A Guide To Stained Glass Appraisal

Posted October 26th, 2017 by ssgadmin

How Stained Glass Is Appraised?

We often talk about how stained glass windows add value to homes right here in the Colorado Springs area and in other cities across the country that we serve. How stained glass adds value is based essentially on how the glass appraises. You may think appraisals are only something for galleries or auctions but in all reality, regardless of whether you are talking about an antique stained glass window, a stained glass window built in the last twenty years or a church stained glass window, appraisals are relevant, accessible and something you may want to consider for insurance policies or to help with an estimate for the sale of a home. So how are stained glass windows appraised? Find out the basics below!

Who Can Appraise My Colorado Springs Stained Glass Window?

As we mentioned stained glass appraisals are very accessible–especially in the age of the internet.  Regardless of location: church, synagogue or home, it can be appraised by a professional from the American Consultation of Stained Glass. They can found online at www.americanstainedglass.org.

What Do Stained Glass Window Appraisers Look For?

Appraisers look for a variety of features when determining how much stained glass windows are worth. Below are some of the key elements that can increase or detract from the value of your stained glass.

Stained Glass Design: Ex: Are the pieces painted/fired with stencil designs or are they straight colored glass? Did the artist use straight lines or varied lines? Varied lines involved more time and effort to cut the glass, therefore making it worth more.

Stained Glass Construction Techniques: will also count the layers used– some use two layers; some use four. Is there custom painting design involved or just simple leadlines and no design? Are there any medallions, figures or symbols used in the design? These are some of the things appraisers will look at when determining value.
*Note: Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to stained glass elements–smaller stained glass pieces used in a window compared to larger pieces, that automatically increases the value.

Stained Glass Artist:  Appraisers will consider who made the glass, also, when and where.  This is because, just like with high-end art, certain names command more respect and money in the stained glass world.
Stained glass Age:  Age matters, as well. Typically the older the window the more it’s worth as it is harder to replace.  The rarer something is, the higher price it will always command.

Stained Glass Condition: Finally, appraisers will look at the current condition of the glass to see how good (or damaged) it is, as well as the presence of or lack of a protective coating.

As with most things, there are plenty of factors that go into determining the value of stained glass windows–and estimates will even vary from appraiser to appraiser. If you have any questions on stained glass appraisals or are thinking about adding a stained glass masterpiece to your Colorado Springs home or church, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!

Mid-Century Modern Stained Glass Is An Excellent Choice For Your San Antonio Home!

Posted October 24th, 2017 by ssgadmin

The Best Stained Glass Style For Your San Antonio Home

If you are thinking about an affordable and valuable home improvement for your San Antonio home, stained glass should be high on your list. This is because stained glass is such a gorgeous addition to any home in the San Antonio area and for that matter, anywhere in the country. Not only does it brighten rooms but also adds curb appeal and a higher resale value to your home. At Scottish Stained Glass, we love all styles of stained glass windows, however, if you are looking for a style to be in vogue for years to come, Mid-century modern stained glass is an excellent choice. As it were, we get request upon request for this style stained glass and for good reason. But what is mid-century modern stained glass and what can you expect this design style to look like? Read below and find out all about this beloved American style.

Mid-Century Modern Stained Glass For Your San Antonio Home

The term mid-century modern refers specifically to architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (1933 to 1965). The styles hallmarks are its clean lines both straight and curved, bold graphic patterns and use of high contrast colors. In the stained glass arena, it often means glass that borrows from architectural designers like Frank Lloyd Wright or other well-renowned designers/styles from that same era. Some purists may argue against including certain designers and styles from early 20th century under the heading of mid-century modern, but, in our experience, these design styles hold a certain inalienable mid-century charm that works for stained glass applications
The pattern below is a great example of what you can expect with a mid-century modern stained glass window for your San Antonio home.

This window, done in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, is everything a mid-century inspired stained glass window should be–using beautiful and bold straight lines with strong leading and beautiful pops of color. The best part about this style is it will match beautifully with nearly any style of existing decor too!

If you would like to find out more about mid-century modern style windows for your San Antonio home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!

Texas Pride Turned Into Life With “Texas Style” Stained Glass

Posted October 23rd, 2017 by ssgadmin

Texas Style Stained Glass For Your Austin Home

You live in Texas, so if you are anything like us and about a million other Texans you just love this state! That’s right, life is good here in Texas the northern border to the southern tip, we have an enviable way of life. Here at Scottish Stained glass, we see Texas pride up close and personal all the time in the form of requests for stained glass with Texas iconography in it. That’s right, proud Texans here in Austin and all over Texas come to us on a regular basis with ideas for Texas pride inspired stained glass windows for their homes that we turn into lovely masterpieces that are now the envy of all their neighbors. Below are just a few of the Texas pride stained glass windows that we can create for you!

Styles Of Texas Pride Stained Glass For Your Austin Home

The Texas Lone Star Stained Glass: Probably the coolest and most iconic symbol of our beloved state is that single, proud star that we all know and love. Typically we do it in red, white and blue glass to pay homage to our beloved USA but it looks just as good in clear and textured stained glass too!

The Texas Longhorn Stained Glass: In Texas, we are known for our Longhorns and that symbol is everywhere you look around these parts. What better way to spice up your Austin home and show a love for the Longhorn that made Texas what it is today!

A Texas School: If you went to a college or university in Texas, chances are, you are a fanatical sports fan of that very same school. What better way to show pride for your alma madder than a stained glass window emblazoned with its colors, name or mascot!

If you live in the Austin area and want to add Texas pride stained glass windows to your Austin home, contact Scottish Stained glass today!

Scottish Stained Glass’s Signature Aspen Leaf Pattern For Your Denver Home

Posted October 23rd, 2017 by ssgadmin

Our Signature Aspen Leaf Stained Glass Pattern For Your Colorado Home

Fall is in full swing here in Denver and all across Colorado for that matter. The days are getting shorter and even with the sun shining brightly as it almost always does here, you can still fill the Autumn chill in the air. Nearly everywhere you go you catch the smell of pumpkin spice something or other in the air and it intoxicates you with nostalgia. Best of all the leaves of the trees that line the streets of Denver are burning bright with color: red Maples, Orange oaks and, of course, the brilliant yellow Aspens. In Colorado, the Aspen tree is nearly as iconic as the Rocky Mountains themselves, which is likely why at Scottish Stained Glass our signature Aspen Leaf pattern is a customer favorite. It is the perfect design for a perfectly Colorado home and here are a few reasons why it will work in yours.

Aspen Leaf Stained Glass Pattern For Your Denver, Colorado Home

In our 25+ year of stained glass service to Colorado communities, one pattern that is wonderfully Colorado and has stood the test of time is our signature Aspen Leaf pattern and below are reasons it will fit well in your Denver home.

Matches Any Decor: Although this pattern can be colorized, it typically uses clear and textured glass to create a beautiful dancing light masterpiece. A stained glass window made with clear and textured glass goes with any decor because there are no potentially clashing colors.
Blends Well Your Colorado Surroundings: Since Aspens are commonplace and well loved in Colorado, your Aspen leaf stained glass will blend seamlessly with the beauty that is already around us.
Timeless Style: A pattern as simple and elegant as our signature Aspen leaf pattern will always
look good and never go out of vogue!

If you love our signature Aspen stained glass pattern and want to make it a lovely addition to your Denver home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today for a free consultation and a speed estimate!

Which Style Of Stained Glass Will Work Best For Your Dallas Home? Find Out Here!

Posted October 18th, 2017 by ssgadmin

Choosing The Best Stained Glass Style For Your Dallas Home

Dallas is a large and very eclectic city with houses from many different eras.  Some of our Dallas clients come to us concerned with finding a stained glass window that matches the time period in which their home was built.  While when you home was built can influence the type of stained glass window that is right for your home, the best style of stained glass Dallas home is really more about your personal tastes than it is the style of house. For example, if you have a vintage home, a contemporary designed stained glass window will actually blend quite well.  Whether a stained glass window matches your existing decor or simply your own personal tastes, the key to success is really your personal preference.  You don’t want to pigeonhole your design decisions based on what period your home was built in because mixed style houses and stained glass windows is what gives your home personality.  In fact, many styles of stained glass windows mix and match beautifully with other similar or very different architectural designs. We, at Scottish Stained Glass, have listed below a few of our favorite design styles and a few top home styles they would match.

Stained Glass Styles For Your Dallas Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Stained Glass: Often known for its geometric lines and architectural feel, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass windows blend perfectly with any contemporary home but also look stunning in mid-century modern homes as well.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Known best for the iconic Glasgow rose pattern at times has elements of both straight geometric lines on some designs and more slowly Art Nouveau on others. Because of their exquisite beauty and deep range of shapes and colors, Mackintosh style stained glass windows are a wonderful fit for something as modern as this century or even on houses from the Victorian Era.

Art Deco Style Stained Glass: Full of intricate and repeating patterns, colors and strong use of beveled glass, Art Deco style stained glass goes perfectly in today’s modern home, mid-century modern homes and of course, any home built in the 20’s or 30’s.

As you can see from the style pairings above, stained glass windows are wonderful and versatile additions to any home in the Dallas area. Whether you are looking to modernize a vintage home or give your modern home a more natural feel, stained glass will transform and enhance any home.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass for more information and a free stained glass design consultation for your home today!

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