Restore or Replace? Which Option is Best for Your Kansas City Church Stained Glass

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Stained glass windows are durable by nature. Nonetheless, sometimes life just happens. There are a number of things that can ruin the health and integrity of stained glass – hail, hot summers, powerful winds, and even rambunctious human beings. Even if your stained glass never suffers any catastrophic trauma, it may still degrade, like all things worldly, from the passage of time. If this happens, you have a couple options available. You can opt for stained glass repair. Or your Kansas City church can replace the stained glass entirely. Which is best for you depends entirely on your situation. Let us explain.

Signs Something May Be Wrong with Your Stained Glass

Do your stained glass windows look a little different than usual? If so, this could be a warning sign that your stained glass is experiencing issues at the structural level. Signs of stained glass deterioration include chalky or misshapen leading, detachment of metal bars, cloudy glass pieces, yellowed glass, and visible chips or cracks. If any of these signs sound familiar to you, you may want to contact an expert in Kansas City for stained glass repair.

How to Decide Between Stained Glass Repair & Replacement

If your church stained glass is damaged, whether by vandalism, an accident, or natural deterioration, you can opt for one of two different courses of action: stained glass replacement or stained glass repair. Kansas City churches should, however, not put off the decision because loose stained glass can become a safety issue.

Which option is best for you depends entirely on your situation. For example, if your stained glass is valuable, it could be worth restoring since its value will be greater than the cost of the repairs. But if you’re not sure how valuable your stained glass is, you may want to have it appraised. Sentimental attachment on behalf of the congregation could also be justification for stained glass repair. But if the stained glass is not valuable, sentimentally significant, or of any culture importance, then replacement may be the best option.

Schedule an Evaluation

Do you need to have your stained glass evaluated? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment or get a quote on stained glass repair in Kansas City.

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