Stained Glass Windows Are Collectors’ Items Worldwide

Our friends to the north in Canada have some pretty wonderful stained glass, we have to admit. European trained glass artists founded the first stained glass studios in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec around 1856. According to the Institute for Stained Glass in Canada, stained glass windows constitute what they consider to be the most widespread public art in the country, with over 100,000 known pieces in public buildings, and countless more in private homes.
Apparently public buildings in just about every city and town across that vast nation contain lovely, well preserved examples of this art form. Stained glass collectors have been acquiring all sorts of windows originally commissioned in Europe, some dating back to the early 16th century.
The Institute has undertaken a survey of stained glass windows across Canada, province by province. These are not pieces in a museum or private collection; they are still installed at their original sites. You can see photos of this multi year endeavor on their website.
If you are a stained glass aficionado, please take a look at the Institute’s work. We think you’ll be enchanted and impressed by the fabulous craftsmanship and the breadth of ideas represented, from religious icons in churches to an amazing, modern piece known as the Great Wave which is installed across 40 meters of glass windows in the international terminal of Vancouver International Airport.
We never cease being impressed by this amazing, ancient yet thoroughly modern art form. Like all art, it changes with the times, and like all art, some people are absolute masters with it, creating work that withstands the test of time.
Here at Scottish Stained Glass, our designers and builders have the highest respect for the stained glass masters of old, and for the people in every corner of the globe who carry on this distinguished tradition. Although we have installed stained glass windows for over 15,00 happy customers in our twenty hear history, we never copy someone else’s design.
However, we are inspired by a lot of different sources and that inspiration shows up in our work. If happen to find a piece of stained glass in a unique style or pattern that you absolutely love, we would be happy to use that as the inspiration to make you a completely new, custom stained glass window that reflects that style. If you adore Deco, or the flowing floral effects of Greene and Greene, we would make something with that same flavor and style.
In fact, every piece of stained glass we do is custom designed to your specifications, and hand built using a combination of traditional craftsmanship married with the most modern materials and installation techniques.
To get some ideas of our work, please visit our galleries. And if you were intrigued by the idea of collectors obtaining old stained glass from Europe, you might be interested in one of our antique Scottish leaded glass windows. They make an incredibly powerful statement in a modern home. Contact us today for more details.

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