Getting Started With Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas Historic Buildings

Posted July 30th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration dallas historic buildings

There’s no denying that stained glass windows are sturdy architectural features. They’re truly built to last. Though the glass itself is delicate, its encased in stiff strips of lead and robust steel bars. Even in the face of severe weather, they’re known to be quite tenacious.

But even so, there comes a point where all stained glass needs a little TLC. After years of sitting in the sun and rain, and being pushed against by the wind, the frames and connective pieces start to wear down. At this point, usually when the windows are half of a century old, they need to be cleaned and restored.

If you own a historic building that needs stained glass restoration in Dallas, you probably have some questions about how to get started. Who do you call? Where do you look? How do you even know if you need restoration work? In this article, we’ve provided some insight about how to get started with the process.

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How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Projects in Colorado Springs

Posted July 28th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration colorado springs

Do you have a stained glass window that needs to be restored or repaired? You probably have some questions about where to start.

Very few people know how to make stained glass windows, much less repair them. It’s one of the oldest art forms in existence, so only a handful of people have the knowledge and skill to make repairs.

Nevertheless, it’s important to get stained glass fixed as soon as it’s broken. Even if it’s only a tiny section that’s cracked or damaged, it’s best not to wait. Otherwise, the whole thing may start to fall apart and the stained glass may be lost forever.

Below, we’ve provided some information on the process for stained glass restoration in Colorado Springs and how to go about getting the repairs.

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From Broken To Beautiful – How Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 25th, 2019 by Martin Faith
scottish stained glass san antonio

For many churches, stained glass windows hold more than just aesthetic value. They’re a connection to the past that ties together pieces of an important story, illuminating the details of how the congregation transitioned from its humble beginnings to its place in modern society. They’re precious.

While stained glass windows are designed for durability, they’re far from unbreakable. Stained glass restoration provides San Antonio churches with the ability to restore broken and deteriorating stained glass windows and save them from destruction.

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Benefits Of Restoring Stained Glass in Colorado Springs Historic Buildings

Posted July 23rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Colorado is has been a state since 1876 making it well over 100 years old. This means plenty of history and historical buildings for that matter. One element largely popular feature on historic buildings of all sorts is stained glass windows. It was a popular design choice back in the early days of our statehood through present day. If you own a historical building here the Colorado Springs that has stained glass–the glass likely needs some sort of restoration. While removal is an option, there are plenty of good reasons to keep and restore your historical stained glass too.

Value: The Main Benefit Of Restoring Stained Glass

When it comes down to it the main benefit of keeping the stained glass and having it restored rather than removing it is value. But there are different ways in which objects are valuable that we must explore.

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Has Historic Value: The fact of the matter is–many Colorado Historical buildings were built in a very exciting time here in the US. Especially the wild west that was Colorado Springs. The world at that time was changing with new technologies emerging. A such the stained glass made here in Colorado Springs was built in a time of deep historical significance and therefore has some pretty significant historical value. While this won’t necessarily translate to cash, the historical value is simply something you cannot put a price on. It is important for us to restore rather than remove these stained glass windows to help keep part of our rich “westward” culture intact for future generations.

Colorado Springs Historical Stained Glass Has Artistic Value: Just like historical value, artistic value is hard to quantify but very real. Colorado Springs has been a thriving community full of artisans for over a century. Meaning the stained glass on your historical building was likely built by a local artisan. By preserving the stained glass and having it restored rather than remove, you are preserving a valuable piece of art history. One that can never be recreated and has profound artistic significance being of a bygone era.

Colorado Springs Historical Stained Glass Has Monetary Value: Of course, there is always a matter of what your Colorado Springs Historical stained glass is or could be worth. If your windows are very old (over 100 years) they are antiques and worth restoring rather than replacing for that very reason. However, some stained glass windows in the Colorado Springs area could have been made by now famous craftsman–dramatically increasing their value. In which case, they are, of course, well worth restoring them is a must. To know more about the potential monetary value you will have to have them assessed by an expert. However, even if there is no significant monetary value, preserving them for future generations is still a good idea!

For more information on stained glass restoration here in Colorado Springs or to schedule an assessment, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in Austin’s Historic Buildings

Posted July 17th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Austin has some of the most gorgeous stained glass throughout their historic buildings. Stained glass offers so much value and beauty, often becoming the main attraction for guests. Keeping your stained glass in good condition can really improve your property’s value. Stained glass restoration is required to maintain your this condition, providing another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. Restoring the stained glass in your historic building can provide numerous benefits.

The Advantages of Stained Glass Restoration for Your Austin Historic Building

Stained glass restoration can offer a wide scope of benefits. Restoring antique glass can properly preserve the antique value. Restoration can also add another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. Stained glass restoration can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy your stained glass as well. Stained glass restoration can be a lengthy process but is typically a great option since it can be cheaper than replacement if completed at the proper time. Restoration is a great option for larger stained glass windows that can easily cost $125,000 to replicate or replace. Available for a fraction of the price, stained glass restoration could be the best financial option for keeping your stained glass intact. Stained glass restoration provides another lifetime of incredible memories.

Work with Austin’s Leading Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the leading stained glass restoration experts serving the Austin area. We’ve provided incredible services for historic buildings across the nation. Work with the best stained glass and painted glass restoration artisans to properly preserve your treasured stained glass. We’re committed to proper conservation and paying respect to the original artist’s intentions. We’re always happy to provide consultations if you’re uncertain if your stained glass is ready for restoration.

Contact us today for more information regarding stained glass restoration for your historic building!

Need Help Restoring Stained Glass in Your Restaurant? Scottish Stained Glass Dallas Can Help!

Posted July 10th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Over the years we have seen, made and restored a lot of different types of stained glass here in Dallas and across the US. You may not realize it but stained glass is for more than just churches. From homes to retail stores we have quite a portfolio under our belt and the countless uses for stained glass never cease to amaze us. One place that is popular for stained glass is actually in restaurants. That’s right, Restaurants, Bars, & Pubs has and continues to be a place where stained and leaded glass is a common place for us to install this lovely art form. Places like front windows, lampshades over tables, on booth dividers and on bar signs are all typical spots for hospitality stained glass. However, an issue with having stained glass in a public place like this is the fact that it will often need repairs and restorations along the way. Some signs you may need us to come out and do a quick repair are pretty clear too.

Signs Your Restaurant Stained Glass Needs Repairs

  1. Dirty or Dull Looking Stained Glass: When you have an establishment that serves food all day, you are likely to get a build-up of airborne grease that sticks to stained glass and then dust that sticks to that. We find that restaurants simple need stained glass cleaning more often. This is something we can do for easily and cost-effectively for your Dallas eatery.
  2. Cracked Stained Glass: One thing we see in restaurants, on pieces that reside in booths, is cracked stained glass This is in large part due to the fact that people are sitting down and standing up in them, constantly adding pressure to the support structure. Although stained glass is very durable, over time, this could lead to small pressure cracks. These are no problem for us here at Scottish Stained Glass in Dallas. We can easily do a drop in repairs or restoration on these small imperfections and the cost is usually minimal.
  3. Broken Stained Glass: When you have an establishment with a flurry of action and tons of people coming through day in and out–accidents happen. Again, stained glass is no less durable than a regular glass window–and even those break occasionally. This type of restoration is probably going to require us to take the affected stained-glass sign, lampshade, booth divider or window out and to repair it. However, once it is restored it will be as good as new and back to making your Dallas establishment look grand!

For more information on stained glass repair for restaurants and pubs here in the Dallas area, contact Scottish Stained Glass. We will get you set up with a free inspection and clear pricing for your restoration job.

Kansas City Church Stained Glass:  To Remove or Replace?

Posted July 10th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Kansas and Missouri are well known for their many churches, many of which were made in the late 19th and early 20th century.   One thing a lot of these churches have in common is many of them need restoration of their stained glass due to damage and wear and tear over time.  In fact, if your Kansas City church was built before 1930, your glass to may need some sort of restoration. The question many church patrons have and you may have too is–which is better restoration or replacement?  That is something only your church body can ultimately answer but we can give you some guidance on the benefits related to keeping your stained glass.

The Key Benefit Of Restoring Stained Glass

We like to say the main reason for keeping stained glass and restoring it rather than removing it boils down to value. However, value can be broken down into three things.  

Restoring Kansas City Church Stained Glass, Rather Than Replacing Keeps Its Value 

  1. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Historic Value:  Many Kansas and Missouri churches were built in a changing time here in the US at the turn of the century.  The world was changing as new inventions like the telegraphs, telephones, cars, and planes came into existence,  The stained glass made here in Kansas was simply built in a different time and keenly reflects that era. This means the glass on your 80-100- year old Kansas City church has some pretty significant historical value.  No, it may not be worth its historical value in cash but you simply cannot put a price on preserving a bygone era. Therefore you Kansas City church stained glass is something very valuable and a prime candidate to restore not replace.
  2. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value: Just like historical value, sentimental value is real but hard to quantify.  But, there are likely church members who have experienced many of the most important events of their life beneath the stained glass windows of your KC church.  This means the stained glass windows have born witness to baptisms, funerals, and marriages. For the sake of those members and future generations restoring your stained glass windows, is something that benefits the body as a whole.
  3. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Monetary Value: Actual monetary value is always something to consider as well.  If your KC church windows are very old (over 100 years) they are antiques and well worth restoring rather than replacing.  However, some stained glass windows in the Kansas City area could have been created by famous artisans or studios. In these rare cases, restoring them is essential. To know the exact monetary value of your church’s stained glass windows you will have to have them assessed by a professional.  However, even if there is no significant monetary value, the aforementioned values are often reasons to have your church stained glass restored in lieu of replaced.

For more information on stained glass restoration here in Kansas City or to schedule an assessment, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

From Broken To Beautiful – How Scottish Stained Glass Fort Worth Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass restoration fort worth

Churches contain some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world. Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte-Chapelle, and Chartres Cathedral are some of the most illuminating examples. But even in urban U.S. cities, beautiful stained glass windows can still be found. They are like rare gems, a reminder of the past shining brilliantly among modern buildings.

Many congregations treasure their stained glass. The beautiful, intricate windows are truly magnificent, and people are proud to have such a beautiful church. So of course, when the stained glass breaks or becomes damaged, it’s very distressing. But fortunately, there’s a way to resurrect these historic works. Our process for stained glass restoration helps Fort Worth churches rehabilitate broken and aged stained glass, renewing its strength and beauty.

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Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Houston Churches

Posted July 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass removal vs restoration houston

Do you have stained glass windows in your church that are cracked or falling apart? Before you remove them, you should consider looking into stained glass restoration in Houston instead.

Stained glass windows are beautiful. And while they’re very strong, they don’t last forever. When stained glass windows start to deteriorate, they can become a safety concern. Pieces of glass can fall out and break furniture or land on someone’s head.

Of course, this is an alarming situation. You don’t want anyone to get hurt. But do you really want to throw out something so beautiful and meaningful? Instead, you can opt for stained glass restoration from a Houston expert.

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Getting Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Houston Historic Buildings

Posted July 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained glass can have such a powerful presence among historic buildings. The beauty and sentiment created by this medium can really offer so much value for your Houston property. When it comes to restoring your stained glass, it can be tough pinpointing when to start. Did you know that stained glass usually requires restoration around 75 years to 100 years? With proper restoration, your stained glass may even remain in good condition for another 200 years. In order to decide when to get started with stained glass restoration, it is important to know the signs.

The Signs that Your Houston Stained Glass Is Ready for Restoration

Determining if your stained glass is ready for restoration is crucial so that you don’t miss your opportunity. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance that you’ll need a replacement instead. Here are some of the telltale signs that are stained glass needs restoration:

  • Glass concerns: Glass that’s cracked, broken, missing, discolored, or warped
  • Lead issues: If the lead is softened, disintegrating, oxidizing and producing a white film, has brittle joints, etc.
  • Plexiglass: Plexiglass can trap heat creating a yellowing effect that damages your stained glass and accelerates deterioration
  • Mishapen form: If your stained glass appears concave or convex, this is a sign that gravity is taking over.

Work with Houston’s Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the stained glass restoration experts in Houston. We’re well experienced with restoring stained glass of from any period and are happy to provide our leading expertise. Work with the nation’s best restoration artists and make sure the antique value of your stained glass isn’t compromised. Our stained glass restoration experts are here to provide all the support you need.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Houston property, please contact us!

How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Projects in Fort Worth

Posted July 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Do you have a home here in the Fort Worth area that has stained glass that you think may be deteriorating and needs to restored? Chances are if it was built in the early to the mid-twentieth century than you do.   

  1. Some signs your stained glass needs repair include:
  2. Dirty or dingy looking glass
  3. Chipped or cracked glass
  4. A saggy appearance to the window
  5. Bent or broken lead pieces
  6. Visible light through gaps in the panels

If these sound or look familiar, it means a restoration for your Fort Worth home’s stained glass is needed.  But, what happens next? Well, happily the hard part of home stained glass restoration is done by us, the restoration experts.  For you, the next few steps are typically an easy affair and starts with few to-dos on your part before you hire a stained glass professional. 

Steps To Begin A Home Stained Glass Restoration

Step 1:  Come up with a loose budget

Of course, it is hard to know exactly how much you will spend on a stained glass restoration for your home.  But it is a good idea to get a number in mind about how much you would like or are able to spend. Realize you may need to be flexible on this to succeed.  Remember, a stained glass window adds a lot of resale value and/or could be a valuable antique. So while you may spend a bit more on the front-end–the value it adds to your home often makes it well worth it.  

Step 2:  Do your research

When it comes to restoring your Fort Worth homes stained glass– doing your research is a sure fire way to succeed.  So, you should not only try to find out as much about the origins of your vintage pieces but also a lot on who will fix it.  Hiring an experienced professional is the best thing you can do to make sure your stained glass window has a long life moving forward.  Websites like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Yelp are all full of info and contractor information.

Step 3:  Get bids from more than one contractor

It is always a good idea to shop for contractors when you get any home improvement done, much less stained glass restoration.   Here in Fort Worth, there are a number of studios and companies. But remember, cheaper is rarely best. As a premium priced restoration expert,  we know and would be happy to explain how much more we offer in terms of value. In the long run, we offer our clients a better product and a guaranteed century more of stained glass life

For more information on stained glass restoration for your Fort Worth home or to have us come out and get you started on an assessment and bid, contact us today!


How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Projects in Dallas

Posted July 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Antique stained glass can start to deteriorate around the 75-year to 100-year mark, showcasing significant signs of damage. In order to keep your treasured stained glass in good, lasting condition, restoration is required. A proper restoration can extend your stained glass’ lifespan for another century. This process can address all complications or damages that your stained glass has endured. If you’re interested in the restoration process, you may be wondering how exactly you get started. Here are the beginning steps you should take for your next stained glass restoration project.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Dallas Properties

Whether you have historic stained glass windows in your church or antique stained glass panels in your business, we’ve got you covered. The restoration process starts with assessing if your stained glass is ready for repairs vs. restoration vs. replacement. The best way to determine this is to find an experienced stained glass contractor to conduct an on-site assessment. If any stained glass studio offers a quote over the phone or states that they don’t need to conduct an on-site assessment, this is a major red flag. Proper restoration requires a detailed plan and based off of your property. When looking for the right stained glass studio, you should also ask for two to three recommendations and a portfolio of past work of similar size.

Work with Dallas’ Preferred Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred stained glass restoration studio serving the Dallas area. We’ve worked with numerous churches, historic buildings, businesses, and residences in their efforts to restore their stained glass windows. Work with the nation’s leading painted glass restoration experts to make sure the antique value of your stained glass is properly preserved.

For more information regarding the stained glass restoration process, please contact us!

Need Help Restoring Stained Glass in Your Restaurant? Scottish Stained Glass Fort Collins Can Help!

Posted July 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith

The culinary scene is incredible in Fort Collins. This college town has some of the most diverse, amazing restaurants. These restaurants are so different, varying in cuisine and architecture. Some of the restaurants here feature beautiful stained glass windows that draw in a lot of their customers. Stained glass is popularly used to improve the dining experience, providing privacy for patrons, and heighten property value. Regardless of how your restaurant is using stained glass, it is important to know that it must be restored periodically in order to maintain its condition.

The Advantages of Stained Glass Restoration for Fort Collins Restaurants

Stained glass restoration is an all-inclusive process that addresses all the components of your existing windows or panels. Restoration is recommended around every 75 to 100 years. In order to keep your investments looking fresh and captivating, restoration can add another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. If you’re uncertain if your stained glass is ready for repairs, restoration, or replacement, we’re happy to take a look. Scheduling an assessment can help determine what the current condition and value of your stained glass are. Restoration offers incredible benefits like preserving antique value, adding strength and durability, and much more. Restoring stained glass can offer a more affordable solution in certain cases, but it is important to proactively time this.

Work with Fort Collins’ Premier Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the premier stained glass restoration studio in the Fort Collins area. We’ve helped restaurants, commercial properties across various industries, residences, and houses of worship with their restoration needs. We’re trained to restore pieces from any time period and are passionate about proper stained glass restoration. We always provide free on-site consultations.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Fort Collins’ restaurant, please contact us!

From Broken to Beautiful: How Scottish Stained Glass Kansas City Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained glass has played a significant role amongst churches for centuries. Originally utilized to convey the teachings of the Bible for the illiterate, stained glass often showcases important scenes and messages. Many churches in Kansas City continue this tradition of using stained glass to portray figures and messages that are important to their congregations. When your stained glass sustains damages or begins to deteriorate due to age, restoration is an incredible process that can return these pieces of art back to their original condition.

The Advantages of Stained Glass Restoration for Kansas City Churches

Restoration is available for those looking to keep their existing stained glass windows. Restoration is typically a more cost-effective option than replacement but must be properly timed. If you wait too long to restore your stained glass, there’s a good chance that more damage can create higher costs that make replacement a cheaper option. Whether your religious stained glass has age-related damage or has sustained severe damages from storms, vandalism, etc., restoration is an option. Our comprehensive restoration process offers another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. By addressing all damaged glass, creating new lead came and joints, cleaning glass panels, and other proprietary steps, we’re able to bring your stained glass back to its original condition. We always prioritize proper preservation and paying homage to the original artist’s intention.

Work with Kansas City’s Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the trusted stained glass restoration studio serving Kansas City. We’re honored to have worked with numerous churches from all across the nation. Our renowned restoration process has successfully restored countless stained glass windows. Work with the best restoration artists to ensure your piece is properly restored and respected.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Kansas City church, please contact us!

How Stained Glass Can Beautify Your Loveland Home

Posted July 1st, 2019 by Martin Faith

Loveland has some of the most gorgeous residential areas. The homes throughout Little Dam and Campion all have that high-end, custom build look that so many homeowners desire. Even if your home isn’t custom construction, there are simple ways that achieve that aesthetic without breaking the bank. Custom stained glass is a wonderful way to beautify your home without significant renovations or high costs. Adding a beautiful custom piece to your home’s entryway or bathroom can transform your existing space.

The Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your Loveland Home

Homes throughout City Center and Redmond can create that master bath retreat by adding a stunning custom stained glass design. Custom stained glass offers high versatility and can complement any existing decor. Leaded glass is especially popular in Kelim, offering a contemporary look that fits in with the modern aesthetic. The great thing about leaded glass is that it blocks unwanted views without sacrificing natural light, making it perfect for bathrooms. Custom stained glass is also perfect for entryways, providing that grand entry feel that’s bright and welcoming. Obstruct unwanted views from the street while adding that custom look to the front of your home and enhancing your curb appeal. Homes around Aspen Drive and Antero Drive can increase their property value while making their property really stand out.

Work with Loveland’s Trusted Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the trusted stained glass studio serving the Loveland area. We’ve worked with numerous homeowners to achieve their dream home goals and create that lush, custom feel without the high price tag. Work with incredible stained glass artisans that are happy to sit down with you to hand sketch your ideas to fruition.

For more information regarding custom stained glass design for your Loveland home, please contact us!

What’s Special About the Scottish Stained Glass Construction Process for Fort Collins Homes?

Posted June 27th, 2019 by Martin Faith
scottish stained glass fort collins

Having stained glass windows in your Fort Collins home can be such a wonderful experience. Every day, you get to see a mesmerizing display as the sunlight coming in your home catches the corners and bounces off the glass, sending a multitude of colors across the room. And not only is stained glass beautiful, but its also useful because it creates privacy, protecting your home and family from the dangers outside your front door.

Stained glass windows can be obtained from both studios as well as hardware stores. Most of these businesses will create a few different designs, replicate them, and manufacture the stained glass. While these manufactured stained glass windows are still nice to have, they’re not quite the same as Scottish Stained Glass windows.

Why? Because at Scottish Stained Glass, we like to do things a little bit differently. Here’s a little bit of information about what makes our stained glass construction process unique for Fort Collins homes.
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Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Fort Collins

Posted June 27th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Fort Collins has some of the most beautiful historic homes in Northern Colorado, just take a cruise down Mountain Avenue and you’ll see many of them. Some of these iconic properties come with unique stained glass features and homeowners want to maintain these windows so that they look their best for years to come. With our simple 6-step process, Scottish Stained Glass can help you restore these pieces.

Fort Collins Stained Glass Restoration for Residential Properties

  1. Removal: The first step requires that we safely remove the existing stained glass from the frame. Once removed, we take it to our studio to put it through the restoration process. While the stained glass is in our care, we leave a temporary piece of glass in its place.
  2. Cleaning: To remove the grit and grime that build up over the years, we soak the glass for up to 2 weeks in a solution in our studio. The cleaning solution is gentle and won’t damage the glass. 
  3. Disassembly: After taking detailed photos, we take the stained glass apart piece by piece and number each of them. This will help us recreate this puzzle later in the process.
  4. Glass Replacement: We try to keep as much of the original glass as we can but if any pieces are chipped or cracked, we replace them with brand new glass that we keep in-house. 
  5. Reassembly: After every piece is cleaned and the necessary parts are replaced, we use the pictures we took in the third step to recreate the puzzle of the stained glass design.
  6. Reinstallation: Once the window is seamlessly reassembled, we reinstall the stained glass into your home. We also install a clear pane of glass over it to protect the design from the elements and other damaging forces.

Most homeowners want to restore and maintain their stained glass features but don’t know where to start. Our team of professionals can help make sure this process is done the right way. If you’re looking to restore historic or sentimental stained glass in your Fort Collins home, contact us today!

How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Colorado Springs

Posted June 27th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Realizing your stained glass needs restoration is pretty clear-cut. In fact, the window tells you almost everything you need to know.

  1. There is cracked glass on your stained glass window
  2. There are chips in the leading or glass of your stained glass window
  3. There is bowing and sagging on your stained glass window
  4. Your window looks dirty and lacks luster
  5. There is visible light coming through gaps on the stained glass window
  6. Your stained glass window appears concave

While these tell-tale signs that your stained glass needs repair are clear–what to do next may not be. Happily, what comes next is not so difficult.

The First Steps Of Stained Glass Restoration

1 Find An Experienced Stained Glass Professional: As it were, stained glass professionals here in Colorado Springs do not come a dime a dozen. Since stained glass is a very old art form, the number of artisans is dwindling. That being said, the ones who still actively pursue stained glass restoration as a business are often very passionate about it. Like us, at Scottish Stained Glass in Colorado Springs. Preserving stained glass art and windows for the next generation is something we do well and love to do. Likewise, we have nearly 3 decades of experience doing it!

2. Decide On A Budget And Scope For Your Stained Glass Project: Once you begin vetting stained glass professionals for the job, you will likely begin getting a lot of bids. Depending on the state of your stained glass windows you will have bids that are high and low. What you do next is a decision only you can make. But remember, the lowest bid does not always mean the highest quality. Cutting corners on stained glass repairs will almost always show in the final quality and/or the durability of your restored stained glass. At Scottish, our restored stained glass is guaranteed to last another 80-100 years before needing repairs.

3. Prepare Your Colorado Springs Home For Contractors: Just like any home improvement project, stained glass restoration is something that will involve contractors in and around your home. The good news is, often times, with stained glass restoration, the windows are restored in our studio. However, even if the restoration is done on site, it won’t typically involve a lot of workers in and out. Like any job in which a contractor will be in your home, you will want to clear the area around the project and gate off pets and children from the area too.

Scottish Stained Glass For Colorado Springs Stained Glass Restoration

Just like that, you are ready for the stained glass restoration on your Colorado Springs home to begin! For more info or to talk with us about your unique stained glass project, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Dallas

Posted June 27th, 2019 by Martin Faith
residential stained glass restoration dallas

Many times, when people contact us for stained glass restoration in Dallas, they are often surprised to hear how complicated and time-consuming the process is.

If stained glass has been damaged by hail, vandalism, or the elements, there may be broken pieces. These cannot be simply cut out and replaced. Stained glass restoration must be conducted carefully in order to preserve the historic and artistic value of the window.

Below, we’ve provided some details on what the process for residential glass restoration looks like from start to finish.

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Antique Residential Denver Stained Glass Restoration: A Quick Overview

Posted June 26th, 2019 by Martin Faith
antique residential stained glass restoration denver

When you consider how quickly fads go in and out of style, its amazing that stained glass windows are just as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago. Stained glass can be found all throughout Denver, in both newer homes like those in Highlands Ranch and Centennial as well as older neighborhoods like Congress Park, Five Points, and Capitol Hill.

That’s why many people choose to keep their stained glass even after remodeling their home. Not only does it look beautiful, but it provides light and privacy. But in order to do this, homeowners often have to invest some money in antique stained glass restoration. In Denver, this service can be obtained from a stained glass company who’s familiar with stained glass repair, but it does require some expense. But is it worth the investment? We think so, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide. Here’s everything you need to know about stained glass restoration.

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Proudly Introducing Our Painted Glass Artist and Stained Glass Conservation Specialist

Posted June 25th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to introduce our painted glass artist and stained glass conservation specialist, Maria Sheets. Her comprehensive training and educational background include a Masters in the Humanities from the University of Texas, Dallas and a Professional Associates degree from the American Institute for Conservation. Maria has trained with industry-leading conservation and glass experts through her ten years at various stained glass apprenticeships. With extensive experience as both owner and chief conservator of an art conservation firm that’s served museums, galleries, and private collections throughout the nation, Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and specialty technique to the Scottish team. Her incredible art skills range from kiln-fired glass pigment to fine art oil painting.

The Importance of Conservation and the Ethical Approach to Stained Glass Restoration

Maria’s passion for conservation was sparked when she worked with an art museum who had sustained significant damage with an accidental fire. When working through the stained glass restoration at the museum, Maria realized that she could paint the damaged painted glass better. After this revelation, Maria committed to glass painting classes and pursued her Professional Associates degree from the American Institute for Conservation. She holds a high standard for proper conservation and taking the ethical approach when restoring stained glass and other mediums of art. By prioritizing these standards, Maria is able to truly honor the original artist and their intentions.

The Painted Glass Process for Commissioned Art

Her comprehensive painting background and specialized painted glass technique have created incredible, one-of-a-kind art for many of our clients nationwide. Maria begins to custom painted glass process with a lot of research. She also utilizes live models in order to truly capture proper form and composition. These models are often clad in costume wardrobe in order to really seize life-like fabric flow and shadowing.

One of her favorite painted glass projects is the Santa Marta Saints. This Scottish project was completed for a private chapel in Olathe, Kansas that commissioned three custom stained glass windows with handpainted St. John Paul II, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and St. John XXIII. The design process took approximately six to eight weeks through constant communication between Maria and the Santa Marta community. Each religious painted glass project requires comprehensive research of similar paintings through history as well as a background in iconography. Her hand-sketched initial designs had to also be approved by the clergy. Maria uses Photoshop and extensive references in order to incorporate every single detail in her intended painted glass design.

Painted glass incorporates numerous layers in order to define depth and shadowing– the glass has to be carefully transferred to the kiln to bake after each completed layer. These details were imperative to Maria since the three saints are contemporary figures that people recognize and have seen. This was probably the greatest challenge for her but Maria was humbled by the great honor to be given this responsibility. Once the three painted glass masterpieces were completed, it took our nationwide team a total of eight months to complete and install this project. Maria appreciates the team setting and all they were able to accomplish together.

Restoration Challenges and Concerns

As a conservation specialist, Maria believes that authenticity is the biggest concern in her field. It can be difficult to truly authenticate a piece of art. Another challenging aspect is ensuring the ethical approach is taken. Often times when a piece of art or glass is restored, there will be parts left blank. Especially in the context of writing and quotes, it is crucial to have prior images in order to attempt to replicate. Expert opinions are needed in order to avoid ethical implications and taking the guesswork out of proper conservation. If critical components are missing and there aren’t original photos available, these sections are left blank but will honor the original aesthetic and ensure structural integrity.

The Most Enjoyable Part of Stained Glass Restoration

It can be a very tedious process when it comes to matching colors for restoring painted glass. When Maria is finally able to match a color dead-on, this is the most enjoyable part of the process for her. Honoring the artistic intent of the creator is the most joyous part of conservation. When it all comes together after the lead came has been structured around all glass components, Maria is always delighted with the final product and how stunning it is when all painted pieces are joined together. The colors pop and the cohesive efforts of the Scottish team are displayed when the stained glass is re-installed after restoration.

Work with the Nation’s Industry-Leading Stained Glass Restoration Team

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the nation’s industry-leading stained glass restoration team. We’re humbled to have talented members that specialize in conservation, helping aid our mission and passion for properly preserving stained glass. Working together has created an outstanding learning process for all of us on our continued journey to restoring historical and sentimental pieces of art throughout our community. We look forward to experiencing more incredible talent from our renowned team and can’t wait to see what all we can accomplish together.

Whether you’re looking to restore your church’s antique stained glass windows or you’d like to commission your own custom painted glass, we’ve got you covered. Work with our painted glass and custom stained glass specialists to achieve lifelong, impactful pieces of art. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Antique Residential Colorado Springs Glass Restoration

Posted June 23rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Have you noticed that your home’s stained glass windows are looking a little sad? Signs of deterioration can include warped appearance, missing glass, cracked glass, broken glass, softened lead, disintegrating lead, white film on the glass, and much more. If your home’s stained glass windows are displaying one or more of these telltale signs, it’s a strong indicator that your stained glass requires restoration. In order to ensure future generations can enjoy your treasured, antique stained glass, it is crucial to find a proper restoration studio.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Colorado Springs Homes

If you believe your antique stained glass is ready for restoration or would like a second opinion, we’re here to help. Our in-home assessment provides all the information you’ll need regarding restoration. This includes an appraisal of your stained glass, cost-benefit analysis, underlying causes of deterioration and damage, project timeline, and project estimate. Once you decide to proceed with your residential restoration project, our team will remove your stained glass from your home and transport it back to our studio. We’ll soak your antique stained glass in a proprietary bath to remove any of the build-up from the past century. We’ll restore all damaged glass pieces and craft a new lead came for your stained glass. If your window has painted glass, we’ll have our artists replicate it. Once fully restored, we set it with black cement, polish it, and have it re-installed.

Work with Colorado Springs’ Stained Glass Restoration Specialists

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the stained glass restoration specialists serving the Colorado Springs area. We’ve completed numerous residential, commercial, and religious stained glass restorations for pieces from all time periods. Work with the nation’s restoration leaders for your beloved stained glass.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration, please contact us!

What’s Special About the SSG Construction Process for San Antonio Homes

Posted June 23rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

When it comes to investing in stained glass, finding a custom studio can really heighten the value of the product and your property. Custom stained glass has numerous benefits that can enhance your curb appeal while bringing your vision to life. San Antonio homes and businesses looking for the highest quality stained glass can appreciate our process for implementing your very own design. Our proprietary process has proved successful with the creation of over 80,000 windows since 1993.

Our Custom Stained Glass Process for Your San Antonio Home

We start the custom stained glass process with one of our stained glass artisans visiting you in your home or business. This free consultation helps us better understand the intended space while learning more about what you’re looking for design wise. Our stained glass artisan will sit down and hand sketch the design with you before created a CAD rendering. We’ll keep improving the design until you are 100% satisfied with it. We typically send the design between eight and ten times before clients are happy and choose a finalized design. Once we have your full approval, we begin the manufacturing process in our studio. We do everything in our power to make sure you love every element, color, texture, etc. We provide the installation and can address reinforcement glass, window film, or energy efficient windows if those are upgrades you’re interested in.

Work with the Nation’s Custom Stained Glass Leader

Scottish Stained Glass has remained the industry leader in custom stained glass for decades, providing one-of-a-kind designs that range from traditional to modern. Work with our stained glass artisans and CAD designers to perfectly bring your ideas to fruition. Custom stained glass is an investment of a lifetime and can bring both functionality and beauty to your property.

For more information regarding custom stained glass, please contact us!

What’s Different About Working with Scottish Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Customers?

Posted June 22nd, 2019 by Martin Faith
scottish stained glass colorado springs

At Scottish Stained Glass, we talk a lot about our custom stained glass process. Our process is part of what makes our company unique. We’re much more thorough than most other glass studios, and our process is part of what makes our windows both strong and beautiful. But what does this process look like on the customer side?

If you’ve never worked with us before, you may have some questions about what you can expect. Below, we’ve provided some insight on the different aspects that make working with Scottish Stained Glass such a unique experience for Colorado Springs customers.

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When Is It a Good Idea to Start the Stained Glass Restoration Process in San Antonio?

Posted June 20th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration san antonio

Stained glass windows are durable by nature. Unlike drawings, paintings, and other art forms, stained glass windows are designed to be functional as well as beautiful because they’re created for buildings. But that doesn’t mean they’re invincible.

At some point or another, most decorative glass windows will need stained glass restoration. San Antonio churches, homeowners, and property owners with stained glass in their building should pay attention to the condition and appearance of their stained glass. Problems should be addressed right away to avoid serious complications. If you notice any cracks or abnormalities, it’s time to call up an expert.

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What’s Special About the SSG Construction Process for Salt Lake City Homes?

Posted June 17th, 2019 by Martin Faith
scottish stained glass salt lake city

Your home is your pride and joy. Not only is it where you sleep at night, but it’s also the beautiful place where you make memories with your loved ones and your most valuable investment. So of course you wouldn’t make changes to your home without thinking carefully about your decision. You want to make sure that any upgrades or changes to your home are for the best.

At Scottish Stained Glass, your Salt Lake City home is our first priority. We work hard to ensure that the stained glass window you receive adds value to your home and your life. Our signature process helps us make sure that every detail is absolutely perfect, from using the highest quality glass to taking accurate measurements. Below, we’ve explained a little bit about what makes our process so special.

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Antique Residential Salt Lake City Stained Glass Restoration

Posted June 16th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Salt Lake City is home to some of the most gorgeous stained glass. These stained glass windows can be found throughout churches, schools, businesses, and even homes. For homeowners who possess an incredible historic, antique stained glass feature in their residential property, it is in your best interest to preserve it. Antique stained glass value can drastically improve your home’s equity while providing one-of-a-kind beauty. Antique stained glass restoration is a crucial process that’s required if you’d like to preserve your residential stained glass.

The Residential Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process for Your Salt Lake City Home

When you start noticing signs of deterioration or damage, it is pertinent to find a restoration studio for your stained glass. Don’t wait until replacement is the cheaper option– restoration needs to be completed in a timely manner in order to avoid high costs and permanent damage. The restoration process should begin with an in-home assessment of your stained glass. This assessment will provide an appraisal, report on the underlying causes of damage, project timeline, and estimate. Once you decide to restore your stained glass, we carefully remove it from your home and transport it back to our studio for comprehensive repair and restoration. This process can take up to a month for one window, but we guarantee to bring your stained glass back to its original condition and to add another century to its lifespan.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the trusted stained glass studio for restoring residential antique stained glass. Work with our stained glass artisans to properly restore your beloved stained glass and preserve the antique value for your home. We’re here to provide all the resources you need.

For more information regarding the stained glass restoration process, please contact us!

Antique Residential Austin Stained Glass Restoration

Posted June 16th, 2019 by Martin Faith
antique residential stained glass restoration

Have you noticed a change in the appearance of your Austin antique residential stained glass? Restoration may be in your future.

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What We Look For In Our Stained Glass Inspections

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Inspections In Kansas City

When a church here in Kansas City calls us to talk about their stained glass, they almost always have an issue already at hand.  It could be their stained glass is dull and lifeless or they have a small missing piece of glass that they would like replaced. It is almost always the case that we will want to come to inspect the stained glass ourselves to see what the problem is and what other problems there might be.  This is because when stained glass windows begin to deteriorate, it is almost always a cascade effect. Meaning, one issue is almost always tied to another and the issues progressively get worse. This allows us to not only tell you what is happening with your stained glass windows but what is likely to happen next.  Below are few things we will look for during an inspection, some innocuous, some indicative of a larger issue.

Stained Glass Inspections Points

Dull or Dirty Stained Glass:  Most stained glass windows in the KC area and across the US are in need of a good cleaning.  You will be shocked when you see your glass with life and lust when it was new. We can clean the glass in place of as part of a full restoration

Broken Stained Glass:  Stain glass, like regular glass breaks from accidents and even bad weather.  This type of damage is normal and not usually cause for concern unless linked to a bigger issue like lead degradation or sagging frames.

Gaps In Stained Glass: This is usually a sign that the structure of your stained glass is starting to fail and the lead is probably the culprit. Most of the time this is one of the first signs that restoration is needed or will be needed soon.

Cracks In Stained Glass: Cracks in stained glass come with the weight shifting over time, an object hitting the glass or the framing beginning to give way.  The issue with cracks is–they only get worse over time as the glass pieces rub against one another. Meaning it is time to start thinking restoration.

Bowing or Sagging Of Glass:  This is a fairly telltale sign that you need a full church stained glass restoration because it means the structural elements of the window are failing under the weight of the glass.  The window will fail sooner rather than later in this case and needs to be reinforced.

Missing or cracked leading:  Over time leads stretches and/or cracks.  We are at a point now where the lead on stained glass made 80 years ago is no longer secure.  If you are having lead caming issues, it is time to get your stained glass restored. The good news is, the new lead formula we use for stained glass restoration will last another 200 years before needing to be replaced.

Don’t’ wait to have your church stained glass inspected so you can formulate a plan for possible future restoration.  Contact Scottish Stained Glass today to schedule a visit from us.

How Long to Wait Before Beginning Stained Glass Restoration Process in Salt Lake City

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Restoration In Salt Lake City

Having the stained glass on your Salt Lake City church repaired is not something most congregations look forward to doing, primarily because of the expense.  However, it is something that, once finished, every congregation we have dealt with has been overwhelmingly pleased they did. Beyond the new look of their restored stained glass windows, is the fact that they know their hard work, giving of time and money and efforts mean these amazing works of art will last another 5 generations. So, how long should your church wait before getting your church’s stained glass restored?  Well, if your glass is over 80 years old, the answer is not very long.

Minor Repairs To  Broken Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

Small repairs like chipped glass or cleanings are not pressing but actually an easy fix if done sooner rather than later. We can tell you if we need to do small repairs with simple drop-in work– which entails cutting the came flange around the broken piece of glass at the solder joints then folding it back together. We can also inspect your window at that time to see if you need a larger restoration.

Repairing Cracks In Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

For very badly cracked stained glass–the time for restoration is close at hand and replacing these pieces is really your only choice.  In these cases, we usually will remove and restore the window and the glass. We can do spot fixes on some smaller cracks but it is important to note: cracks in stained glass will enlarge over time as the edges grind against one another.  Also, cracks are usually a symptom of structural damage–which means you window may no longer be stable.

Repairing Structural Damage To Stained Glass

If you have a failing structure on the stained glass of your Salt Lake City church, it is not only time to have it restored–but past time.  This is because the structural supports like leading, frames and steel beams are critical to the window not collapsing. You simply cannot wait if you see bowing, sagging or prolific leading loss.  It is best to call a professional like us at Scottish and come up with a fundraising plan of attack to get those windows secured asap.

For more information on a restoration for the stained glass windows in your Salt Lake City church, synagogue or mosque, contact Scottish Stained Glass to schedule an inspection today!

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