The Best Styles Of Stained Glass For Entryways

Posted September 12th, 2019 by Martin Faith

When it comes to stained glass–the entryway of your Houston home is a great place to have it. It is stunning and lets in just the right amount of light.  Plus you can choose from partial to full privacy looking out from your Houston home’s windows. While you may understand how fantastic stained glass in the entryway of your home, what may not know yet is–what style of stained glass to get there.  The awesome thing is stained glass is you are sure to find something right for your Houston house–because it comes in so many styles. And it goes with nearly any home type too. Read below to find a fit for your home!

Top 3 Styles of Stained Glass For Entryways

  1. Beveled And Textured Stained Glass: Made by taking thick clear glass and cutting it into various shapes with angles–beveled stained glass is lovely in entryways.  Add to this the elegant look of textured stained glass that can vary in opacity and you have the right combination for the sidelight of your Houston home. You get exactly the privacy level you need to protect those inside your home from unwanted protection.  Plus, the way the light shines through creates incredible prisms to fill your entryway with dancing light.
  2. Art Deco Stained Glass:  There is a resurgence of geometric motifs in the country right now and here in Houston is no exception.  Which is why Art Deco stained glass, made up of primarily straight lines or mirrored images–is perfect for any home–new or old.  The patterns of yesterday are in again and look stunning matched with most style homes from craftsman to contemporary. Also, Art Deco glass is highly sought after and likely to boost your resale value when you sell.
  3. Antique Style Stained Glass:  For those who own older homes and want to keep its vintage charm intact–antique style stained glass is the key.  We reproduce nearly any type of antique styles and designs you may need and have been doing so for over 2 decades.  Some antique styles we get myriad of requests for are Craftsman, Greene and Green and Victorian-style stained glass–all very attractive and just right for vintage homes that want to keep that original feel

 For more information about any style of stained glass–reach out to us here at Scottish Stained Glass in Houston to schedule a free design consult today!

Greene and Greene Style Stained Glass For Your Fort Collins Home

Posted September 12th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Most people haven’t heard of Greene and Greene but almost has seen it. The Greene brothers had a classic and unmistakable style that often referenced nature. They spoke to people’s sense of unity with nature–which is why you see so much of their work in here in Fort Collins–where nature abounds. Their work is easy to pick out and as far as stained glass is concerned, easy to match with almost any home. From modern to craftsman the Greene and Greene style is a perfect fit and something worth considering for stained glass in your Fort Collins home.

Characteristics of Greene and Greene Stained Glass

As we mentioned, Greene and Greene’s stained glass has a distinct appearance. The brothers often focused on nature and incorporated such subjects as flowers, trees, and vines into their work. There is a subtle Asian influence in their work, which comes from the time they spent in California. One gorgeous feature they were prone to using was copper foil–it created a wonderful iridescent effect to their work.   

Why Install Greene and Greene Will Work In Your Fort Collins Home

Greene and Greene stained glass is an incredibly popular request we get from our customers here in Fort Collins. Which is not surprising–since people here tend to be outdoorsy. Here at Scottish, we like to use warm copper and sage colors in our Greene and Greene recreations–which tends to match most Colorado home. Furthermore, no matter what room you put a Greene and Greene window in–it will be a show stopper. This style window is a great conversation starter and will age incredibly well. Since this style stained glass window has endured almost a century–it is sure to be in vogue well into the next. 

Fort Collins’ Stained Glass Experts

Making stained glass is something we, at Scottish Stained Glass, excel at. When working in the style of such great masters, you must be a master yourself–and we are! Which is why Scottish should be your stained glass company of choice. We have over 25 years of experience and a wide body of work for your review. Our windows are not only beautiful but durable as well. Two qualities you need in a stained glass window. Contact us and allow us to set up a free design consultation for you and get started on a Greene and Greene masterpiece for your home today!

Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Denver Homes

Posted September 12th, 2019 by Martin Faith

When it comes to your bathroom–privacy is critical.  Whether that be to soak in the tub free from the kids and the dogs or to get dressed out of sight from your neighbors.  Here in Denver especially, where houses are getting tighter and tighter–bathroom privacy is at a premium. This is because houses are so close together now–you can practically touch your neighbor from the windows of your home. So what is a feasible solution to bathroom privacy as a homeowner here in Denver?  There are a few but, by far, stained glass in your loo is the best one.

How To Get More Privacy In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms in homes are a kind of “safe haven” from the world.  Which is probably why a nice bathroom increases the selling price of a home.  You, like many homeowners in Denver, may have realized your washroom is not as private as you thought–because your windows face your neighbors.  Blinds and curtains do the job but block out a lot of natural light. Window tinting is an option, and can even be very modern. But, pound for pound, is a home improvement for bathroom privacy that really packs a punch is–stained glass.  

Why Stained Glass Is Great For Bathroom Privacy

There are options other than stained glass for privacy in your Denver home’s bathroom.  But none of them stack up to the beauty and other benefits of stained glass. A stained glass window in a bathroom not only serves to keep the eyes of the prying public out.  It also turns your bathroom into something extraordinary. Stained glass can either match your existing decor or serve as a style element to design your entire loo around! And, unlike curtains, blinds, or window film–stained glass adds a fair amount of value to your home.  That’s right, stained glass windows typically appraise for over 10 X what you paid for them! So getting installing this lovely piece of artwork is well worth the initial cost. Plus–they wonderful to look at each and every day.

For more information on bathroom stained glass for your Denver home–or other privacy solutions–contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today! 


Modern Stained Glass Design for Colorado Springs Homes

Posted September 12th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Of course, stained glass is something you, and most other people, associate with churches. You aren’t wrong to think of towering chapel windows when you imagine stained glass. However, there is an exciting new trend in commercial and home design–using stained glass in modern homes. It makes sense when you think about it–given the timeless geometry typical to stained glass. Plus, you can incorporate a variety of colors into stained glass to give any room the pop of style it is lacking. The possibilities for stained glass used in a modern fashion are endless. Just look below at some of the best Pinterest images we found!

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Glass

When it comes to making your kitchen modern but still very elegant–stained glass is the way to go! Just look at this simple but stylish stained glass kitchen cupboard. The clear glass lets you see what is in each one but the lovely sweeping design blocks you from seeing any real clutter. This type of look while trendy–will never go out of style.

Modern Stained Glass Dividers

For a stylish way to break up a room or create intricate enclosed areas in your home, stained glass is an old tool which can be modernized. Just take a look at the lovely room divider made from stained glass below. By using a rather geometric abstract pattern, instead of a more life-like, curving one–this home goes from plain to intriguing. Plus, the stained glass is semi-private. Making it perfect for a home office area or reading nook.

Modern Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

In the past bathroom windows made from stained glass have been fairly standard. Usually a mix of textured and beveled glass with a pop of color here and there. But it’s time for a new look in an era of evolving tastes. This abstract and simply stunning modern stained glass window is the look of the future–and we love it!

For more information on modern stained glass for your Colorado Springs home, reach out to us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Modern Stained Glass Design for Houston Bathrooms

Posted September 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith
modern bathroom stained glass houston

There’s something about a bright, sunlit home that warms the heart and eases the mind. Having natural light in your home is important. It keeps your energy costs low, boosts your mood, and keeps you from getting sick. But in some areas of your home, you need privacy, so it’s not always ideal to have the curtains drawn back. The solution? Bathroom stained glass. Houston homeowners can use decorative and leaded glass windows to create privacy without blocking light.

And the great thing is, there are tons of modern styles out there today. Sure, everyone appreciates the classic looks. But in a modern home, some of the older, more colorful designs can feel out of place. Contemporary styles with clear glass look more fitting in modern homes. They provide the same benefits like light and privacy but they blend much better with the architecture and decor in contemporary homes. Here are some of our favorite modern designs.

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Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Salt Lake City Homes

Posted September 7th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Bathrooms can serve as a getaway for many homeowners. Whether you enjoy taking a long bath after a hard day at work or need an escape from hectic family life, bathrooms serve an important purpose beyond their intended function. Bathroom renovations are one of the more popular home projects but can definitely be really costly. Finding other ways to update your bathroom and add the privacy you need can be a priority. Bathroom stained glass offers both beauty and function for your Salt Lake City home.

The Advantages of Bathroom Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

Bathroom stained glass is perfect for achieving that oasis many homeowners appreciate. Bathrooms require an effective privacy solution involving glass. Window treatments are never ideal in a bathroom due to moisture and mildew concerns. They can also look quite tacky, taking away from any existing decor that you have in your bathroom. Stained glass can effectively block the unwanted views from nosy neighbors and onlookers from the street. Create your custom design in order to really elevate your home’s bathroom without obstructing natural sunlight from coming into your home. Custom stained glass can provide all the benefits that you’re looking for to really create your dream bathroom.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Custom Bathroom Stained Glass Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the custom bathroom stained glass experts serving the Salt Lake City area. We understand how important a bathroom can be for any homeowner and would love the opportunity to transform yours. Custom bathroom stained glass provides endless design opportunities– we’re happy to provide in-home consultations to better understand your intended space. Whether you have a viable design idea or need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

For more information regarding bathroom stained glass for your home, please contact us!

Creative Ways Stained Glass Windows Can Add Sophistication to Dallas Homes

Posted September 4th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Homeowners throughout Dallas are always looking for ways to improve their property. Investing in your home can be fulfilling for many reasons, offering numerous benefits. From improving your property’s overall value to creating visual interest throughout your home, renovations can provide a great ROI as well. Whether you’ve found your forever home or plan on selling in the future, the right investment can be beneficial for both. Custom stained glass offers a creative way to add sophistication throughout your home.

The Advantages of Custom Stained Glass for Your Dallas Home

Sophisticated stained glass can be added to any area of your home from entryways to bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, cabinetry, hallways, entertainment centers, and more. The versatility of stained glass is quite distinct, offering numerous ways to enhance your home. Traditional, colorful glass can be used to create artistic, eye-catching pieces. Leaded glass offers a more modern look that adds elegance and privacy to any area of your home. Many homeowners create sophisticated leaded glass pieces with pops of subtle color. Stained glass can offer virtually any look that you desire. Enjoy incredible options that provide beauty and functionality. Block unwanted views into your home while elevating curb appeal and achieving that custom look.

Work with Dallas’ Preferred Custom Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred custom stained glass studio serving the Dallas area. We specialize in sophisticated stained glass and can help you create that feel throughout your home. Work with our stained glass artisans to create your dream investment. We’re happy to provide in-home consultations to get a better feel of your intended space. Discover the endless opportunities stained glass has to offer your home and your family.

For more information regarding sophisticated stained glass for your Dallas home, please contact us!

How Can I Protect My Stained Glass from Hail Damage?

Posted August 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass hail damage colorado springs

Hail is every Coloradan’s worst enemy. Hail here can be either super small and fine so that it almost looks like snow or the totally opposite and the size of marbles or even golf balls. You never know what you’re going to get.

But if it is a bad hail storm, you can expect the worst. Colorado hail can destroy car windshields, skylights, and basically anything else in its path. This includes stained glass windows.

If you’re worried about hail damage, you may be wondering, is there anything I can do to protect my stained glass? We asked our experts at Scottish Stained Glass and this is what they told us.

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What’s the Best Way to Clean Stained Glass?

Posted August 24th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Maintaining your stained glass can lengthen times between restoration and provide better antique value in the long run. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to keeping your stained glass in good condition. Cleaning your stained glass windows regularly is really important. During all of our experiences with restoration, we always see how much debris and dirt can get built up on these windows over a centuries time. Don’t let the beauty of your expensive stained glass become hidden– learn how to properly care for and clean your stained glass windows!

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Stained Glass Windows

We recommend cleaning your stained glass window every week or two weeks. You’ll be surprised how much can accumulate in such a short period of time. Always use a neutral PH soap when cleaning your stained glass– never use Windex or other cleaning agents. Traditional cleaners can cause lead or zinc framing to oxidize faster. Most cleaning detergents contain ammonia which can create numerous structural issues in your stained glass window. Always use a soft rag that’s not abrasive to make sure you don’t scratch the surface of your glass. When cleaning, make sure to mix warm water with the neutral PH soap to create an even milder solution that’s gentle and effective.

Work with Houston’s Preferred Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the preferred stained glass studio offering comprehensive repair and restoration services. Regular maintenance and cleaning give you the opportunity to check on the condition of your stained glass. This provides proactive opportunities to discover if your stained glass needs any repairs or restoration. We’re always here to provide any maintenance and proper care advice that you need.

For more information regarding the best way to clean your Houston stained glass windows, please contact us!

When should Stained Glass Be Restored?

Posted August 23rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Knowing when it is time to replace or restore your Dallas Church’s stained glass is not intuitive. Many parishioners do not notice anything wrong with their stained glass–except maybe it looks a little dingy. Which is why we urge you to get your church’s stained glass inspected by a professional.  However, there are ways to do an initial inspection yourself to let you know if it may be time to have them restored. When it comes to whether or not a chapel’s stained glass windows need repair we tell our potential clients to refer to the two A’s–Age and Appearance. Read on to find out how to use these two simple reference points can tell you a lot about your stained glass.

Consider the Appearance of Your Church’s Stained Glass

How your Dallas church’s stained or painted glass windows looks will tell you a lot about its state of repair. There are a lot of visual cues coming from it that will not only tell you whether it needs repair but why and what is happening below the surface that you may not realize. So, to help you understand what to look for we have collated a complete list of seven common signs you glass likely needs repair.

Appearance: 7 Top Signs of Stained Glass Deterioration

  1.  Sagging or Bulging Glass: Walk up to your stained glass window as close as you can get. Peer up at the window and panes of glass. Do you see any bulging? Do any of the panes of the window appear to have a concave or convex appearance? Stand at a distance from your stained glass and look at the horizontal lines–are they all even? If any of these are true your window could be suffering from wind damage or structural decay.
  2. Dull or Faded Looking Stained Glass: Can you see excessive dirt build-up between the lead and the glass? Do the colors appear muted? Or. does the light look weak beaming through? This could mean a lifetime of grime is on your Dallas church’s stained glass windows–inside and out. Many things “stick” to glass over time: environmental debris, dirt, grease, and even improper cleaners that may have been used. DIY cleaning alone in these cases is likely not enough.
  3. Cracked Stained Glass Panels: Feel free to get as close as you can and look closely as the glass. Many times cracks will radiate from attachment points. This is from the movement of the supporting structures, especially wooden ones, over time. Other cracks, in the middle of the glass panes, likely came from damage from its surroundings. Things like hail, tree branches or even an accidental bump from someone or something inside causes these. While small cracks are fairly innocuous, over time the glass pieces will rub against each other and exponentially increase the damage and need for repair.
  4. Gaps In The Glass: When looking for gaps in the glass, a good time to look is in the early evening with the lights off. When you get close the stained glass you will be able to see daylight streaming through more brightly through gaps around the frames of the affected panel. These gaps mean the glass has shifted with the movement of the frame. In some cases may have even broken off completely in those areas.
  5. Detached or Failing Frames or Support Structures: Carefully inspect all the support structures around the window. There should not be any steel bars showing or protruding. Likewise, if you have wood framing the panels, which is broken or missing–you have severe structural damage. Since these are the structures actually keeping your very heavy glass in place–you definitely need to shore up these supports at the very least.
  6. Soft Lead: If you can access the stained glass of your Dallas cathedral–go up to it and carefully squeeze various parts of the lead beading. If the lead is soft it is degraded and could bend under the weight of the glass causing sagging. In fact, this type of damage almost always accompanies sagging or bulging glass. *Lead is a toxic substance so we suggest wearing gloves if you want to do this yourself. Calling a professional to deal with any sort of lead caming is the best/safest option.
  7. Cracked Lead: If you look at the leading on your stained glass windows and see cracks or missing pieces of lead–your window needs to be re-leaded. The stained glass on your window is actually the strongest part. When stained glass windows need restoration, almost all issues stem from the degradation of the lead, since glass itself really doesn’t “degrade”.

Age:  Why it Matter To The State of Your Dallas Church’s Stained Glass

we are at an interesting era of stained glass history. This is because a large proportion of stained glass in churches–here in Dallas and across the United States– are reaching the outer limits of their life. You see, stained glass created at the turn and the beginning of the last century lasts about 80-100 years before needing repair. Since it is 2019–this means now. Churches, especially those west of the Mississippi river were primarily built around this time. So if your Dallas church is older or historic and has stained glass windows–it is likely time to have them repaired.

Whether because of age or any of the seven appearance signs of degradation– if any of these criteria apply to your church it is time to call in a professional. Reach out to us at Scottish Stained Glass in Dallas to schedule a free on-site assessment for your church today!

Why Is Stained Glass So Common in Churches?

Posted August 21st, 2019 by Martin Faith
why is stained glass common for churches

Many of us are amazed by the beauty of stained glass windows. When you walk into a church with colored glass windows, you can’t help but stop and stare. All of the colors and the magnificent rays of light shining through are quite a spectacle. But how did leaded glass windows come to be such a common part of churches? The answer may surprise you. Here’s a little bit of information about the history and meaning behind church stained glass.

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What Are the Different Types of Stained Glass?

Posted August 17th, 2019 by Martin Faith

When people think about stained glass, they typically picture colorful, traditional windows found in churches. Some people may be aware that there are different types of stained glass available, ranging from leaded, clear glass to traditional. Even fewer people may realize that there are actually 20 different types of stained glass! Here are some of our favorites:

The Different Types of Stained Glass

  1. Architectural: characterized as smooth on one side and textured on the other.
  2. Cathedral: translucent in nature, cathedral stained glass is typically made in one color and can be blown or machine rolled.
  3. Semi-antique: translucent, machine-made glass that has a consistent thickness and surface striations.
  4. Full-antique: handmade stained glass that’s translucent with rich colors, often having trapped air bubbles and pockets.
  5. Flashed: this antique glass has a second layer of color over a base color that can be exposed through etching or sandblasting to create a design.
  6. Craquel: referring to full-antique stained glass that’s been dipped in cool water to cause an exterior layer of glass to intentionally crack for an alligator pattern.
  7. Fractures and steamers: also known as confetti glass, the shards of colored glass and thin glass rods create an opal or clear base.
  8. Glue chip: artisans utilize an animal hide glue to apply cathedral glass that’s sandblasted on one side and uses a special technique to tear flakes away to create a pattern.
  9. Iridescent: opalescent or cathedral glass that’s coated with a thin layer of metallic salts for a shimmer effect.
  10. Mirror: colored art glass and clear float glass are coated with a reflective layer.
  11. Opaque: great for stained glass mosaics, can feature one or more colors.
  12. Opalescent: milky, luminescent glass.
  13. Ring mottled: opalescent glass with hazy surface.
  14. Streaky: swirls of color not mixed together.
  15. Seedy: cathedral glass with smooth surface and small air bubbles.

Work with Denver’s Trusted Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass has decades of custom stained glass experience and can help you achieve anything. Contact us today!



Patricia Wassik – August 15, 2019

Posted August 15th, 2019 by Martin Faith

We are very happy with the look and quality. The doors are beautiful and have added value to my home.

Does Stained Glass Need to Be Cleaned and How Do You Clean It?

Posted August 14th, 2019 by Martin Faith
does stained glass need cleaning

Stained glass windows are a popular feature in churches and cathedrals. But churches aren’t the only place they show up. They’re also very common for historic homes, especially those built between the years 1880 and 1930. Many homeowners appreciate their decorative glass because it provides privacy and adds character to their home, and therefore choose to keep it in tact.

However, over time, these windows can sag and deteriorate if they’re not cared for properly. Many homeowners are confused about whether they need to clean the stained glass in their Austin home, and if so, how to do it properly. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the things that owners can do to keep their leaded glass in good condition.

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What’s the Best Way to Clean Stained Glass?

Posted August 7th, 2019 by Martin Faith
clean stained glass fort worth

Are your stained glass windows overdue for cleaning? Perhaps they look a little bit foggy. Or maybe it seems like there’s just not as much light coming through them. You may be wondering, does leaded glass need to be cleaned and, if so, how do you clean it?

After all, ordinary windows, sliding glass doors, and glass tabletops need cleaning. Otherwise, they’re get covered in dust and fingerprints. But with stained glass, the need for cleaning might be less obvious. Furthermore, the same chemical cleaners that you use on ordinary glass are far from suited for the job.

Here’s how to tell if your Fort Worth stained glass windows need to be cleaned and what the best methods are for getting the job done.

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Stained Glass?

Posted August 7th, 2019 by Martin Faith
cost to repair stained glass

Stained glass windows are a rare and elegant feature. Many churches and homeowners cherish their stained glass, so when it’s damaged, they’re willing to invest in repairs.

Sometimes, the window is a family heirloom and therefore it has sentimental value. If it’s part of a historic building, then there are cultural and educational reasons for its preservation. In some rare cases, if it was made by a famous artisan such as Louis Comfort Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, or the Greene brothers, the window may be worth a lot of money.

In these cases, it makes sense to invest in repairs for the stained glass. But how much does this process cost? Well, that all depends on what types of repairs need to be made and how bad the damage is. Let us explain.

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Stained Glass?

Posted August 6th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Seeing any damage or deterioration can be troublesome for a variety of reasons. When it comes to repairing and restoring stained glass, the number one concern is usually pricing. Property owners looking to repair their stained glass often look for pricing over the phone. It is impossible to give accurate pricing over the phone– an on-site assessment is always needed. Assessments of your stained glass give the artisan the opportunity to diagnose the factors that have caused this damage while creating a custom-tailored repair or restoration plan. Unlike some other services, pricing isn’t straight forward. There are many variables that go into repair and restoration pricing.

Signs that Your Stained Glass Requires Repair or Restoration Services

The first step is knowing when your stained glass needs repair or restoration. If you notice any signs of damage or deterioration, the more proactive you are the more money you can save. Deterioration can show up throughout the glass and lead framing, making it important to be able to identify these symptoms. If you notice any damage throughout the glass including cracks, missing pieces, warped shape, discoloration, etc., your stained glass is probably ready for repair or restoration. If there’s any damage throughout the lead or zinc cames, you’ll notice a soft-to-touch texture, brittle joints, or even a white film that results from lead oxidizing. There may even be discoloration or yellowing of the exterior plexiglass– all these are signs that your stained glass is ready for some love and care.

Repair vs. Restoration

Repairs are typically done on-site and can be completed for mild to moderate damage. In some cases, restoration may be completed on-site as well but this is really determined by a case-to-case basis. Restoration typically requires removing the entire stained glass window and taking it back to a stained glass studio. If your stained glass has a significant amount of damage, restoration off-site is definitely recommended since this process can be quite time-consuming. Temporary windows will be installed in place of your stained glass if it has to be removed.

Stained Glass Restoration Pricing for Dallas Properties

Stained glass restoration pricing is based on numerous factors. The condition, size, and severity of damage are the main factors. While stained glass restoration is often around $200 to $500 per square foot, restoration can restore antique value bringing your stained glass window to $1000 to $2000 per square foot during the appraisal. A restored stained glass window has the potential to bring more value to your overall property, adding both historical and antique value. During the restoration, every component is restored from painted glass pieces to the lead came. This labor-intensive process can take around a month per window.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process

Stained glass windows are typically removed and carefully transported back to our repair studio. We soak your stained glass for up to two weeks in a proprietary bath in order to remove grime and dirt buildup. This also allows us to easily disassemble everything piece by piece. All glass pieces in good condition are cataloged and stored until later. Any damaged pieces are replaced with a perfect match. Our artists will do everything necessary in order to create a perfect color match– from custom glass blowing to layering colors of paint. If your stained glass has any painted elements, we’ll replicate the brush stroke and technique. A new lead came is also created– we use a zinc mixture for optimal strength and set everything with black cement. When the cement has dried, we’ll polish the stained glass and can either install it in a SIG or install an exterior protective glass. Once re-installed, clients are often stunned by the new condition.

Work with Dallas’ Trusted Stained Glass Repair and Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the trusted stained glass repair and restoration studio in the Dallas area. We’re happy to provide consultations and on-site assessments. For more information regarding stained glass restoration, please contact us!

What Are The Different Types of Stained Glass?

Posted August 5th, 2019 by Martin Faith

In the world of stained glass, not all windows are created the same. In fact, there are an amazing amount of techniques involved in making these lovely pieces of art. Likewise, the techniques used to create the stained glass for your Salt Lake City or church depend largely on the stained glass studio you choose for the work. However, most stained glass studios, like ours here at Scottish Stained Glass, are familiar with multiple techniques. So, if you have a particular piece of stained glass that you just love, be sure to take in photos or provide links to these pieces, to help your artist visualize a final piece with your inspiration in mind. Here at Scottish Stained Glass in Salt Lake City, our 25+ years of experience have given us the ability to create a stained glass window for your home or church in nearly any technique or style. Below are just a few of our favorites for creating the masterpieces we are known for. 

5 Gorgeous Stained Glass Techniques

  1. Bevels Stained Glass: An extremely popular style of stained glass, beveled glass allows in an abundance of rich prismatic natural light. The usually ½” angled border is what allows this magnificent refraction and is created by grinding and polished on the topside edges of clear glass.
  2. Opalescent Stained Glass: Created by Opalescent John Lafarge in 1879 but most notably used and perfected by the Tiffany stained glass studio, this glass is milky in appearance. It involves two colors swirled together and allows for one-of-a-kind creations since no two pieces of glass are the same.
  3. Leaded Stained Glass: One of the most traditional stained glass styles, leaded glass makes up some of the finest stained glass pieces of all time. It is called “leaded’ because each individual piece of glass is separated/connected by a thin line of piped of lead caming.  
  4. Color-Blocked Stained Glass: Color-blocked stained glass is wonderful because of its simplicity. The artist used blocks of color to create lovely patterns typically with bright, attractive hues. These blocked designs have the added ability to be modern or vintage depending on the layout. 
  5. Painted Stained Glass: This type of glass has incredible depth and durability in its coloring because the colors and even shading is painted on to glass pieces and then fired. Once these shaded pieces are put together in a stained glass masterpiece the artist can produce greatly detailed pieces, including human faces, animals, flora and more.

If any of these types of stained glass techniques interest you for your Salt Lake City home or church, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass to review these and more. We would be happy to work with you on a stained glass masterpiece all your own! Plus we do repairs and restorations too!


How Much Is My Stained Glass Window Worth?

Posted August 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained glass is such a beautiful medium that offers both beauty and function. It can be found throughout residential, commercial, and religious properties, offering sentimental and historic value. Stained glass can add significant value to your property if properly maintained and in good condition. One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How much is my stained glass window worth?” Answering this question requires experience and training. Value is also based on numerous, different factors.

The Factors that Determine the Value of Your Stained Glass Window

There are many different factors that go into determining the value of your stained glass window. Age, technique, style, condition, and material all need to be analyzed in order to provide an accurate appraisal. The condition of your stained glass is really important for value. Many unrestored or damaged stained glass windows are highly impacted in terms of value. Restoration makes a considerable difference in antique value, making it a worthy investment if you’re planning on keeping your stained glass window. Restoration can drastically improve overall property value as well. Depending on all the other variables, many antique stained glass windows can be valued between $2000 and $100,000. This number can be a lot higher for certain glass manufacturers like Tiffany stained glass– their value usually ranges between $25,000 and $150,000.

Work with the Stained Glass Appraisal Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to provide the most accurate stained glass appraisals. We’re able to provide appraisals over the phone if proper documentation and images are emailed to us. Whether you’re looking to determine if your antique stained glass is worth restoring or you’d like to create a more valuable stained glass investment for your property, we’ve got you covered. Work with our restoration and custom stained glass experts!

For more information regarding stained glass appraisal, please contact us!

How Much Is My Stained Glass Worth?

Posted August 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith

If you have stained glass on your home or church, it is something you likely cherish because of its impact on your life. Whether it is because you simply love the afternoon light as it passes through or the fact that the stained glass has played a part in the goings-on in home/church–it is probably invaluable to you. However, the reality is, stained glass does have a very real price. Like any piece of art, how much the stained glass in your Fort Worth home or church varies considerably depending on several factors. Below we have listed a few of the most important determiners of how much your stained glass windows may be worth.

The Design Of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

To begin, how your stained glass was designed in the first place influences its value. For instance–are cut from a single sheet of colored glass and held in by lead or are they painted/fired with shading? Painted glass can be very valuable and should be looked at by an expert to confirm. The type of lines used also add to value. Very intricate lines and curves are worth more than basic straight lines. The more detailed the piece the more it’s worth. something’s Layers are also something that increases value and the more layers used, the more the glass is ultimately worth.

The Age Of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

Like any piece of art from history–very old pieces are generally worth more. Once your glass is over 100 years old it is officially an antique and will begin accruing value faster. However, when it comes to stained glass in your Fort Worth home, remember, stained glass could appraise for about 10x the cost of your original glass. Meaning, if you paid $500 for an entryway window–it could easily add up to $5,000 to your appraisal.

The Condition of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

The fact of the matter is–stained glass is only as good as the condition it is in. Even if your stained glass is very old, if it lacks luster and is riddled with cracks–it won’t appraise for very much. However, stained glass is something that can be restored to a nearly new condition. Meaning, it is well worth the time, energy and money of having your church or home stained glass restored to preserve its value.

Who Created Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

Much like any piece of artwork–the artist often lends value. Here in the United States, there were quite a few remarkable glass studios around the turn of the last century. Glass made by a famous artist or a cutting-edge studio both have value. For instance, Tiffany stained glass windows depending on their size and condition can for $25,000 to $150,000.

For more information on stained glass value or to have us assess your Fort Worth Stained Glass, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass to schedule an appraisal!

Getting Started With Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas Historic Buildings

Posted July 30th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration dallas historic buildings

There’s no denying that stained glass windows are sturdy architectural features. They’re truly built to last. Though the glass itself is delicate, its encased in stiff strips of lead and robust steel bars. Even in the face of severe weather, they’re known to be quite tenacious.

But even so, there comes a point where all stained glass needs a little TLC. After years of sitting in the sun and rain, and being pushed against by the wind, the frames and connective pieces start to wear down. At this point, usually when the windows are half of a century old, they need to be cleaned and restored.

If you own a historic building that needs stained glass restoration in Dallas, you probably have some questions about how to get started. Who do you call? Where do you look? How do you even know if you need restoration work? In this article, we’ve provided some insight about how to get started with the process.

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How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Projects in Colorado Springs

Posted July 28th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration colorado springs

Do you have a stained glass window that needs to be restored or repaired? You probably have some questions about where to start.

Very few people know how to make stained glass windows, much less repair them. It’s one of the oldest art forms in existence, so only a handful of people have the knowledge and skill to make repairs.

Nevertheless, it’s important to get stained glass fixed as soon as it’s broken. Even if it’s only a tiny section that’s cracked or damaged, it’s best not to wait. Otherwise, the whole thing may start to fall apart and the stained glass may be lost forever.

Below, we’ve provided some information on the process for stained glass restoration in Colorado Springs and how to go about getting the repairs.

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From Broken To Beautiful – How Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 25th, 2019 by Martin Faith
scottish stained glass san antonio

For many churches, stained glass windows hold more than just aesthetic value. They’re a connection to the past that ties together pieces of an important story, illuminating the details of how the congregation transitioned from its humble beginnings to its place in modern society. They’re precious.

While stained glass windows are designed for durability, they’re far from unbreakable. Stained glass restoration provides San Antonio churches with the ability to restore broken and deteriorating stained glass windows and save them from destruction.

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Benefits Of Restoring Stained Glass in Colorado Springs Historic Buildings

Posted July 23rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Colorado is has been a state since 1876 making it well over 100 years old. This means plenty of history and historical buildings for that matter. One element largely popular feature on historic buildings of all sorts is stained glass windows. It was a popular design choice back in the early days of our statehood through present day. If you own a historical building here the Colorado Springs that has stained glass–the glass likely needs some sort of restoration. While removal is an option, there are plenty of good reasons to keep and restore your historical stained glass too.

Value: The Main Benefit Of Restoring Stained Glass

When it comes down to it the main benefit of keeping the stained glass and having it restored rather than removing it is value. But there are different ways in which objects are valuable that we must explore.

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Has Historic Value: The fact of the matter is–many Colorado Historical buildings were built in a very exciting time here in the US. Especially the wild west that was Colorado Springs. The world at that time was changing with new technologies emerging. A such the stained glass made here in Colorado Springs was built in a time of deep historical significance and therefore has some pretty significant historical value. While this won’t necessarily translate to cash, the historical value is simply something you cannot put a price on. It is important for us to restore rather than remove these stained glass windows to help keep part of our rich “westward” culture intact for future generations.

Colorado Springs Historical Stained Glass Has Artistic Value: Just like historical value, artistic value is hard to quantify but very real. Colorado Springs has been a thriving community full of artisans for over a century. Meaning the stained glass on your historical building was likely built by a local artisan. By preserving the stained glass and having it restored rather than remove, you are preserving a valuable piece of art history. One that can never be recreated and has profound artistic significance being of a bygone era.

Colorado Springs Historical Stained Glass Has Monetary Value: Of course, there is always a matter of what your Colorado Springs Historical stained glass is or could be worth. If your windows are very old (over 100 years) they are antiques and worth restoring rather than replacing for that very reason. However, some stained glass windows in the Colorado Springs area could have been made by now famous craftsman–dramatically increasing their value. In which case, they are, of course, well worth restoring them is a must. To know more about the potential monetary value you will have to have them assessed by an expert. However, even if there is no significant monetary value, preserving them for future generations is still a good idea!

For more information on stained glass restoration here in Colorado Springs or to schedule an assessment, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in Austin’s Historic Buildings

Posted July 17th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Austin has some of the most gorgeous stained glass throughout their historic buildings. Stained glass offers so much value and beauty, often becoming the main attraction for guests. Keeping your stained glass in good condition can really improve your property’s value. Stained glass restoration is required to maintain your this condition, providing another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. Restoring the stained glass in your historic building can provide numerous benefits.

The Advantages of Stained Glass Restoration for Your Austin Historic Building

Stained glass restoration can offer a wide scope of benefits. Restoring antique glass can properly preserve the antique value. Restoration can also add another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. Stained glass restoration can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy your stained glass as well. Stained glass restoration can be a lengthy process but is typically a great option since it can be cheaper than replacement if completed at the proper time. Restoration is a great option for larger stained glass windows that can easily cost $125,000 to replicate or replace. Available for a fraction of the price, stained glass restoration could be the best financial option for keeping your stained glass intact. Stained glass restoration provides another lifetime of incredible memories.

Work with Austin’s Leading Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the leading stained glass restoration experts serving the Austin area. We’ve provided incredible services for historic buildings across the nation. Work with the best stained glass and painted glass restoration artisans to properly preserve your treasured stained glass. We’re committed to proper conservation and paying respect to the original artist’s intentions. We’re always happy to provide consultations if you’re uncertain if your stained glass is ready for restoration.

Contact us today for more information regarding stained glass restoration for your historic building!

Need Help Restoring Stained Glass in Your Restaurant? Scottish Stained Glass Dallas Can Help!

Posted July 10th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Over the years we have seen, made and restored a lot of different types of stained glass here in Dallas and across the US. You may not realize it but stained glass is for more than just churches. From homes to retail stores we have quite a portfolio under our belt and the countless uses for stained glass never cease to amaze us. One place that is popular for stained glass is actually in restaurants. That’s right, Restaurants, Bars, & Pubs has and continues to be a place where stained and leaded glass is a common place for us to install this lovely art form. Places like front windows, lampshades over tables, on booth dividers and on bar signs are all typical spots for hospitality stained glass. However, an issue with having stained glass in a public place like this is the fact that it will often need repairs and restorations along the way. Some signs you may need us to come out and do a quick repair are pretty clear too.

Signs Your Restaurant Stained Glass Needs Repairs

  1. Dirty or Dull Looking Stained Glass: When you have an establishment that serves food all day, you are likely to get a build-up of airborne grease that sticks to stained glass and then dust that sticks to that. We find that restaurants simple need stained glass cleaning more often. This is something we can do for easily and cost-effectively for your Dallas eatery.
  2. Cracked Stained Glass: One thing we see in restaurants, on pieces that reside in booths, is cracked stained glass This is in large part due to the fact that people are sitting down and standing up in them, constantly adding pressure to the support structure. Although stained glass is very durable, over time, this could lead to small pressure cracks. These are no problem for us here at Scottish Stained Glass in Dallas. We can easily do a drop in repairs or restoration on these small imperfections and the cost is usually minimal.
  3. Broken Stained Glass: When you have an establishment with a flurry of action and tons of people coming through day in and out–accidents happen. Again, stained glass is no less durable than a regular glass window–and even those break occasionally. This type of restoration is probably going to require us to take the affected stained-glass sign, lampshade, booth divider or window out and to repair it. However, once it is restored it will be as good as new and back to making your Dallas establishment look grand!

For more information on stained glass repair for restaurants and pubs here in the Dallas area, contact Scottish Stained Glass. We will get you set up with a free inspection and clear pricing for your restoration job.

Kansas City Church Stained Glass:  To Remove or Replace?

Posted July 10th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Kansas and Missouri are well known for their many churches, many of which were made in the late 19th and early 20th century.   One thing a lot of these churches have in common is many of them need restoration of their stained glass due to damage and wear and tear over time.  In fact, if your Kansas City church was built before 1930, your glass to may need some sort of restoration. The question many church patrons have and you may have too is–which is better restoration or replacement?  That is something only your church body can ultimately answer but we can give you some guidance on the benefits related to keeping your stained glass.

The Key Benefit Of Restoring Stained Glass

We like to say the main reason for keeping stained glass and restoring it rather than removing it boils down to value. However, value can be broken down into three things.  

Restoring Kansas City Church Stained Glass, Rather Than Replacing Keeps Its Value 

  1. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Historic Value:  Many Kansas and Missouri churches were built in a changing time here in the US at the turn of the century.  The world was changing as new inventions like the telegraphs, telephones, cars, and planes came into existence,  The stained glass made here in Kansas was simply built in a different time and keenly reflects that era. This means the glass on your 80-100- year old Kansas City church has some pretty significant historical value.  No, it may not be worth its historical value in cash but you simply cannot put a price on preserving a bygone era. Therefore you Kansas City church stained glass is something very valuable and a prime candidate to restore not replace.
  2. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value: Just like historical value, sentimental value is real but hard to quantify.  But, there are likely church members who have experienced many of the most important events of their life beneath the stained glass windows of your KC church.  This means the stained glass windows have born witness to baptisms, funerals, and marriages. For the sake of those members and future generations restoring your stained glass windows, is something that benefits the body as a whole.
  3. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Monetary Value: Actual monetary value is always something to consider as well.  If your KC church windows are very old (over 100 years) they are antiques and well worth restoring rather than replacing.  However, some stained glass windows in the Kansas City area could have been created by famous artisans or studios. In these rare cases, restoring them is essential. To know the exact monetary value of your church’s stained glass windows you will have to have them assessed by a professional.  However, even if there is no significant monetary value, the aforementioned values are often reasons to have your church stained glass restored in lieu of replaced.

For more information on stained glass restoration here in Kansas City or to schedule an assessment, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

From Broken To Beautiful – How Scottish Stained Glass Fort Worth Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass restoration fort worth

Churches contain some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world. Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte-Chapelle, and Chartres Cathedral are some of the most illuminating examples. But even in urban U.S. cities, beautiful stained glass windows can still be found. They are like rare gems, a reminder of the past shining brilliantly among modern buildings.

Many congregations treasure their stained glass. The beautiful, intricate windows are truly magnificent, and people are proud to have such a beautiful church. So of course, when the stained glass breaks or becomes damaged, it’s very distressing. But fortunately, there’s a way to resurrect these historic works. Our process for stained glass restoration helps Fort Worth churches rehabilitate broken and aged stained glass, renewing its strength and beauty.

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Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Houston Churches

Posted July 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass removal vs restoration houston

Do you have stained glass windows in your church that are cracked or falling apart? Before you remove them, you should consider looking into stained glass restoration in Houston instead.

Stained glass windows are beautiful. And while they’re very strong, they don’t last forever. When stained glass windows start to deteriorate, they can become a safety concern. Pieces of glass can fall out and break furniture or land on someone’s head.

Of course, this is an alarming situation. You don’t want anyone to get hurt. But do you really want to throw out something so beautiful and meaningful? Instead, you can opt for stained glass restoration from a Houston expert.

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Getting Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Houston Historic Buildings

Posted July 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained glass can have such a powerful presence among historic buildings. The beauty and sentiment created by this medium can really offer so much value for your Houston property. When it comes to restoring your stained glass, it can be tough pinpointing when to start. Did you know that stained glass usually requires restoration around 75 years to 100 years? With proper restoration, your stained glass may even remain in good condition for another 200 years. In order to decide when to get started with stained glass restoration, it is important to know the signs.

The Signs that Your Houston Stained Glass Is Ready for Restoration

Determining if your stained glass is ready for restoration is crucial so that you don’t miss your opportunity. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance that you’ll need a replacement instead. Here are some of the telltale signs that are stained glass needs restoration:

  • Glass concerns: Glass that’s cracked, broken, missing, discolored, or warped
  • Lead issues: If the lead is softened, disintegrating, oxidizing and producing a white film, has brittle joints, etc.
  • Plexiglass: Plexiglass can trap heat creating a yellowing effect that damages your stained glass and accelerates deterioration
  • Mishapen form: If your stained glass appears concave or convex, this is a sign that gravity is taking over.

Work with Houston’s Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the stained glass restoration experts in Houston. We’re well experienced with restoring stained glass of from any period and are happy to provide our leading expertise. Work with the nation’s best restoration artists and make sure the antique value of your stained glass isn’t compromised. Our stained glass restoration experts are here to provide all the support you need.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Houston property, please contact us!

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