Antique Stained Glass Panels

At Scottish Stained Glass, we’ve restored hundreds of antique stained glass pieces from Scotland that are available to our customers.  These beautiful pieces embody the traditional methods and styles of stained glass, and they are all over 100 years old.

Each piece is completely unique to the time period and truly the style of stained glass.   Many of these windows came from old homes across Scotland; they often incorporated colored glass, something that is less common in American homes.

Antique Stained Glass Panels Make Your Home Unique

Antique Stained Glass PanelsStained glass panels are a great option if you may be leaving your current home eventually.  Instead of permanently installing the piece to a window, panels can be hung and then removed if you move or would like to simply move the panel elsewhere.  We can frame you panel, or place it directly inside of a window with removable clips.

When it comes to antique panels, you’re truly looking at something one of a kind.  Many of the types of glass used in these pieces cannot be replicated because of different glass techniques used at the time they were produced.  These pieces also offer unique aspects of design, and you may have never thought of a similar antique design if you simply purchased new stained glass.

One of the best aspects of these pieces is that they are an extremely rare piece of history.  While many methods that we use today are traditional, the types of glass and styles vary drastically from these historical pieces, and you won’t find anything like it.

Stained Glass Panels with Scottish Stained Glass

At Scottish Stained Glass our experts offer a wide range of styles and designs for panels.  If you’re interested in a piece that replicates a style of one of our antique panels, our designers will work with you through the process to find something you love.

Our expert builders have crafted our antique panels to be just as beautiful as when they were first made, and they make an interesting focal point in any home.  Our owner, Martin Faith, salvaged the pieces himself, and many have a story behind them.  If you’re interested in our antique stained glass panels, contact us today!


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