Beveled Stained Glass Windows Turn Your Home into a Prism

No one wants their home to feel like a prison, but what about a prism? Let us explain! Before we talk “prism” we need to explain about beveled glass, which is one of our specialties here at Scottish Stained Glass. If you are not familiar with this style of glasswork, it’s made out of thick, clear glass that has been cut into the shapes that will form the desired pattern. Then, the edges of the glass are ground and polished, forming an angle.

Beveled Stained Glass DenverYou might be familiar with beveled glass in decorative mirrors? Although they look beautiful, the sun doesn’t actually shine through a mirror, so you don’t get the same amazing effect as with a beveled glass window. It’s the angles in the glass, that when the sun shines through them, forms the prism effect.

If you just can’t get enough of the natural light in your home, you will be delighted with the dancing colors and flashes of light created by a beveled stained glass window or door panel.

Can we get scientific on you for just a moment? As you probably know, white light contains all the colors of the rainbow. A prism made of glass actually breaks up white light into its constituent colors, in effect setting them free to be refracted about the room, creating an almost rainbow like effect.

Scottish Stained Glass Designers

Our beveled glass designers are all huge fans of the traditional beveled glass that graced the European palaces of old, as well as the Victorian style that was so popular in older American mansions. These traditional designs have formed the inspiration for our own collection of beveled glass windows.

Clear beveled glass can be combined in an unending array of designs with colored stained glass, or textured glass, to meet any client’s needs or tastes. Please take a look at our beveled glass gallery to get a better idea of what we’re talking about.

The results are elegant, classy, eye-catching and frankly stunning, if we do say so ourselves. Beveled glass windows are particularly popular in entryways, but are also a fabulous choice for kitchen cabinet doors, transoms or anywhere you need a bit more privacy than plain old windows provide.

Prism Light

The prism effect provides a unique way to add light, vibrancy and color to a room, yet not clash with any existing color scheme or décor. If you see a design you like, we can make that same pattern for your home, but since each of our pieces has to be custom made, we could also design completely original beveled or stained glass windows for you.

Beveled glass windows catch the light in a dramatic and unusual way. If any of our beveled glass designs catch your fancy, why not give us a call today? Our talented team of designers will work with you to create the perfect beveled or stained glass windows for your home, office or retail space.


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