Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in The South

Posted October 2nd, 2018 by ssgadmin

Here in the United States many of our most notable churches, chapels, and cathedrals can be found within the southern states. Exploring these southern houses of worship can provide the inspiration you’re looking for within your own church or home. These beautiful stained glass pieces are truly unique, interesting pieces that draw on creativity and biblical inspiration. When deciding to start your own stained glass project, creating beautiful religious stained glass can really heighten to worship experience and provide even more reasons for your congregation to gather.

Noteworthy Southern Religious Stained Glass Pieces

The Chapel of Thanksgiving located in Dallas, Texas features a beautiful seashell-like spiral of stained glass that’s housed within their main sanctuary providing gorgeous prisms of inspiring light whenever natural lighting hits it. This unique stained glass piece was custom built and is part of the original structure. The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel at Callaway Resort and Gardens has a very large stained glass feature that actually portrays abstract art of the Southern pines and other native trees found in the area. The amazing contrast between the abstract art and the natural surroundings is truly unique. We love seeing a stained glass piece that mimics nature, which is such a departure from other religious stained glass pieces that are biblically inspired.

Taking Inspiration for Your Custom Stained Glass in Dallas

Dallas churches can definitely take inspiration from all these noteworthy southern religious stained glass pieces. Creating eye-catching stained glass can improve the worshipping process, attract new congregation members, and even draw in tourists. If your church is located in a beautiful, scenic location, creating a gorgeous stained glass piece that imitates the natural surroundings can also heighten your overall service experience.

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From Switzerland to Paris: Stained Glass Masterpieces from Around the World

Posted October 2nd, 2018 by ssgadmin

Stained glass has been an important part of our history throughout the world. There are some stunning masterpieces that people actually travel to go see in person– these works of art are so impressive and can definitely become the main attraction. Many of these amazing stained glass pieces are featured within various houses of worship. Churches and homes in the United States can take inspiration from these unique stained glass windows.

Notable Stained Glass Masterpieces Featured Around the World

The renowned Paris church, Sainte-Chapelle, has 15 gorgeous stained glass windows that are almost 50 feet tall. These original stained glass windows are highly intricate and colorful featuring stunning biblical scenes with jewel tones. These breathtaking stained glass features surround the viewer and can be a lot to take in due to their size and nature. The main sanctuary actually has a highly unique kaleidoscope feature with stained glass incorporated throughout. Another notable stained glass feature is housed within the Grossmunster Protestant church. These stained glass features were actually added in more recent centuries by pop art icon Sigmar Polke. Unlike other religious stained glass, these stained glass windows don’t showcase biblical scenes or figures. The stained glass found in the Grossmunster are abstract pieces of art unique to this property.

Finding Inspiration from Notable Stained Glass Masterpieces for Your Church, Home, or Business

These notable stained glass pieces can fuel some major inspiration for your next custom stained glass piece! We’re able to replicate any style or design or even simply draw inspiration from something in order to create the perfect investment piece for your San Antonio church, home, or business. If there’s any stained glass piece that completely captures your attention, simply contact us and we can help make it happen!

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Exploring Modern Examples of Stained Glass Around the World

Posted October 1st, 2018 by ssgadmin

Stained glass has been around for centuries offering a versatile medium for artists to showcase unique pieces of art. Recent stained glass pieces feature a more modern usage of this diverse medium often complimenting the architecture it’s found in. Pieces of colored glass can be incorporated in the most unique ways to create colorful prisms throughout properties. Exploring different, modern creations with stained glass around the world can be truly inspiring and offer some creative opportunities.

Modern Stained Glass Pieces from Around the Globe

Colorful stained glass pieces can be strategically placed throughout a building in order to illuminate certain areas of your home or business. This adds pops of color that can brighten your property up from the outside while breaking up the white space inside. Colorful stained glass creates beautiful prisms whenever natural or manmade light hits it, offering an array of colors that bounce throughout the walls and floors of your property. These colorful glass pieces can also be used for entire facades of a building or for any patio or outdoor feature. The textured nature of stained glass obscures unwanted views in while still maintaining significant light transmissions. Stained glass can be used in several ways to complement your decor or as a centerpiece for the entire property.

Custom Stained Glass Services for Your Home or Business

Scottish Stained Glass is the industry leader in custom stained glass providing beautiful, modern features for homes and businesses across the nation! We’ve been inspired by the trend of modern stained glass throughout the globe as well and would love the opportunity to create such stunning, unique pieces for your property. Whether you’re interested in a smaller stained glass piece or a large, eye-catching centerpiece, we’ve got you covered.

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Learning How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

Posted October 1st, 2018 by ssgadmin

Religious stained glass has been a popular tradition for centuries and can be found in various houses of worship throughout the world. With such powerful imagery and symbolism, religious stained glass is meant to inspire congregations. Congregation members treasure these beautiful pieces and find their own meanings behind these images. While many of these messages may seem straightforward with depictions of biblical scenes, quotes, and figures, did you know that the colors of your church’s stained glass also represent important values? Here’s a guide to helping you interpret all the colors found within your church’s stained glass.

What Church Stained Glass Colors Symbolize

Have you noticed all the different colors featured throughout your church’s stained glass? This traditional approach incorporates several different colors that actually symbolize a unique message with each individual color. Red typically symbolizes the blood of Christ in order to serve as a reminder of Jesus’ suffering. Red also conveys strong feelings of love or hate. Blue symbolizes serenity, heaven, piety, and hope. Blue is often associated with the Virgin Mary and is incorporated into scenes that feature her. Since green is the color of nature, this color symbolizes growth and rebirth. White typically is associated with purity and innocence that’s associated with God. Jesus wore purple prior to his crucifixion, making this color associated with suffering and endurance.

Benefits of Custom Religious Stained Glass for Your Church

Custom religious stained glass offers your church an opportunity to convey what’s important specifically to your congregation. Custom stained glass can reflect any biblical message or portray any biblical figure. You can even decide on all the colors you’d like to incorporate for your stained glass, individualizing all the meaning.

For more information regarding what church stained glass colors symbolize or in regards to our custom religious stained glass services, please contact us!

Creative Ways to Incorporate Antique Stained Glass for Outdoor Colorado Weddings

Posted October 1st, 2018 by ssgadmin

Are you planning a gorgeous outdoor Colorado wedding? Wedding planning can be so overwhelming with so many little details to think of! Outdoor weddings give you such a wonderful opportunity to find unique features that can be incorporated into the landscape. Have you considered what antique stained glass can do for your outdoor wedding? This popular trend sports some very creative, stunning ways to add historical and aesthetic touches you wouldn’t be able to find with any other medium.

Stunning Antique Stained Glass Ideas for Your Outdoor Colorado Wedding

When planning for an outdoor wedding, finding ways to accentuate the gorgeous Colorado landscape in the background is always key. Moderation is important in order to not overpower or take away from the scenic background. Antique stained glass can be incorporated in so many creative ways that actually complement the landscape. Stained glass can be used as the centerpiece or backdrop at the altar. With unique ways of presenting stained glass, wedding planners can use these antique pieces as the framework for a truly stunning wedding. Antique stained glass photographs incredibly well especially with the contrast with nature. Finding the right stained glass can give your wedding that lovely rustic feel or even a more contemporary feel– with so many different styles and designs available, you can really make your outdoor wedding your own.

Scottish Stained Glass Denver: Art Deco from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

Benefits of Antique Stained Glass for Outdoor Colorado Weddings

Antique stained glass is one-of-a-kind offering stunning works of art that can make your outdoor Colorado wedding that much more memorable. Scottish Stained Glass has thousands of unique antique stained glass pieces that have been imported here from Scotland. We’re happy to help you find the perfect piece that complements the altar and other backdrops or features you may be considering for your outdoor wedding.

For more information regarding our antique stained glass for your outdoor Colorado wedding, please contact us!

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