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One of the many wonders of Colorado is the big groves of Aspens, with their distinctive white trunks and round-ish shaped leaves waving in the breeze. Our lovely Rocky Mountains are carpeted in beautiful aspen forests that are a delight to drive by or hike through. So in homage to this wonderful native Colorado tree, we’ve created our signature collection of Aspen Stained Glass.

Aspen Stained Glass Leaves ColoradoAlthough many of our stained glass window designs are traditional, such as Celtic, Art Deco, or Victorian looking florals, our Aspen Collection is distinctively different. It’s modern and can seem almost abstract in appearance. It’s perfect for any home from a mountain ski lodge to a city loft or a rural mansion. If you’ve ever been inspired by the beauty of the aspens, perhaps our the signature Scottish Stained Glass signature Aspen Collection is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Bring the Glory of the Rockies Into Your Home with Stained Glass

For many people, their favorite season is fall, when the trees turn colors. In the fall, people come from far and wide to see the glory of the aspens as they turn a gorgeous golden yellow. Entire mountain sides appear to glow with light from their vivid color. Whether you prefer your aspens with the green leaves of spring or the golden leaves of fall, or perhaps just the architectural beauty of their trunks and branches with no leaves at all in winter – we can custom design and your stained glass window or door to reflect your tastes. Yes, whether you’d like vivid colored glass or clear, textured or any combination, our stained glass designers will work with you.

As for the town of Aspen, it has become a ski resort like no other, attracting celebrities and those with great taste from around the world. If you own property in Aspen, stained glass can add great value and enhance the distinctiveness and beauty of your home. Imagine a grove of stately aspens giving you more privacy in that master bathroom bay window, or a single aspen tree snaking its way up your sidelights on either side of your front door!

Dare we say that our Aspen Stained Glass Collection is as spectacular as the real live ones outside your window? And although an individual aspen tree can live anywhere from 40 to 150 years, your stained glass could last even longer than that, becoming a family heirloom.

Please take a stroll through our Aspen Collection gallery and see if that starts to fertilize your imagination. If you have an idea, whether aspen related or not, our professional design staff will work with you to see it come to life.

Did you know… in some countries, the aspen tree is believed to ward off evil spirits? We really can’t comment about that, but our aspen stained glass will definitely ward off boring décor for many years to come!

Contact us for more information about any of our stained glass window styles, or to have one of our designers come to your home for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you.



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