Stained Glass Masters of the Past Leave an Unbreakable Legacy

As a thoroughly modern stained glass studio, Scottish Stained Glass uses the methods, materials and new technologies that owner Martin Faith has been developing for the last twenty years, as well as the latest in stained glass window installation techniques.

But our passion for this craft, our love for stained glass in all its forms and our inspiration for our work… comes from the stained glass masters of the past.

One of our favorites is Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the architect, designer and watercolorist from our native Scotland. However, there are many other master artists and architects who worked with the medium of glass, as well as other more traditional fine art mediums.

One of the most amazing is John La Farge, a New York painter and muralist. La Farge’s intricately patterned and vividly colored stained glass work rivals that of the medieval craftsman of centuries gone by, who were undoubtedly a huge influence on his work. Take a look at some of John La Farge’s stunning stained glass church windows here:

Irish artist Harry Clarke studied stained glass at the Dublin Art School, but also made part of his living as a book illustrator. Clarke’s first published book was none other than Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen, containing 16 color plates and more than 24 black and white illustrations.

Although Clarke also created stunning church windows, the bulk of his stained glass was secular. See some examples of Harry Clarke’s work here:

Most of you have probably heard of Marc Chagall, arguably one of the most successful 20th century artists. This prolific artist worked in just about every artistic medium, including stage design, tapestry, ceramics and of course, stained glass.  His style was thoroughly unique and modern, yet paid homage to his influences. Interestingly, his first major stained glass window commission came when Chagall was 70 years old!

Take a look at this beautiful stained glass window Chagall created for the Saint-Stephen Cathedral in Metz, France:

No discussion of stained glass masters would be complete without mentioning Christopher Whitworth Whall, an English artist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Whall is hailed as one of the key influencers in the history of modern stained glass. When beginning his career he only designed the stained glass windows, but someone else actually built them. But in 1887 Whall converted his cow shed into a stained glass workshop, taking over every part of the craft, including the cutting of the glass, the painting of the glass, and any necessary firing or glazing. Take a look at some of Christopher Whall’s stained glass windows here:

If this work inspires you, then you might like to add some modern stained glass to your home in the form of entryway windows, transoms, door panels, kitchen cabinets, or even hanging plaques or panels. Why not create your own masterpiece with the help of our design team, one that’s destined to become as famed in your family’s history as these pieces we’ve showcased above!

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