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Houston Beveled Entryway Stained Glass  - SGE 2

Houston Traditional Entryway Door Stained Glass - SGH 2

Houston Contemporary Entryway Stained Glass Door Sidelights - SGH 3

Houston Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight Panels & Transom

Houston Entryway Stained Glass Rounded

Houston Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

Houston Stained Glass Windows & Entryways - SGH 7

Houston Entryway Stained Glass Doors & Sidelights  - SGH 8

Houston Entryway Stained Glass Door - SGH 9

Houston Stained Glass Bathroom Windows  - SGH 10

SGH 10
Houston Privacy Bathroom Stained Glass Windows  - SGH 11

SGH 11
Houston Bathroom Window Stained Glass - SGH 12

SGH 12
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Panels - BSG 5

SGH 13
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows - SGH 14

SGH 14
Bathroom Stained Glass

SGH 15
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Partitioned Windows - SGH 16

SGH 16
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Beveled Window - SGH 17

SGH 17
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - SGH 18

SGH 18
Houston Living Room Stained Glass

SGH 19
Houston Custom Window Well Stained Glass

SGH 20
Houston Interior Stained Glass Panels

SGH  21
Houston Arched Stained Glass Windows

SGH 22
Houston Window Well Stained Glass

SGH 23
Houston Prairie Style Stained Glass Doors

SGH 24
Houston Hallway Stained Glass Entry

SGH 25
Houston Basement Stained Glass Windows

SGH 26
Houston Hallway Stained Glass

SGH 27


Scottish Stained Glass Houston

Scottish Stained Glass has stained glass designers and installers working throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We have been servicing the Houston, Texas area with the nation’s highest quality stained and leaded glass for almost a decade now and our parent company has been in business for over 20 years. There are now beautiful examples of our stained glass and leaded glass in over 3,000 Houston homes as well as in the surrounding cities such as out west in Katy, The Woodlands and Conroe to the North, east as far as Baytown and in the south in Sugar Land, Pearland, Missouri City, League City and as far as Galveston.

Houston Stained Glass
In Home Consultations

As we all know the architecture in our Houston metro area homes can be very diverse. It is important to have your glass match the style of your home both internally and externally. We pride ourselves on being the only stained glass company prepared to take the time to come to your home and work with you to develop custom stained or leaded glass designs that fit seamlessly into your home’s style. Our designers have the experience and expertise to listen to your needs and design something that is both functional and beautiful.

Houston Stained Glass Design Process

Once we come into your Houston area home, we create a custom glass design that takes into account your preferences, the existing architectural features of the home, as well as any functional requirements you might desire from the windows. For example many of our clients desire privacy but still would like to have light coming in to a particular room in their home. Leaded glass in the perfect solution to achieve this. We complete a well tested design process for your stained glass designs, showing you a rough sketch, CAD drawing, Photoshop mockup, and finally actual glass samples to ensure that the window you want is the window you get.

Installation of Houston Stained Glass

Only once you have decided on the window design do we undertake the process of actually building it. Our master stained glass craftsman build all of our stained glass here locally in Houston and then schedule an installation at your home. Almost all our installation work is carried out free of charge anywhere in the Houston metro area. We have various installation methods depending on the circumstances but one of the most popular choices in Houston is to seal the stained glass or leaded glass between 2 panes of tempered clear glass. This method is particularly used in bathrooms and makes it very easy to keep the windows clean. Our special section on installation explains all the choices in more detail and our installer will visit your home prior to the manufacture of the glass to ensure you fully understand the process and options.

Stained Glass Services for Your Houston Home

Stained Glass Doors
Sidelight Stained Glass
Bathroom Stained Glass
Bedroom Stained Glass
Kitchen, Cabinet, & Pantry Stained Glass
Transom Stained Glass
Basement Stained Glass

Houston Religious & Commercial Stained Glass

Church Stained Glass
Restaurant Stained Glass
Retail Stained Glass

Whether you need custom stained glass panels designed, replaced, or repaired, give Scottish Stained Glass a call today to see what we can do for you. 713.827.8908

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