Signs Your Fort Worth Church’s Stained Glass Windows Needs Repair

fort worth church stained glass repair

The beauty of stained glass is undeniable. The way that light flows through the glass and makes it shine like a thousand diamonds, sending a beautiful array of prismatic colors streaming across the room is absolutely breathtaking. It’s no wonder that ever since stained glass windows were first adopted by early religious groups in the tenth century, they have remained popular throughout time.

And the incredible thing about stained glass is that it can last for hundreds of years. In fact, some of the world’s oldest stained glass windows are close to 1000 years old or more. However, there is some maintenance involved in preserving stained glass, particularly when it comes to making repairs. When you notice signs of damage or deterioration in your Fort Worth church’s stained glass windows, repairs should be completed right away in order to keep your stained glass in good condition.

church stained glass fort worth repair

Why Is Stained Glass Conservation Important?

Stained glass conservation refers to the practice of preserving stained glass for future generations through the process of restoration. Stained glass is deemed to be valuable to not only certain groups or regions, but also the world’s collective cultural heritage. Preserving the world’s art and architectural structures not only allows future generations to enjoy their beauty, but it also gives them a way to be educated about the history of past generations.

Signs that the Stained Glass in Your Church Needs to Be Repaired

Any change in the color or appearance of stained glass is worth noting. However, it’s always a good idea to check up on your stained glass a couple times a year even when it appears to be fine just in case so that you can avoid the need for extensive repair. When inspecting your stained glass, here are some things you should look for:

Dark, cloudy, or discolored glass – A number of factors can cause glass to deteriorate and lose its beautiful appearance. Changes in color or appearance can indicate that the glass could be suffering from pocketing or corrosion, which can eventually cause the glass to crack or cause more serious issues.

Faded or flaking paint – Heat, moisture, and uv rays can break down the paints and dyes in stained glass and ruin its beautiful appearance. Issues with the paint or enamel should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the loss of details in the design.

Structural damage – If you notice that the steel brace bars on your stained glass have separated or that the leading is misshapen or sagging, you should contact a professional immediately. These are signs of structural damage and can quickly develop into more complicated issues that may pose safety risks.

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