The Gorgeous Growing Trend Of Stained Glass For Privacy On Houston Homes

You most often think about it on churches and then probably really old or fancy homes. You would not be incorrect in doing so but the truth is stained glass is just as accessible to modern or mid-range homes. In fact, a growing trend across the country for first time home buyers is to have stained glass installed.

In a day and age where homes are closer together in the cities and suburbs, privacy is becoming a commodity. Although stained glass is and always will be a way to add beauty to homes, today’s smart consumers are using it to solve the growing problem of little to no privacy in today’s modern homes. Below are the most popular places we install stained glass for a new generation of people who understand function is beautiful.

The Three Most Popular Places For Privacy Stained Glass

Stained Glass In The Bathroom: By far the most popular place for privacy stained glass is the bathroom. It goes without saying that this is somewhere you spend a lot of time where you simply cannot have prying eyes from outside peeping in at you. The reason our customers love stained glass here especially is the natural light that still readily penetrates the stained glass–keeping their bathrooms bright and vibrant.

Stained Glass In The Entryway: An entryway is a popular place for stained glass not only because it welcomes the guests to your home in style, but also because it gives you cover from those passing by and strangers who come to your door. This is a great place for a mix of flat and textured glass so you can still see out enough to know who is knocking but have enough coverage that no one can look straight into your home.

Stained Glass In The Kitchen: Stained glass in the kitchen may surprise you as a popular place but it is a growing trend that we just love here at Scottish. Not only is it great on windows that face other houses, so you don’t have to stare at your neighbors while you do dishes, but it is also a perfect dovetail with the trend of open cabinets. With stained glass as cabinet doors in the kitchen, you still get the look and feel of an open cabinet space but enough coverage to hide any clutter.

For more information on stained glass for privacy on your Houston home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!

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