Three Reasons You Should Consider Restoring the Life & Beauty of Your Polson Church Stained Glass

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In a picturesque place like Polson, it’s only fitting that our houses of worship should reflect the beauty of our mountainous lakeside landscape. If your local Polson church has stained glass in need of restoration, you may be weighing whether it’s worth it to restore the glass. Below, we’ve put together 3 reasons why stained glass restoration is always worth it.

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Three Reasons Why Stained Glass Restoration Is Worth the Investment

1. Restoration is Cost-Effective.
Out of all the building repairs you could make to your Polson church, stained glass restoration is one of the most cost-effective for its long-lasting and high-quality results.The restoration process doesn’t have to be completed all at once, allowing you to spread the costs out over years while still preventing deterioration.

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2. Restoration Repairs Damage and Makes Your Stained Glass New Again.
In stained glass that is 70-100 years old, you will often see signs of deterioration such as bulging, sagging, cracked or missing glass, broken solder joints, unattached reinforcement bars, mismatched glass, silicone glue, minute cracks in the lead, loose or rattling sounds when tapping the glass, or leaks of light, air, or water through the glass. Restoration can repair these unsightly damages, preventing future costs and preserving the glass.

3. Restoration Extends the Life of Your Stained Glass.
Each time your Polson church’s stained glass undergoes a restoration, its life is extended 70-100 years, allowing future congregations to be inspired by the beauty of this spiritual art for nearly a century.

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Call the Experts at Scottish Stained Glass for Your Polson Church’s Stained Glass Restoration

Contact our office today to find out more about the variety of benefits your Polson church can experience from our stained glass restoration services! Learn more information when you schedule your consultation appointment with us!

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