Fall Colors Make Stained Glass Even More Beautiful

At Scottish Stained Glass, one of our most popular options for homeowners is colorless glass.  This offers a classic look that will flow with any style of décor, and our colorless designs are something that you will always love in your home, no matter how your tastes change over time.

By choosing textured and beveled glass, you can create privacy for a window in your home with high visibility. However, one of the best parts about choosing textured glass is that it still allows natural light into your home, and with it, the colors of the seasons outside your home.

Most neighborhoods have beautiful trees surrounding each home, and while the leaves change, so do the colors that reflect through your stained glass window. Take a look at the picture below sent in by one of our recent customers, Carolyn.

Stained glass changes with the seasons

Beautiful Stained Glass Fall ColorsCarolyn had her stained glass window installed in the summer this year.  “I did not expect the surprising color changes created by the maple tree just outside the window.  I look forward to experiencing my window in all seasons,” she said.  Her beautiful window will likely change in color through each season, offering an interesting new look often!

While you may not have any color in your clear leaded glass piece, by doing so you’ll be able to better enjoy the natural colors surrounding your home.  These pieces offer unique character for any home, and natural light allows our windows to adapt to each season beautifully. Because our leaded glass gives you privacy without the need for blinds or curtains, you enjoy the light and colors around your home in a completely new way.

Scottish Stained Glass

We give you the ability to create something completely custom to fit your style and your home.  Our designers will help you through the possibilities of leaded designs to find your perfect window that will look great and give you privacy.

If you have any questions about how stained glass can enhance the beauty of your home, or to set up a consultation with one of our talented designers, feel free to give us a call or send an email today.  We can’t wait to show you how great leaded glass can be throughout the seasons!

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