Stained Glass Windows & Your Bevel Choices

Designing stained glass windows for for your home can involved a number of different glass textures and shapes, but the most beautiful piece of leaded glass windows is generally considered the bevels. Bevels are solid pieces of 1/8 inch glass that has been ground and polished to act as a prism on the light, reflecting and refracting the colors as they come through the glass.

Bevels can be created to match any desired design although standard bevel sizes and designs are generally less expensive and can be more rapidly integrated into our window production process. As you educate yourself concerning the the beveled glass styles and designs check out the American Bevel link below.

If you like what you see, call Scottish Stained Glass today for your free consultation. We can show you a couple of different ways a your favorite bevel styles can be applied to a window that can work for you. We have created personalized bevel flowers, butterflies, family crests, faces, and much much more.

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