The Scottish Stained Glass Difference

Although stained glass windows have been produced for many centuries and the techniques of this craft have been passed down through the generations, there is something unique about our stained glass.

Owner and founder Martin Faith did learn traditional stained glass window making techniques in his native Glasgow, Scotland – known far and wide as one of the stained glass capitals of the world – since arriving in the U.S. in the early 1990s, Faith has been improving and perfecting that age old art form, adapting it to installation in modern American homes.

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So what’s so different about Scottish Stained Glass? For starters, the market has been flooded with inexpensive Chinese imports. If you take a look at our product up close and personal, you will see the difference for yourself in terms of quality, luster, and sophistication. But you might not know why our windows and door panels are so captivating and eye catching.

There are also enhancements we have developed that you probably cannot see with an untrained eye, although you certainly will appreciate the finished product. Each of our stained glass panels are custom made and hand built by an experienced artisan who has been specially trained in our methods. The process begins with a consultation with a stained glass designer. She (or he) works with the customer, sometimes even sketching out the customers ideas freehand, to scale, on graph paper until the customer sees exactly what they want. After that, all of our designs go into computer program which ensures that the color choices are exactly correct, the proportions will perfectly fit the window, and all horizontal and vertical lines match up, providing a perfect pattern. Each custom piece is reviewed multiple times, including a final customer approval before the hand building process begins.

We also use special dark leads, precise soldering temperatures for greater stability, and our own unique polishing process that gives our finished products a gorgeous luster. Feedback from over 15,000 delighted fans, oops, we mean customers, tells us that although most of them don’t know anything about our special methods, they can clearly see the superior results.

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After hearing all of this, you won’t be surprised to learn that our stained glass windows take approximately double the time to make than “ordinary” stained glass does. And cost a bit more as well. However, we aren’t interested in being ordinary… we are interested in manufacturing the best possible product we can supply for your money.

We pride ourselves on quality that lasts. We want you to be as delighted with your stained glass masterpiece the millionth time you look at it as you were the day we arrived to install it. Our installation process is unique as well, with the new glass panels sealed to the inside of your existing panes of glass to enhance energy efficiency and protect your investment.

By the way, all our installations are up to building code specs for your area, and our installers are specially trained as well.

From first inspiration to final installation, Scottish Stained Glass delivers!


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