Keep the Character of Your Denver Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

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Victorian homes in historic areas of Denver like Wash Park, Capitol Hill, and Park Hill are the stuff that dreams are made of. Wide wrap around porches, decorative railings, and a tall, narrow frame give a Victorian home a striking look that simply cannot be compared to modern styles of architecture.

Preserving the defining characters and stylistic elements of a Victorian home is usually important to most owners. While maintenance does need to be conducted in order to keep a home safe and energy efficient, most homeowners take great care to ensure that their renovations do not alter the overall character and appearance of their historic home.

This includes preserving all stained glass windows. Stained glass windows are extremely common in Victorian homes in Denver. However, stained glass does require restoration from time to time. Restoration not only helps to preserve the beautiful appearance of stained glass, but it also preserves its structural integrity and provides a way to quickly remedy damage or deterioration that has occurred.

denver stained glass restoration

Why Preserve Your Denver Home’s Stained Glass?

Stained glass looks beautiful in a home, but is it really worth preserving? We think yes. There are many reasons for this answer. First, stained glass is an important defining characteristic of an older home. If the stained glass was removed, a new window would need to be installed to replace it. However, most windows sold today have a very modern look and are not suitable for historic looking properties.

Another good reason to preserve your Denver home’s stained glass is privacy. Stained glass provides privacy in a way that is unique to most traditional window coverings. The textured surface of the glass distorts images on the other side, creating a visual barrier that provides privacy. Blinds and curtains, however, have to be closed shut and therefore block out large volumes of natural light that are important for the ambiance of a home.

Process for Stained Glass Restoration

The process for stained glass restoration is slightly complex, it’s true. However, it’s an investment that’s worth the while. As a homeowner, you don’t have to worry about doing anything to prepare your home for stained glass restoration. A stained glass company, like ours, will come out to your home, and safely remove the window.

Then, the stained glass is cleaned and restored using new leading and, if necessary, replacement glass pieces. After being assembled back together and allowed to dry, the stained glass is brought back to your home and reinstalled. In other words, we do all the heavy lifting for you!

Get a Quote on Stained Glass Restoration in Denver

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