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Temple Stained Glass Restoration: Protecting the Beauty of LDS Temples

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Stained glass windows have a long and rich history in Mormon temples, dating as far back as the late eighteen hundreds. These temple windows are some of the most stunning in the world, depicting church lessons in unique and stunning ways. Some of the most famous examples of LDS temple stained glass include the famous Tiffany glass windows in the main Salt Lake Temple, such as the one that depicts Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden.

Temple stained glass is a beloved treasure, an important part of the worship experience for members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. And the fact is, since many of this temple stained glass is of the age to be considered antique, it can need restoration.

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, temple stained glass restoration is something we approach with reverence. We honor the master artists, designers, and craftsmen who worked on these stunning pieces of history. And we have developed a special restoration process for any size temple stained glass, a process that will restore the windows to their original beauty while making them stronger than before, so that they can last for many more generations to come.

Our temple stained glass restoration process can add many years to the life of stained glass panels. It includes an analysis of the needs of the window, to determine the condition of the glass and the lead strips. When the window is taken back to our studio, it will be disassembled, piece by piece, and all the components will be cleaned, the grime of the ages removed. We will order matching glass for any missing, cracked, or chipped pieces. We will reassemble the temple stained glass with new lead strips that look like the old ones, but have special strengthening metal inside. Depending on the size of the windows, our restoration process can take months, but when the windows are reinstalled, their magnificence will be undeniable.

It’s important to consider temple stained glass restoration as soon as you see or even suspect there is a problem with the stained glass. The windows might bow or sag, causing the glass to become loose. You might hear it rattle in the wind, or even have pieces of glass start to crack or fall out.

With over two decades of experience with all types of religious and temple stained glass, we advise clients to contact us as soon as possible, before the windows degrade any further. We have seen instances where the windows were left so long and were so far gone, they were not able to be restored. At that point, the only thing left was replacement windows, minus the original history.

The fact is, age can take its toll on stained glass. Whether your temple stained glass is in need of a minor repair or a full restoration, Scottish Stained Glass is here to help. Talk to us about how we might be able to assist in fund raising for the restoration.

For the finest temple stained glass restoration, anywhere in the country, please contact Scottish Stained Glass today.

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