Our Creation & Restoration Process for Spencer Church Stained Glass

Posted October 9th, 2018 by ssgadmin
spencer church stained glass restoration

Spencer and the surrounding Bloomington area are renowned for their natural beauty, but also feature lovely buildings and churches that often feature historic stained glass. For Spencer church attendees, stained glass restoration can revitalize their house of worship and lend spiritual inspiration to the congregation with its picturesque beauty and depictions of the divine.

Before taking on a restoration project, however, it’s important to know what to expect during the process.

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Beautiful Examples of Church Glass for Your Cody Church

Posted October 9th, 2018 by ssgadmin
cody church stained glass

Cody is uniquely picturesque and in touch with its roots, from its sweeping plains to its historical museums, sites, and churches. When it comes to keeping your Cody church looking pristine, stained glass repair is one vital aspect of building maintenance for historic churches, especially if you want to preserve your stained glass art and inspire future congregations in their worship.

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Our Creation & Restoration Process for Grand Junction Church Stained Glass

Posted October 9th, 2018 by ssgadmin
grand junction stained glass

Grand Junction is a place of great natural beauty, being home to Colorado’s wine country and the Colorado National Monument, so it’s no wonder that the city is also home to places of artistic and spiritual beauty. If you find the stained glass in your Grand Junction church needs repair, stained glass restoration can restore life into your precious stained glass art and inspire members of your house of worship for years to come.

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Beautiful Examples of Church Glass for Your Midland Church

Posted October 9th, 2018 by ssgadmin
midland church stained glass

Known as “the Tall City,” Midland is a place where old and new intersect. Shining skyscrapers can be found alongside oil boomtown era establishments and lovely historic churches. To preserve your local Midland church, consider stained glass restoration as a way of revitalizing your stained glass for future congregations, which has significance in houses of worship beyond merely making the space more beautiful.

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Where to Start? Renovating Your Beaumont Church Stained Glass

Posted October 9th, 2018 by ssgadmin
beaumont church stained glass restoration

In Beaumont, people know how to keep history alive for future generations, from the Old West authenticity of Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum to the majestic St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, to even your own local Beaumont church. Stained glass restoration can help keep your church looking pristine for years to come, but there are a few things you should know before beginning the process.

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