How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Austin

Posted June 3rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Austin properties have some of the most beautiful, intriguing architectural details. Stained glass offers so much character, charm, and historic value for residential, commercial, and religious properties throughout the city, serving as focal points and main attractions. Stained glass restoration is the only way to preserve these features so that future generations can appreciate them as well. Regardless of where your antique stained glass is housed, restoration can provide another hundred years of beauty and function. Stained glass restoration can preserve property value while addressing deterioration concerns.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Austin Properties

If you notice any damage or deterioration to your antique stained glass, it is important to find a stained glass restoration studio immediately in order to prevent permanent damage and high costs from occurring. Signs of deterioration can include missing glass, cracked glass, softened lead, disintegrating lead, white film on the glass, convex shape, and much more. The restoration process begins with an on-site assessment of your stained glass. Once you determine that you’re ready for restoration, we remove your window and replace it with a temporary one. When your stained glass reaches our studio, it’ll soak in a proprietary solution for up to two weeks. This removes dirt build-up and allows us to remove it piece by piece. We restore each damaged glass piece, create new lead came, and set it with black cement which is polished before re-installation.

Work with Austin’s Leading Source for Stained Glass Restoration

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the leading source for stained glass restoration in the Austin area. We’ve helped countless churches, homes, and businesses with their restoration projects, providing another century for these treasured pieces. Work with the restoration experts to properly maintain value.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration in Austin, please contact us!

How Long to Wait Before Beginning Stained Glass Restoration Process in Denver

Posted June 3rd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Everything in life will deteriorate with age– it’s an inevitable fact that affects all things including stained glass. Restoration is required for all stained glass features in order to properly preserve them. For those interested in the stained glass restoration process, it is crucial to know the timeline for restoration so that you can avoid permanent damage and ensure you don’t miss your window for restoration. In addition to knowing the timelines, understanding the symptoms of stained glass deterioration can also help you spot when your stained glass is ready for restoration.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Denver Churches, Homes, and Businesses

Antique stained glass is often housed among churches and other houses of worship but can also be in residential and commercial properties here in Denver. Stained glass typically requires restoration around the 75-year to 100-year mark, making it important to know the age of your stained glass. Proper maintenance and care can sometimes extend this time period, while severe weather conditions and vandalism can accelerate this process. Stained glass restoration is typically required when symptoms of deterioration begin to arise. Symptoms of deterioration can include but are not limited to, softened lead, disintegrating lead, broken glass, cracked glass, missing glass pieces, concave glass shape, warped glass appearance, white film on the glass, and much more. If you notice one or more of these signs, chances are that your stained glass is ready for restoration.

Don’t Miss Your Denver Stained Glass Restoration Window

It is important that if you see symptoms of deterioration to be as proactive as possible. There is a limited window for restoration that you don’t want to miss– the longer you wait, the more you risk the chance of not qualifying for restoration.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Denver property, please contact us!

A Closer Look at Retail Redesign Using Stained Glass for Alter’d State

Posted May 25th, 2019 by Martin Faith

When people think of stained glass, they typically think of colorful, traditional glass features that are reminiscent of churches. Stained glass is actually a quite versatile medium that can be transformed into whatever style you’re interested in. Contemporary and modern approaches are definitely achievable with custom stained glass. For modern retail shops and really any commercial property in any industry, modern stained glass elements can be used for redesign. One of our favorite recent projects is the Alter’d State location in Boulder.

Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your San Antonio Retail Shop

Altar’d State’s Boulder location utilizes contemporary leaded glass design for its storefront as well as a stand-alone piece by its dressing rooms. By combining privacy, functionality, and beauty, commercial stained glass has a lot to provide in terms of benefits. Custom stained glass is a beautiful statement piece that can draw in new customers, retain repeat ones, as well as make your store visit worthy. Improve the buyer experience with custom stained glass both visually and functionally. Leaded glass offers high privacy benefits, blocking unwanted views wherever you’d like. This custom privacy solution is great for certain areas of your retail store like dressing rooms. Custom stained glass can also help showcase certain inventory or elements of your store.

Work with San Antonio’s Custom Commercial Stained Glass Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the custom commercial stained glass experts providing services throughout the San Antonio area. Stained glass can really offer so many benefits from improving brand visibility to enhancing the customer experience. Work with our stained glass artisans to hand sketch your dream designs. We’re happy to show you our portfolio as well if you need a little inspiration.

For more information regarding custom commercial stained glass for your San Antonio retail store, please contact us!

Improve Privacy and Resale Value of Your Salt Lake City Home with Custom Stained Glass

Posted May 19th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Adding stained glass to your home is an investment which increases the value of your home. In fact, the return on investment to a house with stained glass is incredibly high. This is because stained glass appraises for more money per square foot than a regular glass window. If you’re interested in installing custom stained glass in your home, you should consider the original architecture of the structure. The most common architectural designs in Salt Lake City are Victorian, contemporary, and Prairie or Mission styles. Having new, custom stained glass installed in an existing home should blend with and compliment the original architecture so it will not look out of place and will look as though it was always part of the house.

Stained Glass Options

There are many choices to make when it comes to deciding what type of stained glass to install in your home. You may choose bright and colorful or something more neutral such as beveled or frosted glass. Leaded glass can also include wavy, hammered, lined, or feathery textures. Stained glass is a unique privacy option for bedrooms and bathrooms because stained glass will allow in natural light while blocking the view from the outside. If you’re not sure what selections would work best in your space, our experts are happy to consult with you and find the best option for your home.

Stained Glass and Resale Value

Your home will stand out to prospective buyers when you include the unexpected: a beautifully stunning work of art in the form of stained glass. A stained glass centerpiece can be found in the entryway in a front door or sidelight, in the kitchen as a window or cabinet doors, or as the stand-out detail in a bathroom. These unique aspects also affect the perceived value of your home: it appears more valuable to an interested buyer when there is a remarkable first impression of the property. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your Salt Lake City home.

Retail Design Inspiration for Austin Businesses: the Stained Glass Windows at Altar’d State

Posted May 16th, 2019 by Martin Faith
retail stained glass austin

Retail is a competitive industry. If you want your business to be successful, you’ve got to find some way to stand out from all of your competitors. How can you show your customers that you offer something that the guy next door doesn’t? One way to accomplish this is by being creative with the design of your storefront and interior. If you need a little bit of inspiration for your retail design in Austin, our stained glass window project for Altar’d State may help spark your imagination!

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Beautiful Places to Put Prairie Stained Glass in Your Austin Home

Posted May 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith
prairie stained glass austin

Prairie stained glass is a great way to add a touch of color and class to your Austin home. And it can be installed in almost any window frame. With so much flexibility, many homeowners find it tough to decide where to install stained glass in the first place. Here are a few simple suggestions to keep in mind when picking the perfect windows.

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Must See Churches in Fort Collins with Stained Glass Windows

Posted April 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
fort collins church stained glass

Old churches are full of history and character. Often, cities themselves were built around churches, with the church being a focal point and a gathering place for community events. When you walk into one of these older churches, you can see the evidence of the passage of time, and memories made.

In Fort Collins, we are fortunate enough to have more than our fair share of historic churches. Not only are these churches an important part of our town’s history and culture, but they are also beautiful places to visit. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite historic churches in Fort Collins with stained glass windows.

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3 Things To Consider Before Your Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration

Posted April 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Restoration Considerations for Austin Churches

If the stained glass windows on your Austin church are over 80 years old, the odds are it is time to have them restored. At Scottish Stained glass we know this to be true because– stained glass made in the first part of the last century has a life of about 80-100 years. You may be seeing some bowing on the frames, sagging of the caming and even cracks in the glass–all telltale signs a restoration is due. The good news is–restoration is something that will breathe new life and luster into your Austin church’s stained glass, and will do so for the next 150-200 years. However, before starting on your restoration journey there are a few things for your church to consider.

What Will Your Austin Church’s Stained Glass Restoration Cost?

Full restoration of church stained glass can be expensive but all of the churches we have worked with at preserving their beloved windows for future generations have come through it with nothing but a new love for their restored windows. However, before deciding to restore stained glass windows, a church must consider a few things, the least of which is the cost. Getting a full estimate of all costs involved is essential for making the next decision about where the funds will come from. As it were, any true stained glass restoration specialist will have a format to estimate the exact costs of your glass and even, like us, ways and tips for your church to raise these funds.

How Long WIll The Restoration Take?

As church stained glass restorers, we at Scottish Stained Glass in Austin, understand that properly restoring stained glass will take a fair amount of time and there simply is no cutting corners. Therefore, before your church decides to take on a lengthy stained glass restoration be sure your church is able to make do with the temporary windows that will be in place for months to an entire year. Be sure to specifically get a “downtime” estimate before making any major decisions.

How Will Your Church Raise Funds For Restoration?

As mentioned before, church stained glass restoration can sometimes get expensive depending on the size of the windows and the scope of the job. For this reason, having a candid conversation with your congregation on how the restoration will be paid for is a must. To take it a step further, you may want to even brainstorm fundraising ideas together, before deciding on a restoration. Feel free to talk to us about fundraising too– since we here at Scottish Stained Glass have worked with countless churches on their own stained glass restoration fundraising efforts, we have a menagerie of ideas to help you find the monies you need to bring your lovely stained glass back to life.

Reach out to us today for more information on what a church stained glass restoration entails and how we can help bring your Austin church’s glass back to its former life and luster!


A Look at Marc Chagall As A Talented Stained Glass Artist

Posted April 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Marc Chagall The Fine Artist

Many people are familiar with the famed artist Marc Chagall–a Russian-French artist and widely known as an early modernist. His vast body of paintings include works like “I and the village” pictured below.

While he is typically associated with the modernist movement, he was actually known to create in several major artistic styles and formats including painting, book illustrations, stage sets, ceramic, tapestries and art prints.
Marc Chagall The Stained Glass Master

Chagall was a prolific artist as much as he was talented. He was most known for his exquisite used of color in all mediums. However, what many people do not know is–Marc Chagall was also a prolific stained glass artist. In fact, Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows grace structures worldwide and are beloved for their incredible beauty. Interestingly enough Chagall didn’t begin working in stained glass until late in life, his early 70s, which is incredible considering the breadth of his stained glass work. However, his success in the medium should come at no surprise, considering his deep understanding of light and color. His attention to where light would shine through his stained glass windows, coupled with smart exploitation of glass properties to get the most out of light and color–were the ingredients to his overwhelming success.

Marc Chagall Stained Glass For Churches

Chagall did many church stained glass windows, in fact, he did quite a few stained glass windows in France in particular, but was commissioned by various international churches as well. But, artistry was not relegated to solely churches, as, he did notable “secular” windows too. Some of those windows he created were for institutions here in the US and are still intact today. Likely the most famous US creation, a series is called “America Windows”, can be viewed at The Art Institute of Chicago. These windows are an understandably prized American art treasure as you can see by the video below.


Here at Scottish Stained Glass in Colorado Springs, we have nothing but passion for stained glass and stained glass masters like Marc Chagall. His work and the work of other masters inspire both our church and home stained glass work and restoration. For more information on what we do or if you have stained glass questions, reach out to us today!

Home Design Hacks – Kitchen Stained Glass for an Elegant Dining Area in your Denver Home

Posted April 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
kitchen stained glass denver

The secret to creating a beautiful home is all about paying attention to the little details. It’s the minor things, like colors and textures that can truly make the most difference in your home’s appearance. To achieve that elegant, upscale “custom home look, you’ve got to thing outside of the box.

And there’s no better way to create a unique look for your home than with kitchen stained glass. Denver homes go from ordinary to extraordinary with this simple addition.

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A Symbol Of Hope: Notre Dame Rose Window Still Stand

Posted April 18th, 2019 by Martin Faith

The Rose Stained Glass Windows Of Notre Dame

As the whole world watched the Notre Dame Cathedral burn, many thoughts raced through our collective minds.  First to the safety of anyone inside then to the host of historical relics, artworks, and unparalleled architectural structures that we knew for sure were engulfed in flames or close to it.  As we here at Scottish stained glass, looked at the images of the burning spire fast sinking into that fiery mass, our hearts too sunk, assuming the very worst about the famous and beloved Rose windows.  This is because we are more than just stained glass restorers here but avid stained glass lovers as well–and there is quite possibly no other stained glass window in the world that encapsulates the affection we have for this magnificent artform than–the Rose Window Of Notre Dame.

The History Of The Rose Window Of Notre Dame

Incredibly built in the 13th century during the Gothic period but somehow still relevant and timely in today’s distant world.  Whether because of the careful choice of bold colors, which truly never go out of style, or the jewel-like pattern in which each delicate panel is positioned, this window could as easily pass for modern as it does Gothic–a dichotomy that is part of its undeniable charm.  However, the Rose Window or Notre Dame was built for peril just like we witnessed this week– distributing weight equally across a perforated stone wall of traversing apertures.  This structural style also happens to lend itself to making this lovely stained glass window appear much more delicate and fragile than it truly is.  As we have mentioned many times in our blog--stained glass is, contrary to popular belief, incredibly durable, something we run across each and every restoration and have yet to fully appreciate ourselves. The Rose Window of Notre Dame–is no exception.  


“Although the wooden roof is gone, the vaulted stone ceiling below and the iconic rose windows have been saved, the latter at least surviving in “good shape,” Lt. Col. Gabriel Plus


This is why we have such great hope for the Rose Window still.  While not completely out danger yet because of the failing structure that surrounds it, it is our hope that this window will yet prevail, as it has done through the last 7+ centuries–through wars, invasions, plagues, riots, occupations and more.  If history is any indication of the fate of this iconic stained glass window, we know for sure it will endure, and a restoration, albeit a massive one, will keep this piece of religious art intact for scores of generations who have yet to enjoy looking up at a piece of stained glass that has seen the world change but somehow remains the same.


For inquiries about a San Antonio area stained glass restoration of your own, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today.  We serve all of Texas and many other regions across the US and would love to work your church or home stained glass restoration project.

Amazing yet Practical Reasons to Add Stained Glass to Your Colorado Springs Temple or Church

Posted April 17th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass colorado springs churches

Stained glass windows are beautiful, to say the least, but did you know that they’re also a very practical feature to have in a church? It’s true, many stained glass windows in Colorado Springs churches, temples, and cathedrals exist for a very real and practical reason.

In fact, the very reason that churches began using stained glass in the first place was for a very practical purpose – to educate their members. At the time when stained glass windows became popular, much of the world’s civilized population was still illiterate. Stained glass became a form of storytelling through which churches could use pictures to explain the stories and teachings in religious texts such as the Bible. Later on, stained glass windows became more and more elaborate and took on a larger role in improving church aesthetics, but their true original purpose was education.

Today, stained glass windows still continue to play an important role in modern churches, and help make churches more comfortable and enjoyable for those that attend them. Below, we’ve described a few practical benefits of adding stained glass to Colorado Springs temples and churches.

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Stunning Stained Glass Design Styles for your San Antonio Church

Posted April 12th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass design san antonio

Stained glass windows can make a lovely addition to a church. Indeed, there is nothing quite like the experience of looking up at stained glass on a Sunday morning as the sunlight hits the windows and makes the glass shine as if it were made up of thousands of tiny diamonds or precious gems. Such a site brings instant serenity to those who are fortunate enough to experience it.

If you’re considering adding stained glass windows to your San Antonio church, you’re making an excellent decision. Your members are sure to appreciate the elegance and privacy that the stained glass provides and will be proud to attend such a beautiful church.

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The History Of Stained Glass In The United States

Posted April 10th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass: As An American Artform

In regards to stained glass, the US was relatively late to the party.  This is because settlers from Europe got to this continent in the 1600s and stained was technically “invented” somewhere around 1000 AD.  However, this artform permeates the American church culture and is a common feature on many homes to this day.

The Beginning Of Stained Glass In The US

The first stained glass production was actually set up fairly soon after colonist arrived in Jamestown in 1607.  As it happened, England was running out of wood to fuel their furnaces that made stained glass at the time. Here in the Americas, there was plenty of wood, therefore, stained glass manufacturing became a new world trade.  Many workshops were built, one of the most famous of which was set up by Jan Smeedes, in 1679, in Lower Manhattan. Another was a studio by William Gibson, who was labeled the “Father of Painted Glass.” However, the Puritans did not like religious imagery like that on the Churches of England, so almost no glass is left from the colonial times.  Sadly, less than 1% of the Nation’s stained and leaded glass predates 1700.

The Golden Age of Stained Glass In The US

The Puritanical line of thinking did not last too long, however. In Europe, the 1700s saw massive demand for stained glass and is referred to as the golden age of stained glass in Europe.  Here in the states it did not take long for this trend to catch on and by the early 1800s intense interest in the craft arose again in and production began to increase steadily throughout the century–beginning the American golden age of stained glass.

 Some of the most historically significant stained glass from the US:

 John and William Jay Bolton: Glass made between 1843 and 1848, called St. Ann and the Holy Trinity.  

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Known for his designs of deeply colored works of glass in the style of Art Nouveau and his signature iridescent glass called Favrile.

Frank Lloyd Wright:  Was technically an architect but he pioneered geometric representations of natural motifs in stained glass and used of angled glass.

While the “great age of stained glass” is technically over, there are still numerous stained glass windows remaining all over the country to this day.  This country has a rich history of stained glass and that is what we here at Scottish Stained Glass in Denver work to preserve everyday. If you have an old or historic church or home stained glass window that you would like us to inspect for restoration, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Examining Frank Lloyd Wright’s Contribution to Stained Glass Creation

Posted April 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith

The Beautiful Design Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright

The name Frank Lloyd Wright may not immediately bring to mind visions of stunning stained glass windows. But, do not be fooled–Frank Lloyd Wright was a prolific stained glass artist and furthermore, one of the most influential designers in American history. Although primarily known for his architectural work and as the father of the “Mid-century Modern” his stunning designs spanned mediums from furniture design to graphics arts and yes–even stained glass.

Frank Lloyd Wright The Stained Glass Artist

As a designer, Frank Lloyd Wright’s career lasted an admirable 70 years. A lengthy time which allowed him to not only make his mark on American design forever but also create myriad of amazing stained glass that is as relevant today, as it was back in the early to the mid 20th century. In fact, he designed well over 4,000 leaded glass windows and doors–primarily for the buildings he designed.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Stained Glass Style

Wright created stained glass for nearly every feature in a building that you can imagine–doors, skylights, backlit ceiling panels, table lamps, and wall sconces as well as for windows. Probably what drove the uniqueness and beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows was that he didn’t think of these windows as traditional stained or leaded glass. Rather Wright thought about them and often referred to them as “light screens” — more akin to Japanese shoji screens than a leaded glass window. As such, he almost always arranged his windows in bands. Unlike other stained glass before Wright’s time, his designs relied heavily on the zinc-or copper-plated came configuration, while all others used lead. This type of caming allowed him to use geometric abstractions of natural elements such as plants, trees, flowers and more. He also heavily used a playful but elegant mix of solid-colored, iridescent and clear glass and sometimes a hallmark style of gold leaf sandwiched between two thin pieces of clear glass. By setting some pieces of his stained glass at an angle he greatly enhanced the reflective qualities of the glass pieces in his windows–when light strikes them, different colors can appear depending on the time of day. It was this creativity and attention to light that truly set his windows apart and made him a master of his time and through this day.

At Scottish, we make lovely stained glass in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, paying attention to the clean lines and refraction of light. If you want to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass windows for your Fort Collins home, contact us today for a free design consultation!

Restore or Replace? Which Option is Best for Your Kansas City Church Stained Glass

Posted April 3rd, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair kansas city

Stained glass windows are durable by nature. Nonetheless, sometimes life just happens. There are a number of things that can ruin the health and integrity of stained glass – hail, hot summers, powerful winds, and even rambunctious human beings. Even if your stained glass never suffers any catastrophic trauma, it may still degrade, like all things worldly, from the passage of time. If this happens, you have a couple options available. You can opt for stained glass repair. Or your Kansas City church can replace the stained glass entirely. Which is best for you depends entirely on your situation. Let us explain.

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Custom Stained Glass Installation Benefits for Houston Temples and Churches

Posted April 3rd, 2019 by Martin Faith
custom stained glass houston churches

There is perhaps no art form more elegant and appealing than stained glass. For hundreds of years, stained glass has retained its prominence in religious architecture, bring light, radiance, and color to the holy places where it resides. In the light of the sun, it shines like an opalescent gem, and its texture and intricate detail create an aesthetic so fascinating that it’s hard to look away.

Stained glass is not only a beautiful feature for a church to possess, but it’s also traditional. Once used as a way to spread the messages in religious text, stained glass has played a significant role in religious history, and continues to do so today. Many churches, around the world and in Houston, add custom stained glass to their building as a way of honoring tradition.

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A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas

Posted March 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
cathedral stained glass restoration dallas

Did you know that some of the longest standing stained glass windows in Dallas are over one hundred years old? That’s right, some of Dallas’ church stained glass is close to one hundred and fifty years old. Looking at Dallas’ stained glass is like looking back in time and seeing history unfold right before your eyes.

Stained glass can last for thousands of years, so long as it gets the care it needs. But if cracks and chips aren’t fixed when they occur, the stained glass can perish. Stained glass usually starts to lose its structural strength around the 75 to 100 year mark. If your stained glass is nearing this age, you may need cathedral stained glass restoration in Dallas. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect for the repairs.

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Questions to ask Before You Begin your Stained Glass Restoration Project in Denver

Posted March 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration denver

If your church has antique stained glass windows, you are extremely fortunate. Antique religious stained glass is absolutely gorgeous and is becoming extremely rare these days. However, it’s important to take good care of your stained glass and make sure you check it regularly for possible signs of deterioration.

Cracks, chips, and other structural issues should be remedied as soon as they are noticed, otherwise you run the risk of losing your church’s valued artwork forever. With stained glass restoration for your Denver church, repairs can be easily addressed and the lifetime of stained glass can be prolonged for several decades longer.

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Common Church Stained Glass Damage And What Type Of Restoration It Needs

Posted March 26th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Restoration In Fort Worth

If you love your Fort Worth church’s stained glass but the time has finally come where you and/or your church body realize it is time for repairs or restoration, then you are in good company and good hands.  Most churches with stained glass over 80 years old desperately need repairs or restoration at this point because this is about how long church stained glass built in the early 20th century was built to last. And, Scottish Stained Glass, as it happens is just the restoration expert you will need to help you get your stained glass back to tip-top shape.  Below is a list of the most common flaws church’s like yours are likely seeing right now and an idea about how each is remedied.

The Most Common Damages To Church Stained Glass

Failed/Missing Sealant: Sealants and glazing compounds used in church stained glass will dry out at some point.  The small cracks in these sealants let water through and that is not good for the life of the glass, lead or frame.  Sometimes we are able to reseal these on the window, but often times we would prefer to remove the entire window to thoroughly reseal, restore and replace.

Cracked Or Missing Glass Pieces:  This type of damage is common. Cracks, depending on their size and shape can be repaired with a lead overlay or glue. However, missing pieces of stained glass have to be custom made in our studio to match.  Sometimes we can do this without removing the window, other times we need to remove the whole window and do a total restoration.

Broken Pieces And Damaged Lead Caming: A stained glass panel with a lot of breaks in the lead really needs to be removed from its frame in order to be repaired–sometimes in just the affected section can be re-leaded.  However, if the caming damage is extensive–it is best to have the entire panel and even window re-leaded.

Frame Damage:  Frame damage is common because often times, even if your church’s stained glass has been repaired from time to time, the frame has not.  Sometimes we can repair damaged wood with the application of epoxy resins and/or specialty fillers but badly damaged or deteriorating sections of the frame may need to be entirely replaced.

Detached Reinforcement Bar: Large panels on stained glass windows absolutely need support.  This often time comes in the form of steel bars, other times copper ties, for additional strength on the frame.  These bars are soldered directly to the lead. If these bars are loose or detached bulging and then eventually failure will occur.  The only way to fix this is with the removal of the panel and re-soldering of the bars (or sometimes copper ties)

If your Fort Worth Church has any of these types of stained glass damages or others you don’t see here, reach out to us at Scottish Stained Glass for a free inspection and assessment of your church’s stained glass window damages.  We are always happy to meet with you and let you know what is going on and how we will fix it!

Church Stained Glass Restoration In Action from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

The 3 Top Reasons San Antonio Temples And Churches Should Have Custom Stained Glass Installed

Posted March 21st, 2019 by Martin Faith

We talk a lot about stained glass restoration here at Scottish Stained Glass because it is such a relevant topic for almost any church over the age of about 80 years that has stained glass windows.  However, we also do a ton of custom stained glass for residential and religious clients looking to enhance their home or church aesthetics. The reasons churches come to us for custom stained glass vary but below we have listed a few reasons our religious clients have found themselves.

Custom Church Stained Glass For A More Beautiful San Antonio House Of Worship

One of the most obvious benefits/reason for custom stained glass for churches is–it is simply gorgeous.  The stunning colors and divine themes combined with the glow of the San Antonio sun through these windows add an ethereal touch to any house of God. It is an enhancement that simply makes sense to elevate the religious experience in a church, chapel or synagogue.

Custom Church Stained Glass As A Gift Or Memorial To Your San Antonio Church

Custom stained glass is a great way to pay tribute to a member of a church that has passed by the family of friends.  It is also perfect for living members who want to give the amazing gift of lasting stained glass, full of life and luster, that will honor their generosity for years to come.  Since stained glass is so very customizable, these types of donations are easily able to be a reflection of the donor’s life and legacy in the church.

Custom Church Stained Glass To Leave The Next Generation Of San Antonio Parishioners

If your church already has stained glass windows, you probably already realize what a gift it was from the former generation of parishioners.  Likewise, by having new, custom stained glass installed you are giving the next generation the gift of history–something that is incredibly valuable and only possible through the aging of the stained glass.  Our custom stained glass is of the highest quality and will likely last 150-200 years before needing serious restoration!

For more information and a quote on custom stained glass for your San Antonio church, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio, today!

Questions That Will Help Make Your Church Stained Glass Restoration A Success

Posted March 19th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Restoration Advice For Austin Churches

Make no mistake about it–having your Austin church’s stained glass repaired or restored is a fairly large project that will consume a good amount of time, and, depending on the size and scope of the project, cost you into the thousands of dollars range. But, don’t let that scare you away. Church stained glass restoration is a very rewarding undertaking and will likely bring your church and even community closer together. Furthermore, by asking yourself, your congregation and your church stained glass restoration company a few integral questions, you can very much streamline the process.

Questions To Ask Yourself Or Church Body

1. How Will You Raise The Money For The Church Stained Glass?
Cost is always an issue for churches because they often need to fundraise to get the funds for the restoration. Be sure to ask church members how far they are willing to go to get the funds:

Will church members donate themselves?

Will you do fundraisers?

What kind of fundraisers?

Are you willing to write proposals for grants?

2. How Will Decisions On Appearance, Budget And Timing Be Made?
Knowing who will be in charge of key decisions in the restoration process is critical.

Will There Be A Church Committee To Manage The Stained Glass Restoration?

Will there be a point person on the committee?

Who will be that point person from your church?

3. How Long Can You Realistically Be Without Your Church’s Stained Glass?
Knowing how long your windows will be missing and whether your church has upcoming events in which our temporary windows will not do, is an important part of the process.

If your church windows are not in place for the holiday season will that be an issue?

What about for summer or upcoming weddings?

Timing really is everything, so taking a good hard look at the best season for restoration is key.

Questions To Ask Your Stained Glass Restoration Contractor

1. Does Your Churches Stained Glass Need Repair Or Restoration?
Before you spend any of your valuable time and money on your church’s stained glass windows, be sure to ask and understand whether your church’s stained glass needs repairs or restoration or, in some cases, is even salvageable. So many things hinge on which type of job your church stained glass is in need of–timing, cost, where the windows will be worked on and much, much more.

2. Is The Restoration Company Insured?
Hiring a stained glass repair company that is insured is a must. Should an accident or injury happen on your church’s property, you could be held liable if they are not properly insured. Any reputable stained glass restorer will have full insurance and proof of it.

3. How Long Will The Restoration Take
The stained glass restorer you choose should be able to give you a good ballpark time estimate. Of course, things could change a bit once your Austin church’s stained glass windows are out and being repaired but having an idea of timing is important to your church’s events and fundraising efforts.

4. How Much Will The Church Stained Glass Restoration Cost?
As church stained glass restorers ourselves, we know that giving churches a rock solid estimate on cost is a must, since they will likely have to raise the funds from scratch. Any reputable restoration company will be happy to answer questions on cost and scope–readily at that.

These questions are a good jumping off point. For more information on these questions or if you have a few in mind beyond these, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in Austin today!


Church Stained Glass Restoration In Action from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

Restore or Replace? Which Option is Best for Your Fort Collins Church Stained Glass

Posted March 16th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair fort colloins

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the stained glass windows in your church look a little bit cloudy or murky. Or maybe the lead is turning a greyish-whitish color. Or, even worse, pieces of the stained glass are cracking or falling out of place. Either way, your stained glass is clearly in need of some TLC. But what do you do? Do your stained glass windows need minor repairs or would it be better to replace them entirely?

Deciding whether stained glass repair for your Fort Collins or stained glass replacement is a better option truly depends on your situation. It’s important to take certain factors into consideration before you make a final decision about what to do. Once you’ve gained a better understanding of your options, you’ll be able to make the right choice about what steps to take next.

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How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Fundraising in San Antonio

Posted March 15th, 2019 by Martin Faith
fundraising stained glass restoration san antonio

When stained glass windows start to lose their structural integrity, it’s important to have them professionally repaired and restored. But how are churches supposed to finance such an endeavor? Stained glass restoration in San Antonio is a labor intensive process, and one that can be performed by only a handful of companies, and therefore can become expensive.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can obtain the necessary funds you need to restore the stained glass windows in your church. All it takes it a little bit of creativity and fundraising.
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3 Reasons Why Church Stained Glass Is Worth Restoring for Colorado Springs Churches

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass restoration colorado springs

There are a variety of conditions that can cause stained glass windows to suffer significant damage to the point where they need professional repair. Sometimes, stained glass windows are broken by a severe storm after coming into contact with hail or high speed winds. Other times, the stained glass windows begin to deteriorate naturally due to the passage of time or flaws in their construction. Regardless, when issues arise, many churches hire a professional to determine what actions need to be taken.

If you have church stained glass windows that need repair, you may be wondering if the expense is worth it. After all, stained glass restoration in Colorado Springs can get pricey and many churches do not have extra funds just laying around. But before you decide to replace your stained glass windows, there are some factors you may want to take into consideration. If your stained glass is worth it, you could always try to hold a fundraising event to raise money for the repairs.

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Stained Glass Repair Solutions for Historic Churches in Austin

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair austin churches

Today, some of Austin’s historic churches are nearing an age where they are more than one hundred years old. In fact, one of Austin’s oldest churches, St. David’s Episcopal Church in downtown Austin, is over 150 years old. Many of these old religious buildings are very solid in structure, but they contain elements that need regular care, such as stained glass windows.

Stained glass, when it gets to a certain age, starts to lose its structural integrity from years of being exposed to the rain, heat, and climate conditions. Lead heats up, melts into a new shape, and then hardens once it cools down, becoming slowly distorted over time. This puts pressure on the glass pieces, often so much that they start to crack or fall out. By opting for stained glass repair, Austin churches can preserve their stained glass windows and keep their beautiful historic building fully intact so it can be enjoyed by future members of the congregation.

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Stained Glass Repair Solutions for Historic Temples in Salt Lake City

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Repair In Salt Lake City

Utah’s beautiful capital of Salt Lake City is renowned as one of the most prestigious religious cities in the United States. Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City is home to the 19th-century Salt Lake Temple and the neo-Gothic Assembly Hall. It is a great responsibility to maintain and upkeep the majestic churches and temples that house such rich religious traditions.

One of the major elements of these historic temples is antique stained glass, which is now aging and deteriorating, unfortunately. Many of the church stained glass pieces were created 75 to 100 years ago and it is time to address repair issues with some of them.

Solutions for your Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass Repair

There are several solutions to church stained glass repair. The first step is always a free initial consultation with church stained glass repair experts. They will speak with church leaders and assess what needs to be done. In some cases, small repairs can be made right on site. If not, a strategic plan will be developed to remove the glass that needs reconstruction and it will be transported carefully to our studio where master craftsmen take over.

Once in our studio, your beloved stained glass is handled with the utmost care and concern. We order custom glass to perfectly match the existing glass in color, texture, and finish. We clean it with a specially made cleaning solution that restores the glass to its original beauty and shine. Then we reassemble the pieces with new lead caming that has the look of antique lead but is reinforced with modern technology to add greater strength and durability going forward. And last but not least, we install all our stained glass inside a clear pane of glass, to keep it protected from the elements for years to come.

Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass Repair

Repairing the beautiful and delicate stained glass in your Salt Lake City church may seem like a daunting task, but at Scottish Stained Glass we have been repairing stained glass for decades and have a special relationship with our craft. You can trust the church stained glass repair experts at Scottish Stained Glass for all your church stained glass repair solutions. Contact us today for a stained glass assessment!


How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Fundraising in Colorado Springs

Posted March 11th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Tips On Fundraising For Church Stained Glass Restoration In Colorado Springs

Probably the biggest hesitation to getting stained glass restored here in Colorado Springs is the financial part. Most churches don’t have thousands of dollars set aside for such repairs and, understandably, have no idea where to get such vast sums of money. This is one of the reasons, we at Scottish Stained Glass are here to help. We have done a fair amount of church stained glass restorations across the country and have seen many churches successfully navigate the stained glass restoration fundraising process to bring their cherished windows back to life. Below we have listed a few tips on how to get started and, of course, we are happy to brainstorm with your Colorado Springs church individually to help you tap into local resources not outlined here as well.

Tap Into Your Church’s Enthusiastic Volunteer Resources

The first step in stained glass fundraising is mobilizing your church and working with those that are most supportive and enthusiastic about the process. This will help you throughout the process not just in the raising of the funds.

Decide Where You Want To Seek Out Funding

This may seem self-evident but some church’s we have encountered only want to get stained glass restoration funds internally from the church, while others are willing to seek help outside of it. Should you decide to look outside your church, be aware there are grants available from historical societies and even local businesses help out sometimes–especially if they are hosting events or matching contributions, not just writing a check. It is good to get the community involved in church stained glass restorations as preserving these windows is an investment in the community as a whole.

Get Creative In Your Stained Glass Restoration Fundraisers

Church stained glass is lovely and charming and as such can inspire great creativity and envoke participation across a number of channels. Of course, traditional fund drives like car washes, selling candy are great but something like a silent auction, involving local businesses or an ice cream social may stand out and garner more donations!

These are, of course, just a few ideas that we have seen churches across the county succeed in. There are so many things churches can do to get the money they need, including grant money. We advise you to call us for an initial assessment on your Colorado Springs church stained glass so you have a solid number to work for. Reach out to us today to schedule a visit and to take that first step toward preserving your church’s lovely stained glass.

3 Reasons Why Church Stained Glass is Well Worth Restoring in Denver

Posted March 11th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Value And Significance

If you have stained glass in your Denver Church and it is over 80 years old–it is probably time to have it inspected by a stained glass restoration specialist, like Scottish Stained Glass, to see if it is ready for restoration. The odds are it is. The reason we say that is–church and chapel stained glass created in the early part of the 20th century has a life of about 80-100 years. Knowing this, if you have church stained glass about this age, you probably need to have a conversation as a church body about whether or not stained glass restoration is something you may want to pursue. As such, we have listed 3 reasons why stained glass restoration churches, in general, is a good idea and well worth the effort.

Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass Has Historical Value

Stained glass in churches that is close to or over 100 years old was created in a magnificent time in Denver’s history. This was a time here in Colorado and across the US that saw many historically significant events and changes. As such, glass created in this era has deep historical significance and by allowing the glass to fall into disrepair or be removed all together robs not just your church but, Denver as a whole, historically significant artifacts.

Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value

This is one of the biggest reasons churches turn to Scottish Stained Glass to restore aging stained glass windows–they are loved by the congregation. There is no doubt in our minds that when these lovely relics of the past were installed, the former members of your church, many gone themselves by now, worked hard to raise the funds to have them installed. This often translates into adoration and sentimental value in your church body to this day. In which case, it is well worth the time and expense of having your Denver church’s stained glass windows restored today.

Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass May Have Monetary Value

Not all antique stained glass windows are worth a significant amount of money in this day and age. However, depending on who made or which studio made them, they may well have a fair amount of value. There are many other factors such as the condition of the stained glass, the authenticity of former repairs and materials used in creating the windows that influence the current value. However, getting an assessment will bring some of these factors to life and help you decide it actual monetary value could be a driving force in having your Denver church’s stained glass restored.

For more information and to take the first steps of getting your Denver church’s stained glass restored, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass restoration in Fort Collins

Posted March 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Restoration Next Steps

Thinking about getting your church stained glass restored and curious about how the process will work?  First of all, you are not alone and second, this is a great place to start. Because at Scottish Stained Glass we are arguably the country’s most prolific stained glass restoration company and more to the point–we love what we do.  Below is a quick guide on the next couple of steps and what we can help you achieve with your church stained glass windows.

  1. The Free Review On Your Church’s Stained Glass

The first thing we do is consult with you by viewing your church’s stained glass and making an assessment.  

This includes:

  • A report on the state of your stained glass
  • An estimate of scope, cost and time
  • A conversation about fundraising
  • Q and A time
  1.  The Restoration Of Your Cathedral’s Stained Glass

Once we begin the job we will, in many cases, remove your church’s stained glass window(s) from its frame.  Then, carefully wrapped, we take the stained glass and its corresponding structural parts to our studio. Here we do our restoration craftwork, including:

  • Cleaning your glass
  • Remove old leading
  • Fixing, chips, crack and/or replacing glass pieces
  • Re-assembling your church stained glass
  1.  The Delivery And Installation Of Your Chapel’s Stained Glass Windows

We finally bring your lovely, new/restored church stained glass windows back to your site and put them back where they have graced the walls of your chapel for decades.  This is our favorite part, since, we get to see these wonderful works of religious iconography back where they belong, looking more lovely, in many cases, than the day they were installed!

Stained glass is more than just our job here at Scottish, it is our passion too!  We just love bringing back these gorgeous works of art and preserving them for the next generation.  Contact us today on your Fort Collins church restoration and see our passion in action.

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