Stained Glass in the Bathroom for Privacy With Class

Bathroom Stained Glass Windows

Many people consider their stained glass windows from Scottish Stained Glass the showpieces of their homes, and with good reason. It might not ever occur to them that the perfect location for some stained glass is in the bathroom. But in fact, there are many good reasons for installing it there.

Let’s start with privacy. Many homes are built just a tad too close to their neighbor’s homes for comfort. Not only don’t you want your neighbors to see into your bathroom, you also really don’t want to see into theirs. And yet, you also don’t want to have to keep your shades drawn every minute, because natural lighting in the bathroom is pretty wonderful. Not only will your shades and curtains block the light, they will remove all the value of having windows in the bathroom. If you’ve ever had or have bathrooms without any windows at all—you know what we’re talking about.

If the bathroom is where the women in your household put on their makeup, they definitely know the benefits of having natural light. And that’s just what stained glass windows allow for. They let the sun’s light in beautifully, while still offering you the privacy you need.

Oh, and if you have a bay window in your master bath, adding stained glass there will turn your bathroom into a show piece. Just wait till you’re relaxing in the tub and the sunlight starts shining through your windows, casting dancing reflections all over the room. Dare we say, “magical?”

Talk to us about the wide variety of glass options for bathrooms and we think you’ll be surprised. You can get traditional, colored stained glass, or frosted leaded glass, or any combination of the two. Not sure what we’re talking about? Take a look at our bathroom gallery for some stained glass bathroom inspiration. Gorgeous, right?

Here’s another good reason to add some stained glass to your bathroom. Stained glass qualifies as fine art, and no well decorated home can be considered complete without eye-catching, original artworks. And yet, with the humidity and moisture that collects in bathrooms, the choices for art that won’t be ruined are limited. Stained glass is the perfect choice!
All our designs are hand-crafted originals, designed especially to work in your space. And humidity won’t hurt our stained glass one bit. In fact, for bathroom windows (and shower doors) we can encase the stained glass artwork in between two panes of clear glass. This makes it fully waterproof, ensuring that it will last for generations, possibly even turning into a family heirloom.

Let’s talk a bit more about shower doors. They usually come clear or frosted, but if you get a stained glass window, how about adding a matching shower door? What could be classier? Take a look at some of the stained glass work we’ve done for client’s bathrooms here.

We offer free consultations, so if this idea of stained glass in the bathroom has taken root in your mind and you can’t seem to “flush” it out, why not give us a call!

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