Our Top 5 Favorite Beveled Stained Glass Windows

One of the most commonly requested stained glass styles that we receive at Scottish Stained Glass is for beveled stained glass windows. Bevel clusters help to add diversity and elegance to the design of stained glass windows and are very common for contemporary pieces. Bevels are most commonly given a clear appearance, but we have found ways to add color to them using special techniques and workarounds.

It’s easy to see why beveled stained glass catches so many attention. Bevels have a bright, crystal-like appearance that shines beautifully in the sun. They offer a way to add clear glass to a panel without completely comprising the privacy benefits of stained glass.

Our 5 Favorite Beveled Stained Glass Windows

At Scottish Stained Glass, we consider ourselves masters in the art of making beautiful beveled stained glass windows. Here are just some of our favorite pieces that we’ve produced over the past few years.

1. Beveled Hallway Stained Glass Window

This hallway stained glass window helps to open up a tight corridor and provides privacy for the front facade of the home.

2. Bathroom Stained Glass with Bevels

Beveled stained glass windows look beautiful in bathrooms due to their luminous, elegant appearance.

3. Simple Kitchen Stained Glass Window

There’s something so beautiful about simplicity. Working with the homeowners on this kitchen stained glass window was truly a pleasure.

4. Beveled Stained Glass Door

The way the light comes in through this beveled stained glass door is just simply breathtaking. And if the homeowners ever choose to redecorate in the future, the versatility of this piece will provide them with plenty of freedom.

5. Celtic Knot Bevels

Modeled after traditional Celtic Knots, these stained glass windows offer the owners a unique way to celebrate their culture and their heritage.

Add Beauty to Your Home with Beveled Stained Glass Windows
Bring the beauty of beveled stained glass windows straight to your doorstep. Call Scottish Stained Glass to get a custom stained glass window made for your home and family.

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