Ways to Incorporate Stained Glass into Your Modern Kansas City Church Design

The way that churches are being designed today is drastically different from the past. Church designs used to focus on creating an ambiance of grandeur, and included ornate decor, artwork with religious figures, towering steeples, and high ceilings.

But today, churches realize that their worshipers are seeking a different experience. Modern church designs focus on creating a space for quiet contemplation, inner reflection, and peaceful meditation, which means they have become much more simple and minimalist.

Some would argue that stained glass is not as popular today in these modern Kansas City churches, but this simply is not true. Stained glass is a traditional part of religious design and many church groups feel strongly about preserving past history. Rather, many Kansas City churches are using stained glass in more modern and creative ways to draw in light, add calming colors, and open their church to the outdoors.

Stunning Ways to Add Stained Glass Windows to a Modern Church

If you’re looking for a way to add color and beauty to your modern Kansas City church, stained glass windows are definitely something you should consider. Here are a few different ways that stained glass can be used to help create a modern look.

modern church stained glass kansas city

Mix clear & colored glass.

Traditional stained glass windows are very colorful and ornate. But today, churches are designing their stained glass in a different way, and mixing both colored and clear glass. Using more clear glass creates a modern look, since contemporary designs often stress the use of neutral colors.

church stained glass kansas city

Bring the outdoors in.

Many modern worshipers are drawn to churches that feature nature designs and include natural elements. Nature is calming and healing for the soul. By adding a nature themed stained glass window, you can create a peaceful ambiance for your modern church.

church leaded glass windows kansas city

Consider leaded glass windows.

Leaded glass windows are great for creating privacy without drawing too much attention. By adding leaded glass windows to your sanctuary, prayer room, or chapel, you can create a space where visitors can worship in privacy and peaceful solitude.

Being Designing Your Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass creates beautiful custom stained glass windows for Kansas City churches, temples, and cathedrals. Contact us today to discuss your ideas for the design of your church’s stained glass.

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