Our Process for Houston Church Stained Glass Restoration

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Over the twenty-five years that we’ve been in business, we’ve created and restored over 40,000 stained glass restorations, many of which were in the greater Houston area and other Texas metros. Throughout this time, we’ve perfected our processes and come to see the art of glass making in a whole new way. Not only does glass design and restoration require an artistic eye and skilled hand, but it also requires precision, planning, and experience.

Now, we have developed a signature process that we use for all Houston church stained glass restorations. In this post, we’ll reveal some our knowledge about stained glass repair and restoration as well as trouble signs to look out for when it comes to the degradation of stained glass.

stained glass deterioration

Signs of Deterioration

When glass makers first started created stained glass, they did not have the same technology and knowledge that we have available to us today. For this reason, many older stained glass windows begin to deteriorate at some time or another. Here are some of the common signs of deterioration:

  • Cracked, bulging, or missing glass pieces
  • Steel bars that have separated from the glass
  • Glass or putty that is loose and in danger of falling out
  • Warped or sagging lead caming
  • Discolored, yellowed, or foggy glass
  • Our Restoration Process

    We complete our restoration process in three phases, through a series of several steps:

  • 1. Preparation: During the first phase, the glass is removed and brought to our workshop. There, it’s soaked in a bath of cleansing solution.
  • 2. Restoration: We create a digital blueprint of the window. Then, the window is carefully taken apart and all the pieces are numbered. The glass is carefully inspected. All badly damaged pieces are replaced with matching glass or cut down to replace smaller broken sections.
  • 3. Installation: The window is put back together using new leading and the glass is held in place with a fine black cement. The joints of the lead are soldered together and steel brace bars are attached. After the cement dries, the window is cleaned and transported back to the church where it is reinstalled.
  • Schedule an Appointment for Inspection

    Concerned about the condition of your stained glass? Have your windows inspected by an expert. Call Scottish Stained Glass today to schedule an appointment in Houston or receive an estimate on church stained glass restoration.

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