Blue evokes Heaven, the Virgin Mary, and hope. Green evokes life and rebirth. Yellow represents the divinity of saints and the gates of Heaven, while gray and brown symbolize humility, mourning, and spirituality.

Biblical themes and scenes found in your church’s stained glass reinforce the message of the Bible and renew church attendees’ understanding of their faith, making it a vital part of worship. The company working on your stained glass installation will help you create a beautiful design for your stained glass that brings meaning and joy to your church.

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Stained glass is more than art for your house of worship. It visually conveys the messages and beauty of the Bible to your congregation. Call our office today and learn how to keep your church stained glass pristine for the benefit of present and future members of your church.

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