Where to Add Stained Glass Windows to Your Kansas City Church

stained glass windows kansas city

Do you belong to a church that’s in the middle of remodeling or undergoing renovations? One change you should consider making is adding stained glass windows to your Kansas City church.

Stained glass windows are not only a traditional part of church design, but they also serve a practical purposes as well. Color and texture add visual interest to church interiors while also creating privacy without blocking light. By adding stained glass windows to your church, you can brighten up the interior and create an inviting, welcoming space.

Remodeling Your Church or Chapel with Stained Glass

Perhaps your church is expanding and adding an extra room. Or maybe your church is located in a historic building that could use a little bit of TLC. Whatever your reasons for remodeling, stained glass is definitely something you should consider making of your plans. Here are some places you can add stained glass windows to your Kansas City church or chapel to make it look stunning!

Stained glass for sanctuaries and altar furniture

Adding stained glass to your church’s sanctuary or altar furniture can create a very alluring look. Stained glass windows can help establish a focal point in the room and enhance the worshiping experience.

Chapel and prayer room stained glass
Stained glass is great for smaller rooms like chapels and prayer rooms because it provides privacy without sacrificing light. Light is especially important for smaller rooms because it makes them look larger and more welcoming.

Church entrances and transoms
Create a beautiful entrance for your church with stained glass doors and transoms. Depending on your church’s atmosphere, you can either opt for either a traditional painted design or something more modern and abstract for your entryway. Either way, your congregation will be sure to love this beautiful addition to your church.

Get a Quote on Church Stained Glass Windows in Kansas City

Bring the joy and beauty of stained glass to your church. Call our office today to learn more about church stained glass window pricing in Kansas City or speak to one of our designers about your church’s needs.

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