Vast Glass Choices to Create Your Perfect Piece

At Scottish Stained Glass, we often talk about the versatility of our products, and the power that our clients have to truly create exactly what they want for a stained glass window.  Part of the reason we’re able to do this is because of our exceptional and vast selection of glass colors and styles to choose from to make your design complete.

Every leaded glass window we build is custom and constructed by hand. Our builders take the time to ensure that each piece is cut perfectly, and they put together our stained glass piece by piece according to a full size pattern that we create. This process is extremely precise, and all of our builders are experienced in this traditional stained glass building method.

Your Glass Choices with Scottish Stained Glass

Colorado Stained Glass OptionsOne of the most common reasons that homeowners choose to purchase a leaded glass window is to add privacy to a certain area in their home.  We offer a wide range of textured glass to provide this privacy, whether you choose colored glass or clear pieces.  In terms of colorless glass, some of our most private options are Granite and Cord glass.  Granite is a tightly textured glass that obscures vision almost completely, while corded has closely spaced lines.

If you’re looking for something with less obscurity, we offer many textures that fall under a clearer category.  Water glass and Baroque are both relatively clear textures that still offer style while only limiting visibility slightly.  We also offer mid-range textures like Hammered, Vecchio, and Gluechip.  Take a look at the photos on this page to see many of these textures incorporated into leaded glass windows.

Many of our clients use a combination of these textures, bevel clusters, and colors.  Colors are available in a wide range of opacity as well, and with over 600 to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right choice for your window and home.  Bevels are also a beautiful addition to any design, catching sunlight in new ways, and many clients choose bevels to create a kind of centerpiece for their window.

Because we offer such a wide selection of glass, our designers are able to work with you to build something you’ll love for years to come.  If you’re looking for a more picturesque window, we can use a combination of colors, textures, and the lead work itself to create anything from a sailboat to mountains, to animals.

Scottish Stained Glass

To learn more about the possibilities for adding stained glass to your home, contact us today and set up a consultation with one of our designers.  We can help you get started on your one of a kind piece immediately!

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