Our Creation & Restoration Process for Spencer Church Stained Glass

spencer church stained glass restoration

Spencer and the surrounding Bloomington area are renowned for their natural beauty, but also feature lovely buildings and churches that often feature historic stained glass. For Spencer church attendees, stained glass restoration can revitalize their house of worship and lend spiritual inspiration to the congregation with its picturesque beauty and depictions of the divine.

Before taking on a restoration project, however, it’s important to know what to expect during the process.

spencer church stained glass restoration

What Goes Into Stained Glass Restoration

Approaching a local Spencer church, the stained glass restoration process is best summarized as research, plan, estimate costs, and repair or construct materials.

Reputable restoration teams look at church records for the building and glass’ age. If records aren’t available, the glass itself may have a date and signature, or the type of glass may be distinguishable by the color and texture of the glass. The weathering of the lead frame can also give restorers a timeline.

Once the glass type has been established, restorers create a plan for how to tackle the restoration and the estimated costs of doing so. Then, restoration can begin, preserving as much of the original glass and frame as possible. Repairs should be long-lasting, but also easily reversible, with records kept of all changes made for future restorations.

church stained glass windows spencer

Creativity & Conservation in the Restoration Process

Quality restoration preserves the original stained glass as much as possible. Reputable companies will approach your Spencer church’s stained glass restoration with experts in each restoration aspect, from matching or designing glass to repairing lead caming.

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