Stained Glass Entryway Windows Add Value To Your Houston Home

Posted June 12th, 2017 by ssgadmin
entryway stained glass transoms

Stained Glass Windows For Your Houston Home

Houston is a great place to live right now. Business is booming and more people are taking advantage of the real estate market to buy and sell homes in the Houston area. Although, as you surely know, real estate markets can be volatile. Even though selling homes is easy now, it will not always be such a “sellers” market. As a prudent homeowner, looking to the future sale of your home, in a market that remains a mystery until that time, there are things you can do now, to ensure, when the time comes to sell your Houston home, you have features that add value to your home and attract potential buyers. One such feature that we have seen work wonders for those selling their homes, even in a buyers market, is stained glass windows added to entryway windows.

Stained Glass Window For Your Houston Entryway

As we mentioned, selling your Houston home may not be on your radar right now or if it is but realistically, you will probably one day look to sell it. In which case, stained glass windows on your home’s entryway are a great way to make sure it sells easily when the time comes. The reason for this is two-fold. First of all, adding stained glass to a house anywhere is an investment with a guaranteed return because stained glass is a desirable feature on a home. Since the windows are on the front of the house and visible from the street they add curb appeal which your real estate can calculate into the asking price of your home and is usually significantly higher than what you paid for the window itself. Secondly, houses with stained glass windows in their entryway are always a hit with potential buyers. This gorgeous and prominent feature is the first thing a buyer will see when they view your house and gives your home a leg up on other comparable homes. For these reasons, putting a stained glass window in your Houston home’s entryway now is a very real investment in your home’s future.

If you are interested in a stained glass entryway window or have questions on other types of stained glass windows for your Houston home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and schedule a free consultation.

Why Stained Glass Is Perfect For Your Fort Collins’s Bathroom!

Posted June 9th, 2017 by ssgadmin
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Stained Glass In Fort Collins

Your home is your castle and a place where you want to feel comfortable, happy and secure. This is especially true for Fort Collins’s homeowners who take great pride in their homes, yards and overall appearances. The houses in Fort Collins are beautiful, many of them from the late Victorian era or early 20th century. The time periods from which these houses are from paired with the fastidious nature of Fort Collins’s homeowners make stained glass the perfect fit for houses in the area. While stained glass is great for any room in your home, the bathroom, in particular, is a fantastic place for it and here is why.

Why Stained Glass Is Perfect For Your Fort Collins Home’s Bathroom

The most obvious reason and the reason we hear most frequently for bathroom stained glass is, of course, privacy. Your business is, after all, none of anyone else’s business. Often times bathroom windows face your neighbor’s kitchen or living room window, meaning one slip-up closing the blinds or accidentally leaving the curtains open, ends up in an embarrassing show for both parties. Stained glass windows are the solution to this problem. The let you enjoy all the benefits of natural light in your bathroom, without letting in the eyes of the world around you. Additionally, our signature stained glass Aspen pattern is the perfect fit for the lovely Fort Collins’s landscape and proximity to nature. Another great pattern that fits the decidedly vintage look of Fort Collins is our Macintosh or Greene and Greene stained glass.

Fort Collins’s Stained Glass Experts

At Scottish Stained Glass, we have over 25 years of experience in designing, creating and installing stained glass windows. We blend Old World techniques with modern technology to give you the very best stained glass windows money can buy. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and to get going on the home of your dreams!

Great Reasons For Family Crest Stained Glass In Your Salt Lake City Home

Posted June 8th, 2017 by ssgadmin

Stained Glass Family Crest Windows In Salt Lake City

Stained glass is known for being many things. For some, it relates to depictions and iconography the church has of Saints, Angels and even of God/Jesus. For others is represents specific design periods and trends from Victorian to Mid-Century Modern and Macintosh to Greene and Greene. Still, others see it as a function of privacy; a way to keep the the eyes of the world out of your home, while at the same time preserving the transfer of natural light. While all of those are very real things stained glass represents or is used for, one very special way to use stained glass on your Salt Lake City home is for a custom-made family crest.

Why Buy Family Crest Stained Glass?

Stained glass is something that has been around quite some time and the reasons for buying any type of stained glass are plentiful:

  • Beauty
  • Privacy
  • Style

While family crest stained glass falls easily into all those categories, there are a few other reasons family crests stand out as a good purchase for your home.

Family Crest Stained Glass As An Heirloom:  What better way to create something that will be special to your family and last for generations to come than with a family crest stained glass piece.  Stained glass is durable and easily repaired/restored by a trained professional.

Family Crest Stained Glass As A Special Gift:  Finding the right gift for family members can be difficult.  Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary or wedding stained glass with a family crest on it makes perfect sense for nearly anyone you may have on your list.

Scottish Stained Glass For Salt Lake City Home’s Family Crest Stained Glass Window

At Scottish Stained Glass we have decades of experience creating custom stained glass.  We have done quite a few crests in our time and know how to help you individualize them, while still giving them a very clear crest like esthetic.   We will help you customize the shapes, colors, and images that best fit the family crest you are trying to have created in stained glass.  Best of all these family crest windows can be removed from your home should you ever decide to sell so they can still be passed down to the next generation, no matter where you live.  For more information about family crest stained glass in Salt Lake City, contact us today!




5 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen with Stained Glass

Posted June 5th, 2017 by ssgadmin
kitchen stained glass ideas

If you enjoy entertaining guests or having family over for the holidays, chances are you probably spend a lot time in your kitchen. So why not give yourself the ultimate place to entertain your visitors by adding stained glass to your kitchen or dining area?! Stained glass can give your kitchen the perfect look by adding a bit of shine and elegance to your home. And it can be completely customized, so the options are virtually limitless.
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Our Top 5 Favorite Beveled Stained Glass Windows

Posted May 11th, 2017 by ssgadmin

One of the most commonly requested stained glass styles that we receive at Scottish Stained Glass is for beveled stained glass windows. Bevel clusters help to add diversity and elegance to the design of stained glass windows and are very common for contemporary pieces. Bevels are most commonly given a clear appearance, but we have found ways to add color to them using special techniques and workarounds.

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