Stained Glass Hail Repair For Your Colorado Home

Hail Storm Property Damage In Colorado

The sound of hail is one that haunts anyone who has lived in Colorado for even a short amount of time. What starts with a tiny tink-tink-tink outside your windows turns into an angry hollow plunk-plunk-plunk on your car, your siding and even your windows. Hail damage to anything that sits unprotected under the Colorado Sky. If you are someone who knows what we are talking about, you too have probably had one or many pieces of property damaged by hail.

Hail Damage To Stained Glass Windows In Colorado

One item you may have that you do not realize is either suspectable to hail damage or able to be repaired after hail damage is stained glass. This type of window, although extremely durable, can suffer damage from the intense work of mother nature–hail, window, ice, and snow. Once damaged, the structural integrity of the glass is compromised and must be repaired as soon as possibly to ensure no further damage occurs. This is where Scottish Stained Glass comes in. Stained glass repair and restoration from hail, wind and just the general fading from time is our specialty. We are able to remove, repair, replace and re-lead the broken panels, with a perfect color match every time. What’s more, we’ve got you covered when the next hail storm happens, and it will because we are able to install a protective exterior to stop your windows from being damaged again.

Colorado’s Stained Glass Hail Repair Specialists

If you have a stained glass window and your home got hit pretty hard this last hail storm your stained glass window could be damaged as well. The best thing to do is inspect your window if you can or Scottish Stained Glass to come out and inspect it for you. We are Colorado’s stained glass experts and we can take care of your glass better than all the rest. Contact us today for a free estimate on the cost of stained glass repair, restoration or replacement.

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