The Importance of Maintaining & Restoring Stained Glass in Historic Mustang Churches and Chapels

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In places like Mustang and the Oklahoma City metro area, churches often feature gorgeous historic stained glass that functions not only as a beautiful artistic centerpiece within the church, but also as spiritual inspiration for attendees, which is why it’s important to keep it in good condition. If your Mustang church’s stained glass needs restoration, there are a few things you should know before diving into the process.

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Preserving Your Church’s Stained Glass for Future Congregations

The philosophy behind conserving stained glass in local Mustang churches through stained glass restoration is to faithfully preserve the original glass, colors, images, and structures with historic authenticity, but in a way that also lengthens the longevity of the stained glass. Extensive research into the age of the glass and building is required before beginning.

The original materials should be kept and used as much as possible, and the least invasive restoration methods should be used to repair the stained glass. A restorer with an artist’s eye will be best for matching glass colors and textures or designing new glass if needed. Additionally, all materials and restoration procedures should be reversible and carefully documented to allow for minimally intrusive future restorations.

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When Stained Glass Restoration is Necessary

Signs that your Mustang church or chapel may need stained glass restoration include the breakdown of stains, paints, enamels, and glass, metal corrosion, or structural weakness in the lead or frame. If these signs occur, hire a professional restoration team.

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