Antique Residential Fort Worth Stained Glass Restoration

Posted June 10th, 2019 by ssgadmin

When it comes to repairing and restoring your home’s antique stained glass, choosing the right stained glass studio can make all the difference in the outcome. Finding an experienced, accredited stained glass restoration studio is significant in order to maintain the antique value while providing another century or more for the stained glass’ lifespan. Antique stained glass can become such a meaningful part of any home, providing irreplaceable art, functionality, and curb appeal.

How to Find the Right Stained Glass Restoration Contractor for Fort Worth Homes

When you begin noticing signs of deterioration among your antique stained glass, it is important to begin looking for the right stained glass restoration contractor. Being proactive in this circumstance can save you considerably while ensuring no permanent damage is done. When you reach out to potential stained glass studios, requesting certain pieces of information can help you make the right choice. Ask for credentials, portfolio on restoration jobs similar in size to yours, as well as restoration references. The right company should be able to produce all the following information. The next step is the on-site assessment. Any stained glass studio that tries to offer a quote over the phone should be passed. An in-home assessment is required to create a restoration plan in order to provide accurate pricing and timeline.

Work with Fort Worth’s Trusted Residential Antique Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the trusted residential antique stained glass restoration studio serving the Fort Worth area. With decades of experience in stained glass restoration, we understand all the different time periods and how that may affect your restoration needs. We’ve restored numerous stained glass windows from all different industries, churches, and homes, delivering an effective process.

For more information regarding residential antique stained glass restoration, please contact us!

What’s Special About the SSG Construction Process for Kansas City Homes

Posted June 9th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Custom stained glass can really enhance your home, providing the beauty and functionality any homeowner desires. Choosing the right stained glass studio to commission for your custom stained glass can make all the difference in the outcome. It is important to find an experienced custom stained glass contractor so that your new investment adds significant value to your property and can withstand the Kansas City environmental factors. Our custom stained glass process is the result of decades of experience and a passion for our industry.

The Custom Stained Glass Process for Your Kansas City Home

The custom stained glass process begins with an in-home consultation. From this consultation, we’re able to better define your needs and understand your design ideas. Work directly with one of our stained glass artisans to hand sketch your ideas so that we can bring your creation to life. We’ll keep working on your design, sending it back and forth for approval, until you are 100% satisfied with it. By utilizing CAD software and Photoshop, we’re able to provide accurate coloring and proportions. Once we’ve completed your design and have your approval, we handcraft your stained glass in our studio. With our proprietary stained glass process, we’ve optimized structural integrity and found the best methods for making your stained glass last.

Work with Kansas City’s Premier Custom Stained Glass Studio

Experience the Scottish difference and work the premier custom stained glass studio serving the Kansas City area. We’ve successfully manufactured over 80,000 custom stained glass windows for homes, businesses, and churches across the nation. With decades of experience and a true dedication to the stained glass industry, we’re honored to provide our unique process for ensuring longevity and beauty.

For more information regarding our proprietary custom stained glass design process for your Kansas City home, please contact us!

Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Houston

Posted June 9th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Houston is known for its gorgeous stained glass windows featured throughout its many churches and houses of worship. Did you know that there are actually numerous antique stained glass windows that are found throughout residential properties as well? When it comes to properly preserving your home’s historic stained glass, it is crucial to understand the process in order to find the right stained glass restoration studio. The residential stained glass restoration process can be lengthy but can offer at least another century of pristine condition to your stained glass’ lifespan.

The Residential Stained Glass Restoration Process for Houston Homes

We begin the residential stained restoration process with an in-home consultation to provides a cost-benefit analysis, an appraisal, project estimate, and timeline estimate. Once you decide to start the restoration, we carefully remove the stained glass from your home and replace it with a temporary window. We’ll transport your stained glass back to our local studio where it’ll sit in a proprietary soap bath in order to remove all the debris that has built up over the years. This soak also enables us to remove each component easily in order to restore the damaged pieces. New painted glass is replicated and new lead came is also created for optimal structural integrity. We finish the process by setting the window with black cement then polishing it for re-installation. The process can take around one month for one stained glass window.

Work with Houston’s Residential Stained Glass Restoration Leader

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the industry leader in stained glass restoration serving the Houston area. We guarantee that we’ll bring your stained glass back to its original condition, providing longevity and beauty for your home.

For more information regarding the residential stained glass restoration process for your Houston home, please contact us!

How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Kansas City

Posted June 7th, 2019 by ssgadmin
stained glass restoration kansas city

There comes a point where all stained glass windows need a little TLC. After years of accumulating dust, debris, and soot from candles, stained glass windows need to be cleaned and repaired. Stained glass is held together by lead caming, which is a very strong material, but after hours of baking in the sun, it starts to melt, distort, and weaken. Stained glass restoration allows Kansas City stained glass owners to preserve their beloved art and brighten up the appearance of stained glass.

If you’ve noticed any obvious signs of trouble, like holes in your stained glass windows or metal bars that have detached themselves from the frame, you should contact a professional right away. These are signs of deterioration, which can be perilous for stained glass. But what if you’re not sure if your stained glass needs repair or you don’t know who to call? Don’t panic, we can help. Here’s how to get started.

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Antique Residential Houston Stained Glass Restoration

Posted June 6th, 2019 by ssgadmin
antique residential houston stained glass restoration

If you have noticed signs of wear in your rare or antique residential Houston stained glass, restoration may be your best chance of preserving your stained glass. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the reasons for preserving antique stained glass and also explained a little about the repair process.

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