What Is Dalle Stained Glass?

what is dalle stained glass

You’ve heard of Mackintosh, prairie style, art deco, and many other types of stained glass. But have you ever heard of Dalle Stained Glass? As a Denver resident, you’re no stranger to the beauty of stained glass windows. They’re part of so many of our historic churches and homes, especially in the Capitol Hill, Wash Park, and Congress Park neighborhoods.

But even in Denver, where stained glass can be found in abundance, “Dalle Stained Glass” is still an unfamiliar term to many. While it may be one of the lesser-known types of stained glass, it’s nonetheless one of the most beautiful. Here are a few of the distinct features that make this stained glass style unique.

Dalle Stained Glass – How It’s Made

Dalle Stained Glass windows are made in a similar manner to other types of stained glass. They employ the use of colorful glass and a frame or binding mechanism. Just like many other types, Dalle Stained Glass windows often contain images of landscapes, people, or religious symbols. However, what’s unique about Dalle de Verre is that the glass pieces are much thicker in size.

Traditional stained glass windows are made of glass fragments that are about the same width as an ordinary window pane. Dalle de Verre, on the other hand, is made from thick chunks of glass. This makes the colors more intense when the light shines through them.

Common Uses for Dalle de Verre

Dalle de Verre is used for many different types of buildings, including churches, homes, museums, hotels, libraries, and more. But perhaps some of the most common applications for Dalle Stained Glass in Denver include:

  • Bathroom windows and cabinets
  • Shower doors
  • Church sanctuaries
  • Hanging glass art panels
  • Kitchen and dining areas
  • Add Dalle Stained Glass to your Denver Home or Building

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