3 Things To Consider Before Your Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration

Posted April 29th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Stained Glass Restoration Considerations for Austin Churches

If the stained glass windows on your Austin church are over 80 years old, the odds are it is time to have them restored. At Scottish Stained glass we know this to be true because– stained glass made in the first part of the last century has a life of about 80-100 years. You may be seeing some bowing on the frames, sagging of the caming and even cracks in the glass–all telltale signs a restoration is due. The good news is–restoration is something that will breathe new life and luster into your Austin church’s stained glass, and will do so for the next 150-200 years. However, before starting on your restoration journey there are a few things for your church to consider.

What Will Your Austin Church’s Stained Glass Restoration Cost?

Full restoration of church stained glass can be expensive but all of the churches we have worked with at preserving their beloved windows for future generations have come through it with nothing but a new love for their restored windows. However, before deciding to restore stained glass windows, a church must consider a few things, the least of which is the cost. Getting a full estimate of all costs involved is essential for making the next decision about where the funds will come from. As it were, any true stained glass restoration specialist will have a format to estimate the exact costs of your glass and even, like us, ways and tips for your church to raise these funds.

How Long WIll The Restoration Take?

As church stained glass restorers, we at Scottish Stained Glass in Austin, understand that properly restoring stained glass will take a fair amount of time and there simply is no cutting corners. Therefore, before your church decides to take on a lengthy stained glass restoration be sure your church is able to make do with the temporary windows that will be in place for months to an entire year. Be sure to specifically get a “downtime” estimate before making any major decisions.

How Will Your Church Raise Funds For Restoration?

As mentioned before, church stained glass restoration can sometimes get expensive depending on the size of the windows and the scope of the job. For this reason, having a candid conversation with your congregation on how the restoration will be paid for is a must. To take it a step further, you may want to even brainstorm fundraising ideas together, before deciding on a restoration. Feel free to talk to us about fundraising too– since we here at Scottish Stained Glass have worked with countless churches on their own stained glass restoration fundraising efforts, we have a menagerie of ideas to help you find the monies you need to bring your lovely stained glass back to life.

Reach out to us today for more information on what a church stained glass restoration entails and how we can help bring your Austin church’s glass back to its former life and luster!


A Look at Marc Chagall As A Talented Stained Glass Artist

Posted April 29th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Marc Chagall The Fine Artist

Many people are familiar with the famed artist Marc Chagall–a Russian-French artist and widely known as an early modernist. His vast body of paintings include works like “I and the village” pictured below.

While he is typically associated with the modernist movement, he was actually known to create in several major artistic styles and formats including painting, book illustrations, stage sets, ceramic, tapestries and art prints.
Marc Chagall The Stained Glass Master

Chagall was a prolific artist as much as he was talented. He was most known for his exquisite used of color in all mediums. However, what many people do not know is–Marc Chagall was also a prolific stained glass artist. In fact, Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows grace structures worldwide and are beloved for their incredible beauty. Interestingly enough Chagall didn’t begin working in stained glass until late in life, his early 70s, which is incredible considering the breadth of his stained glass work. However, his success in the medium should come at no surprise, considering his deep understanding of light and color. His attention to where light would shine through his stained glass windows, coupled with smart exploitation of glass properties to get the most out of light and color–were the ingredients to his overwhelming success.

Marc Chagall Stained Glass For Churches

Chagall did many church stained glass windows, in fact, he did quite a few stained glass windows in France in particular, but was commissioned by various international churches as well. But, artistry was not relegated to solely churches, as, he did notable “secular” windows too. Some of those windows he created were for institutions here in the US and are still intact today. Likely the most famous US creation, a series is called “America Windows”, can be viewed at The Art Institute of Chicago. These windows are an understandably prized American art treasure as you can see by the video below.


Here at Scottish Stained Glass in Colorado Springs, we have nothing but passion for stained glass and stained glass masters like Marc Chagall. His work and the work of other masters inspire both our church and home stained glass work and restoration. For more information on what we do or if you have stained glass questions, reach out to us today!

Home Design Hacks – Kitchen Stained Glass for an Elegant Dining Area in your Denver Home

Posted April 29th, 2019 by ssgadmin
kitchen stained glass denver

The secret to creating a beautiful home is all about paying attention to the little details. It’s the minor things, like colors and textures that can truly make the most difference in your home’s appearance. To achieve that elegant, upscale “custom home look, you’ve got to thing outside of the box.

And there’s no better way to create a unique look for your home than with kitchen stained glass. Denver homes go from ordinary to extraordinary with this simple addition.

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A Symbol Of Hope: Notre Dame Rose Window Still Stand

Posted April 18th, 2019 by ssgadmin

The Rose Stained Glass Windows Of Notre Dame

As the whole world watched the Notre Dame Cathedral burn, many thoughts raced through our collective minds.  First to the safety of anyone inside then to the host of historical relics, artworks, and unparalleled architectural structures that we knew for sure were engulfed in flames or close to it.  As we here at Scottish stained glass, looked at the images of the burning spire fast sinking into that fiery mass, our hearts too sunk, assuming the very worst about the famous and beloved Rose windows.  This is because we are more than just stained glass restorers here but avid stained glass lovers as well–and there is quite possibly no other stained glass window in the world that encapsulates the affection we have for this magnificent artform than–the Rose Window Of Notre Dame.

The History Of The Rose Window Of Notre Dame

Incredibly built in the 13th century during the Gothic period but somehow still relevant and timely in today’s distant world.  Whether because of the careful choice of bold colors, which truly never go out of style, or the jewel-like pattern in which each delicate panel is positioned, this window could as easily pass for modern as it does Gothic–a dichotomy that is part of its undeniable charm.  However, the Rose Window or Notre Dame was built for peril just like we witnessed this week– distributing weight equally across a perforated stone wall of traversing apertures.  This structural style also happens to lend itself to making this lovely stained glass window appear much more delicate and fragile than it truly is.  As we have mentioned many times in our blog--stained glass is, contrary to popular belief, incredibly durable, something we run across each and every restoration and have yet to fully appreciate ourselves. The Rose Window of Notre Dame–is no exception.  


“Although the wooden roof is gone, the vaulted stone ceiling below and the iconic rose windows have been saved, the latter at least surviving in “good shape,” Lt. Col. Gabriel Plus


This is why we have such great hope for the Rose Window still.  While not completely out danger yet because of the failing structure that surrounds it, it is our hope that this window will yet prevail, as it has done through the last 7+ centuries–through wars, invasions, plagues, riots, occupations and more.  If history is any indication of the fate of this iconic stained glass window, we know for sure it will endure, and a restoration, albeit a massive one, will keep this piece of religious art intact for scores of generations who have yet to enjoy looking up at a piece of stained glass that has seen the world change but somehow remains the same.


For inquiries about a San Antonio area stained glass restoration of your own, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today.  We serve all of Texas and many other regions across the US and would love to work your church or home stained glass restoration project.

Amazing yet Practical Reasons to Add Stained Glass to Your Colorado Springs Temple or Church

Posted April 17th, 2019 by ssgadmin
stained glass colorado springs churches

Stained glass windows are beautiful, to say the least, but did you know that they’re also a very practical feature to have in a church? It’s true, many stained glass windows in Colorado Springs churches, temples, and cathedrals exist for a very real and practical reason.

In fact, the very reason that churches began using stained glass in the first place was for a very practical purpose – to educate their members. At the time when stained glass windows became popular, much of the world’s civilized population was still illiterate. Stained glass became a form of storytelling through which churches could use pictures to explain the stories and teachings in religious texts such as the Bible. Later on, stained glass windows became more and more elaborate and took on a larger role in improving church aesthetics, but their true original purpose was education.

Today, stained glass windows still continue to play an important role in modern churches, and help make churches more comfortable and enjoyable for those that attend them. Below, we’ve described a few practical benefits of adding stained glass to Colorado Springs temples and churches.

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