Is Stained Glass Restoration Worth While?

To churches across the United States and here in Austin that are looking to restore their religious stained glass, you may be taken aback by the associated costs. Restoration is a complex process requiring considerable effort and expertise. It can be time-consuming if the repairs are extensive. But some repairs only require what are called “drop-in repairs,” where we come to your church and repair it in its frame. However, even though the cost and time are a factor to consider, rest assured there are wonderful advantages to make every penny well worth your while!

 Stained Glass  Restoration as an Investment

Investing in restoration for stained glass is worth the effort due to its equity potential. Before a work of stained glass is restored, it will be valued much less than if it were refurbished; similar to how renovating a home increases overall value and appraisal price. Restoring antique stained glass can add substantial financial reward with its increased appraised value.

The natural deterioration of stained glass leads to the need for restoration every 75-100 years. This time frame may be shorter if your stained glass experiences damage from vandalism or hazardous weather conditions. Investing in restoration is a much more economical option than a complete replacement, especially when considering churches and other religious establishments with larger windows. To extend the life of your stained glass, opting for restoration is an absolute must; otherwise, it will eventually require full replacement due to continued deterioration over time.

This city’s Stained Glass Specialists

We are thrilled to be the go-to experts in stained glass investments, servicing all 50 states. Churches around the country come to us for assistance preserving these masterpieces of art through our industry’s best restoration process – ensuring your stained glass stays in its original condition for centuries more!

For more information regarding your Austin stained glass investment, please contact us! We are always happy to send someone out to look at your stained glass in person. At that time we can give you a good idea of what type of repairs you will need. We can then go on to work up an estimate of exact costs and timing for your Austin church members to review before making a decision.

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