Where to Start? Renovating Your Beaumont Church Stained Glass

beaumont church stained glass restoration

In Beaumont, people know how to keep history alive for future generations, from the Old West authenticity of Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum to the majestic St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, to even your own local Beaumont church. Stained glass restoration can help keep your church looking pristine for years to come, but there are a few things you should know before beginning the process.

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Determining Whether Stained Glass Restoration is Necessary for Your Church

There are telltale signs to watch for when evaluating whether your Beaumont church’s stained glass needs restoration. Ventilation is important for stained glass in the humid climate of Southeast Texas because windows without it are prone to deterioration. The humid climate also wreaks havoc on masonry frames due to the corroding of steel armatures and anchors.

Leaded glass panels usually last through several generations, however do require maintenance from time to time. Dirt needs to be removed and when leading begins to buckle, it needs to be replaced. The best way to determine if your stained glass needs restoration is by contacting a professional studio who can conduct a thorough inspection.

beaumont stained glass church window

Planning Your Stained Glass Restoration

Before jumping into the restoration process, your church committee should plan carefully, ensuring your Beaumont church receives a quality stained glass restoration.

Professional restorers perform an onsite assessment, analyzing the condition of the windows and putting together a timeline and cost list for the restoration process. Reputable restorers won’t take on a restoration unless it makes sense.

Once your church determines restoration is needed, you can leave the rest to the professionals, who will take care of the restoration process for you.

Contact Your Beaumont Church Stained Glass Repair Experts to Learn More

Call our office at Scottish Stained Glass and learn more about the benefits your Beaumont church can experience from stained glass repair when you set up a consultation appointment with one of our repair experts!

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