Floral Style Stained Glass Windows Add Natural Beauty To Any Home

If you are a gardener, a horticulturalist or just a nature and flower lover (and aren’t we all?) then an exciting choice for stained glass windows might just incorporate floral or foliage designs. Although this is one of the oldest and most traditional styles of stained glass work, it can also look thoroughly modern as well.

Floral Stained GlassHere at Scottish Stained Glass, we’ve developed our own unique and elegant floral designs, including our wildly popular, vividly colored morning glories. Because we are based out of Colorado, we’ve also designed stained glass windows and doors using some of the flowers that are local to our area, including the dramatic Rocky Mountain Columbine, which is the state flower of Colorado, and the brightly colored Castilleja, also known as Indian Paintbrush or Prairie Fire.

Our own, unique signature collection incorporates modern images of the tree Colorado is most famed for – the lovely Aspen with its distinctive white bark, graceful limbs and fluttering leaves.

As we all know, real flowers don’t last very long once you’ve brought them home. But our floral stained glass designs are built to last for generations, using modern materials and techniques for durability and ongoing beauty.

Don’t Be Surprised If Your Windows Become Family Heirlooms

After all, the appeal of floral art is timeless and eternal, from the vivid masterpieces of Georgia O’Keefe to the famed Glasgow Rose made popular by Scottish artist, architect and stained glass designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Flowers simply beautify any space, and yet, a floral stained glass window can have various practical purposes as well. Many of our clients decide to add stained glass to their homes to solve a privacy problem. They might not want anyone to see into their home from their entryway, yet they don’t want to block the light with curtains or shades. The same holds true for bathroom windows. Stained glass is a perfect solution, offering beauty, added value to the home and enhanced privacy, all the while letting the sun still shine through.

Floral Stained Glass Design Options

Stained Glass Floral DesignsBring the beauty of nature into your home or office with a floral stained glass window or door panel. Floral designs can be literal or more stylized, using a more graphic design approach that offers a floral feel without actual flowers in the design.

Did you know that every Scottish Stained Glass window or panel is custom designed to your needs, your tastes and your specifications? Not only that, our stained glass installation process uses only the most modern, up to code methods and includes a certificate of authenticity and valuation.

Why not contact us today for a consultation about floral stained glass? A member from our talented design team will work with you to create the perfect composition to complement and enhance the beauty of your home.  Whether you prefer clear, colored, floral, geometric or a unique combination of styles, floral stained glass is a wonderful way to bring elegance and beauty into your home.

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