Stained Glass Windows Add Value and Distinctiveness to Your Home

Perhaps you’ve decided to add some beauty and uniqueness to your home in the form of stained glass windows in your living room, leaded glass sidelights to your entryway, a beveled or etched glass panel to your wine cellar door, or even a stained glass skylight.

We know from 20+ years of experience that you’ll be delighted with how stunning your home looks after your panels have been installed. In fact, many of our clients report that they never grow tired of admiring their stained glass, watching the play of the sunlight through the panes, the intricate shadows cast, or just the lovely mood if creates in any room of the home.

The Benefits of Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass Windows DenverBut there are other benefits to adding stained glass than just the aesthetic, pleasurable ones. There are some other side benefits you might never have considered, which could turn out to be equally important in the long run.

Let’s say you have decided to sell your home. In today’s market, a seller needs to make their home stand out in the sea of homes on the market. Did you know that stained glass adds to the value of your home? All Scottish Stained Glass is custom designed and hand crafted, installed with the most modern techniques. We adhere strictly to all building codes.

Stained glass in your home might be the one thing that makes it stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Yes, that beautiful transom, entryway or bay window could be the thing that a buyer falls in love with, after seeing countless similar homes.

Some of our clients report that their stained glass windows were the very thing that sold their homes.

But perhaps you are now worried that the stained glass patio doors that you find so stunning are actually a turn off to buyers, in the same way that the colors you painted the bedrooms might not be to someone else’s tastes?

Clear Stained Glass

Consider clear stained glass! It is available in a wide variety of interesting textures, exciting designs and unique finishes. Since it has no color, it will never clash with anyone’s color scheme, no matter how they decide to redecorate the home or what color palette they choose.

This also holds true if you never sell your home, but decide to redecorate it yourself.

Frankly, we have never heard that any home buyer objected to any clear or colored stained glass panels either. Usually they are intrigued, thrilled and delighted to find them in a home they are considering purchasing. After all, nothing adds class like stained glass.

And by the way, many of our clients cannot bear to part with their stained glass panels if they sell their homes, and wind up taking them with them. After all, they are pieces of custom designed, fine art. Perhaps instead of being the selling point of your home, they are instead destined to become family heirlooms…!

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