Must See Churches in Fort Collins with Stained Glass Windows

fort collins church stained glass

Old churches are full of history and character. Often, cities themselves were built around churches, with the church being a focal point and a gathering place for community events. When you walk into one of these older churches, you can see the evidence of the passage of time, and memories made.

In Fort Collins, we are fortunate enough to have more than our fair share of historic churches. Not only are these churches an important part of our town’s history and culture, but they are also beautiful places to visit. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite historic churches in Fort Collins with stained glass windows.

Fort Collins Colorado First Methodist Church Stained Glass

Breathtaking Historic Churches in Fort Collins with Stained Glass

Whether you’re a lover of stained glass or someone who just appreciates art in general, these old churches in Fort Collins with stained glass are a worthwhile visit.

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church

Saint Joseph’s was built before Fort Collins became an official town, back in the early pioneer days. The original congregation met in a church that had been converted from a school house. Later on, a new building was built for the growing community. The stained glass windows were added in a remodeling during the year 1960.

First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins was originally established in the year 1867. As the church grew, it moved locations twice, with the final location being at Elizabeth and Stover in 1963. The church contains beautiful colored glass windows in the sanctuary.

First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church contains some of the most beautiful religious stained glass windows in Fort Collins. An ornate, colorful stained glass window stands behind the church altar, stretching up to the top of the ceiling and illuminating the interior with beautiful light.

View More Examples of Stained Glass in Fort Collins

Looking for more examples of beautiful stained glass windows in Fort Collins? Check out our gallery or contact our team to learn more about our work.

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