Creating Custom Scottish Stained Glass Windows – It Takes a Team!

When you order windows, doors, or other stained glass panels from Scottish Stained Glass, each piece is custom made to your tastes and your specifications. To accomplish this, you will be working directly with a team of specially trained professionals, consisting of your own personal stained glass designer, and an artist that we call a “builder.”

Scottish Stained Glass Designer

 These are the talented individuals who will work with you to determine the patterns, styles, colors and overall look of your custom stained glass windows. If you live near any of our showrooms, one of our designers will visit you at home, to show you a wide array of photos and samples of glass. If you have your own idea in mind, our designers will actually work with you to bring this idea into reality, sometimes sketching it out on graph paper, to scale, so you can see exactly what it looks like.


Stained Glass Installation DenverYour designers will oversee your project from initial design consultation all the way through the building process, and can even work with you to bring a project in at a lower cost to fit your budget, by altering or simplifying the design.

Scottish Stained Glass Builder

 The builder is the person who actually cuts each piece of glass to the exact size and shape your pattern requires, joins them with lead strips and a bit of solder and assembles the entire thing into a gorgeous, unique stained glass window. Although the term “builder” is not particularly glamorous and brings to mind a big sweaty guy with a tool belt, our builders are dedicated artists and master craftsmen who have trained for as long as ten years to be certified to make Scottish Stained Glass, using our special techniques and materials. (However, they might indeed sport a tool belt!)

Because of our exacting methods, builders can take many weeks to create a single stained glass window, of course depending on the size and complexity of the design. They must have the highest attention to detail and quality in their work.

Scottish Stained Glass Process

Watching one of our builders at work cutting each piece of glass to the precise size and shape is a fascinating experience. They work from what we call a “cartoon,” the pattern that one of our designers started by hand, which was then run through a sophisticated computer program to ensure that it is perfectly balanced, perfectly trued up, and exactly sized for efficient installation into your window or door. Can you imagine a stained glass panel turning out one quarter of an inch larger than your window? It would be absolutely impossible to install it. In fact, every one of our custom designs is reviewed 8 to ten times, including a final client review and approval. Our special computer process ensures that the pattern is perfect, and our builders take over from there.

Our dedication to quality materials and workmanship is evident in our final product, and in the rave reviews we receive from our customers. Why not give us a call today, and start working with your own stained glass team?  We look forward to working with you!

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