Benefits of Installing Stained Glass in Your Salt Lake City Home’s Entryway

entryway stained glass salt lake city

Whether you’ve lived in your home for a while and are thinking about making some changes or are in the middle of having a new home built, one area you should consider paying attention to is your home’s entryway. The entryway is the first glimpse that visitors get of your home and it’s also an important part of what contributes to your home’s curb appeal.

Right now, stained glass entryways are trending in Salt Lake City. Stained glass entryways can be traditional and have a more antique look or can be more contemporary. Regardless of their appearance, the reason that homeowners enjoy them so much is because of their many practical benefits.

Three Surprising Benefits of Entryway Stained Glass

Stained glass entryways add character and aesthetic interest to the exterior of a home. The way that the glass comes alive with a brilliant shine and color in the sun is remarkably beautiful. But looks aren’t all that stained glass has to offer. In fact, there are many ways that stained glass can actually improve the functionality of your entryway and make it better. Here are just a few:

1. It creates a positive impression.
The entrance of your home is the first thing your guests see when they walk up. It’s also the only part of your home that many other people, such as neighbors or passersby, will ever see. Installing stained glass is a great way to make a positive first impression on your visitors. This can be especially beneficial if you ever decide to see your home or host an open house.

2. Strangers can’t see into your home.
Stained glass is renowned for its privacy benefits. The thick, textured glass is difficult to see through, which can be a nice factor to have for your entryway. With stained glass, you don’t have to worry about being caught in your pajamas or an otherwise embarrassing state when someone comes to your door. It can also reduce the risk of burglaries or break and enters.

3. You can customize it any way you like.
Blinds are curtains are usually the way that most people go when they’re looking for privacy. But these boring, flat slabs of fabric don’t really do anything to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. And you’re limited when it comes to colors and patterns. Stained glass, on the other hand, can be customized down to every last detail from the colors of the glass and paint to the imagery, bevel clusters, and more.

entryway stained glass door salt lake

Beautify Your Home with Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

Take your home and your entryway to a whole new level. Install a beautiful stained glass window in your Salt Lake City home today. Call our office today to get started!

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