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Stained Glass Restoration

For over thirty years, Scottish Stained Glass has been providing dedicated stained glass restoration services to communities, organizations, and private businesses located throughout the United States. We work closely with property owners to understand their needs and devise customized solutions for rejuvenating the strength and beauty of their stained glass. Our services are available to churches, hotels, restaurants and bars, and public spaces near and far, and include stained glass repair, remodeling, and restoration.

Our Mission

We are passionately dedicated to the conservation of our nation’s beloved stained glass. Our team has worked tirelessly over the years, devoting our time and energy to the conservation of what we believe to be one of the most beautiful forms of artistic expression in the world. We view stained glass as not only an exquisite art form, but also an indispensable part of our heritage, culture, and human history. Our goal is to help you find a cost-effective and viable means of preserving your stained glass so you can enjoy its beauty for years to come and share it with future generations.

Churches, Chapels, Temples & Beyond

We are eager to connect with the leaders or board members at your church and learn more about your needs. Our team excels in all aspects of religious stained glass restoration and is well-versed with a variety of artistic styles and aesthetics. 

No matter the size or complexity, we will handle your project with precision and dexterity. We have skilled painters who can replicate the most intricate and tiny details as well as expert engineers who specialize in tackling complex structural issues. We understand that your stained glass has deep sentimental and historical value, and will work hard to flawlessly execute all repairs.

We partner with religious communities of all types and denominations, including those of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, and Eastern faiths. Whether you need stained glass repairs for your temple, mosque, cathedral, synagogue, or chapel, we will be happy to perform a detailed evaluation and advise you on the best course of action for achieving your desired outcome.

Hotels & Bars

Stained glass has a powerful presence in hotels and bars and can be a prominent attraction for tourists as well as art lovers in the community. Not only is it visually captivating, but it also serves as a compelling brand tool and makes for a memorable guest experience. When properly maintained, it can bring revenue to your business and help you make a name for yourself. On the other hand, if it falls into a state repair, it can quickly become a safety hazard, produce an unwelcome aesthetic, and taint your reputation.

Our stained glass repair services can allow your hotel or bar to continue looking its best and bring renewed shine and beauty to your beloved artwork. Whether you have an entryway, window, hanging panel, sign, or ceiling that needs repairs, our expert team is up to the task.

Public Space

Scottish Stained Glass offers a number of services for preserving your community’s historic architecture and public spaces. We work closely with city council and town board members to understand their goals and can create a solution aligned with your budget and needs. Whether you have a stained glass window that has been damaged by vandalism, hail, or severe weather or has simply begun to deteriorate due to its age, we can provide the expert guidance and support you need.

Stained glass is often used to adorn the hallways, skylights, entryways, and ceilings of public spaces. Whether it’s located in a  museum, library, school, or recreation center, it can be a beautiful piece of public art that uplifts and inspires the community. Investing in stained glass restoration can breathe new life into artwork that has become dull, damaged, or tired-looking and have endless benefits for your community.

Restoration Can Save Your Beloved Artwork

Some of the world’s most glorious and beautiful stained glass windows would not exist today if it weren’t for the efforts of restoration artists. While sturdy, stained glass windows are not impervious to the effects of time. All materials age and this includes the lead caming, support bars, and delicate oil and acrylic paints used to make these enchanting compositions. 

Usually, signs of wear start to show after about fifty years and become increasingly evident between the ages of seventy to one hundred years old. Once deterioration sets in, restoration is the only viable means of preserving your stained glass. But this does mean its story has to come to an end. Your stained glass can begin a new chapter with the help of our repair and restoration services.

Signs that Your Stained Glass Needs Repairs

It’s important to check your stained glass for signs of wear and deterioration on a regular basis. Some of these indicators are subtle and easy to miss. We recommend standing at the base of the window and gazing upward to check for anything that looks unusual or out of place. If you notice any of these signs, it’s possible that your stained glass windows may need repairs:

Cracks: Fractures or cracks in the glass have appeared suddenly or spread over time.There may also be cracks in the lead caming or the joints, where two pieces of lead caming come together.

Bowing: The panels are bowing and have a slightly curved, convex, or concave appearance. You may see areas that appear to be bulging when you look upwards at the window.

Sagging: Gravity and/or temperature changes that have resulted in repeated expansion and contraction of the lead caming have caused the windows to sag and lose their shape.

Weakened leading: If there are areas of the lead caming that look white or chalky gray, this could be a sign of oxidation and weakening. Additionally, if the lead has broken away from the glass or appears misshapen, then repairs may be necessary.

Separation of reinforcing bars: The reinforcing bars are pulling away from the glass or do not appear to be fully attached to the framing. In severe cases, steel brace bars may fall off entirely and appear to be missing.

Faded paint: The painted areas seem to be fading and losing color or the paint has started to crumble, peel, or wear off.

Discoloration: Discoloration has occurred due to dark build up between the glass and lead caming. If plexiglass was installed over the window and is starting to turn yellow, this could also be cause for concern.

No ventilation: If there is safety glass or plexiglas over the window, but no visible vents, this should be addressed immediately. Lack of ventilation can cause stained glass to deteriorate quickly.

What Scottish Stained Glass Can Do to Help

If you’re concerned about your church’s stained glass windows, Scottish Stained Glass can provide the expert guidance and support you need. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in stained glass artistry, we will work with skill and precision to conduct a detailed evaluation and develop a customized solution based on your budget and needs. We can address any concerns related to your stained glass and flawlessly execute repairs of all types and complexities.

Professional Evaluation

We conduct all assessments onsite. This allows us to be thorough in our work and accurately evaluate the condition of your stained glass. Our expert team will check for any and all signs of damage and causes for concern. You will be given a detailed report of our findings and explanation of the damage we’ve observed.

Customized Plan

Every church is different and all stained glass windows are unique. We approach every project with a fresh perspective, focusing on your church’s individual needs. After conducting a thorough assessment, we will develop a customized plan for repairing your stained glass so that it can be restored to its former glory.

Repairs & Restoration

Our proprietary process includes a combination of traditional techniques, advanced engineering, and modern technology. We use CAD programming to carefully map our plans and develop a blueprint for repairs. Then, we carefully clean, disassemble, repair, and reassemble each panel, working to be as conservative as we can throughout the process in order to preserve as much of the original composition as possible.

Our Restoration Process

We are experts in the stained glass restoration process. We’ve spent the last thirty years honing our skills and fine-tuning our techniques. Our proprietary process has allowed us to save countless church stained glass windows from destruction. Here are the steps we use:

Assessment: We begin with an onsite visit to your church to inspect the stained glass in person. This allows us to get to know you better and gain a better understanding of the issues you’re experiencing. We thoroughly each panel, documenting our work as we go and making special note of areas of concern. Then, we create a report of our findings along with a plan for repairs, which we send to your church for review.

Removal: Once you approve the repair plan, we will begin making preparations to remove the stained glass. We remove all screws, nails, and putty holding the stained glass in place. Then, we take it out of the frame and insert a piece of tempered or textured glass in its place. The stained glass is carefully packaged and transported to our studio.

Preparation: Back at our studio, we work to carefully document the original design using CAD programming. This is used as a blueprint for reassembling the stained glass later on. We may also take photos, measurements, and rubbings as part of our documentation process. Next, the stained glass is soaked in a tub filled with a water-based, non toxic cleansing solution. It takes about two weeks for the dirt and cement to break down and dissolve.

Disassembly: The stained glass is removed from the bath of solution and gingerly taken apart. If possible, we will try to recycle the lead caming. Otherwise, it is safely disposed of and new lead of a similar profile is used in its place. Any glass pieces that are severely damaged and beyond repair are discarded, though we try to be as conservative as we can about this matter. If necessary, we can send a request to one of our manufacturing partners to have new custom glass made.

Rebuild: Any hand-painted details that are missing are recreated by one of our skilled painters and fired in our kiln. Then, the glass is laid out according to the pattern of the original design and the window is rebuilt using stronger lead. A strengthening agent is added to the lead to increase its durability. We use a ratio of 96% lead and 4% antimony. The joints are soldered together and sealed with a molten mix of lead and tin on both sides of the window.

Reinforce: The next step is to strengthen and reinforce the window. A thin black cement is forced between the tiny gaps that exist between the lead and the glass. Next, we clean and polish the windows and, if necessary, attach reinforcing steel brace bars.

Reinstallation: The last of the process is to reinstall the window back in its place. We bring the stained glass back to your church and carefully remove the temporary glass that was being used in its place. Then we put the stained glass back into the opening and secure it in place. If you request a protective covering, we will install a piece of tempered safety glass over the window to guard it from potential dangers. If this is the case, we will also make sure to add venting on the inside or outside of your church to prevent heat from building up within the sealed unit. This allows the pressure to stay equalized and prevents the glass from warping. Finally, we invite everyone to the church so they can admire the beautifully restored stained glass.

The Benefits of Restoration

Stained glass restoration has benefits for everyone involved, from the members of your congregation to the community in which your church is located and the building itself. 

Historic Preservation

Your church’s past is an important part of its identity. Restoration is a necessary step in preserving a historic church and ensuring that its original architecture remains intact. It can also help keep your story and traditions alive so they can be passed onto future generations.

Sentimental Value

Stained glass is inspirational and uplifting. Congregation members often feel a deep connection to their church’s stained glass because it holds a strong place in their memory. There is infinite sentimental value in preserving an aspect of your church that your members deeply cherish and adore.

Property Value

As your church grows and expands, you may one day find it necessary to move into a larger building. Restoring your stained glass can increase your property’s resale value. Your earnings can be invested back into your church or used to purchase a larger building.

Beautiful Communities

You get the opportunity to give back to your community by keeping it beautiful and properly maintained. By restoring your stained glass, you are preserving the artistic culture and character of the neighborhood in which your church resides.

Get Advice About Your Church’s Stained Glass

You get the opportunity to give back to your community by keeping it beautiful and properly maintained. By restoring your stained glass, you are preserving the artistic culture and character of the neighborhood in which your church resides.