Antique Residential Denver Stained Glass Restoration: A Quick Overview

antique residential stained glass restoration denver

When you consider how quickly fads go in and out of style, its amazing that stained glass windows are just as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago. Stained glass can be found all throughout Denver, in both newer homes like those in Highlands Ranch and Centennial as well as older neighborhoods like Congress Park, Five Points, and Capitol Hill.

That’s why many people choose to keep their stained glass even after remodeling their home. Not only does it look beautiful, but it provides light and privacy. But in order to do this, homeowners often have to invest some money in antique stained glass restoration. In Denver, this service can be obtained from a stained glass company who’s familiar with stained glass repair, but it does require some expense. But is it worth the investment? We think so, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide. Here’s everything you need to know about stained glass restoration.

A Quick Guide to Antique Stained Glass Restoration in Denver

Are you the owner of a historic home in Denver with antique stained glass? Restoration may be your best option for preserving your beloved artwork. Here’s everything you need to know about stained glass repair and restoration.

When Does Stained Glass Need to Be Restored?

There’s no expiration date for stained glass. All windows are different and should be treated differently. Because restoration can be pricey, most homeowners tend to wait until there’s an eminent need. For example, if the stained glass is cracking or breaking, it should be repaired immediately. Most windows start to decline at an age of 50-75 years old.

What to Expect

If you have an antique stained glass window that needs restoration in Denver, you should call a professional immediately. After you tell them about your situation, they will most likely want to see the window in person. This is because before anything can be done, the condition of the glass needs to be evaluated.

After the inspection, if repairs are needed, the window will be removed from your home and taken to the company’s workshop. There, it will be cleaned, carefully taken apart, repaired, and reassembled. The entire process usually takes at least one month for an average sized window, but larger projects may take longer. However, in the end, the results are worth it. Not only is the stained glass safe from becoming extinct, but it also looks more beautiful than it ever did before.

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