Stained Glass – Not Just For Windows but For Interiors Too

Interior Stained Glass

Most people think windows immediately when they think stained glass, but there are many beautiful uses for stained glass in the interior or a home or commercial space.

For homes, one of the most popular is stained glass panels installed into the kitchen cabinet doors. You can imagine just how this “classes” up a kitchen, giving it an elegant designer look. The stained glass can be designed to look antique or contemporary, depending on whether you are trying to complement an older, Victorian style home, or thoroughly modernize your kitchen, perhaps along with the purchase of brand new appliances. Stained glass kitchen cabinets can be the beginning of a theme in the home. How about stained glass in your curio cabinet doors, or in your wine cellar door? Or for a stunning and unique lighting fixture?

Stained glass is beautiful in an interior doorway, or even to create privacy or separation of different spaces as a room divider. This affords a barrier, yet it still keeps a spacious feel because the translucent glass allows the sunshine or room lighting to pass right through. It’s a wonderful choice as a divider in an office or workspace as well.

And for retail establishments such as bars, hotels, restaurants, stained glass has a long tradition. It’s frequently used as a back splash behind a bar, or to create a distinctive sign with the establishment’s name displayed in a way that patrons will not miss. Another popular interior use for stained glass is in a family crest or a plaque commemorating some special event or achievement. Scottish Stained Glass has done many plaques for golf courses and other establishments.

Another idea is a beautiful antique stained glass window or panel, hung either in a window or on a wall as a piece of art. Although if you hang a piece of stained glass on a wall, the sunlight cannot pass through it, it can still be placed where the sun will hit it and bring it to life! We import some lovely antique stained glass pieces out of Scotland. They are masterfully crafted and made with types of glass that are no longer made today. These wonderful slices of history all but command your attention and are guaranteed to add a unique “flavor” to a home or office.

Although most of our customers do wind up installing stained glass in exterior windows or doors, as you can see, there are many other creative and fabulous uses for this medium. Skylights, fireplace screens (just imagine the firelight dancing through a piece of stained glass, casting it’s rainbow colors and dancing lights all about your room), ceilings, wall hangings… where would you like to see stained glass?

Where ever you put stained glass, it will add life, energy, light and beauty and value to your space.

If this article has gotten your creative juices flowing, why not contact usand set up an appointment with one of our highly experienced and talented design staff? During your consultation, you can choose from any of our different styles and patterns and work with a designer to create a custom piece of stained glass, for anywhere in your home. Any style, any pattern, any size… all our work is custom designed and hand crafted exactly for you.

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