Should My KC Church Have Its Stained Glass Restored Or Replaced?

Posted April 10th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass: Restore Or Replace?

When it comes down to the question of stained glass restoration for churches, and whether or not it is worth the sometimes long and expensive repair process,  it really comes down to a number of factors that churches must consider. That being said there is no “one or “right” answer, and the decision lies with the church staff and congregation as a whole.  However, to help you better understand what is at stake when your  Kansas City church is beginning restoration talks, we have outlined a few things to think about.

Consider The Monetary Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

As beautiful as stained glass is, it is just as valuable.  Value can come from a variety of areas as you will see, but the actual monetary value is something to consider.  In terms of value, many things play a factor in how much your church stained glass may be estimated at, like condition, age, and artisan.  However, a general rule of thumb is– a restored original piece of antique stained glass will be about 4X more valuable than that of a new/replaced piece.

Consider The Sentimental Value Of your Church’s Stained Glass

If you have old stained glass in your Kansas City church, it is likely that it has seen its fair share of blessed events take place under its beautiful light.   There are probably people in your church who were married beneath it or others who said their final goodbyes. In cases like this, where you have many parishioners who cherish the glass for sentimental reasons, the fact is, there is likely nothing new that can replace it.

Consider The Historical Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

Even beyond the monetary or sentimental value, may lie value in the time period or craftsman who created your glass.  Glass made in the early 20th century is very well and uniquely crafted and holds deep historical value in regards to early American history.   If your church’s stained glass is still in relatively good repair and intact, it may have been made by a stained glass master of the time, which makes it more valuable in and of itself.

Watch this video for more information on Stained Glass:

For more information on the value of your church’s stained glass or to find out if restoration might be right for your congregation, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!


The Importance of Cleaning and Strengthening Your Kansas City Church’s Stained Glass

Posted April 5th, 2018 by Martin Faith

When properly taken care of, stained glass can last centuries. The beautiful, timeless stained glass pieces featured in Kansas City churches are usually very pertinent and meaningful for congregation members. These colorful works of art can play a major role in the worshiping and inspirational process. Restoration is always an option and typically becomes a necessity around the 75 year to 100 year mark, but regular cleaning and strengthening can stop permanent damage while prolonging periods between each restoration.

How Cleaning and Strengthening Prolongs Stained Glass

There are a lot of factors that can cause deterioration of stained glass. The leading cause of deterioration is often exposure to moisture. There’s no way around it, but your Kansas City church stained glass will be exposed to moisture which leads to corrosion and eventual deterioration. Moisture can cause fungus and mold which escalates decay as well. When moisture is trapped between stained glass panels, it gives a hospitable home for mold to live in and grow. That’s why regular cleanings are so important. Wiping down your stained glass regularly to remove moisture and prevent mold goes a long way. If your stained glass features painted glass elements and the paint isn’t properly baked, the paint itself can lead to further decay.

Cleaning and Repairing Kansas City Church Stained Glass

Due to age, stained glass can lose its luster without proper cleaning and may need polishing and repair. Scottish Stained Glass is happy to help with small repair jobs to complete restoration projects. If your church stained glass simply needs to be polished and has a few simple repairs, we can complete that without having to remove your stained glass windows. Restoration is inevitable– we’re happy to help with major restorations as well. If you need any cleaning and strengthening tips, you’re always welcome to contact us for advice!

Lead Safety from Scottish Stained Glass Kansas City on Vimeo.

For more information regarding cleaning, strengthening, and repair for your Kansas City stained glass, please give us a call: (816) 399-3764

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace My KC Church’s Stained Glass?

Posted March 19th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Replacing And Repairing Stained Glass On Kansas City Churches

You can find lovely stained glass windows on churches all around Kansas City and these beautiful pieces of history are well loved too–especially by the parishioners of the churches they adorn. They are so beloved in fact, that here at Scottish Stained Glass, we get many calls from area congregations about restoration. One question posed to us quite often in these calls is whether old stained glass is something best to have repaired or whether replacement is a better option. This is because often times on aging stained glass window frames are sagging or the glass itself is dirty, chipped, cracked, or even missing pieces of glass altogether, as these windows are nearing 100 years old. Whether to replace or repair stained glass is a question very much answered on a case by case basis but we have outlined a few things for churchgoers to think about below to help give you some guidance.

Weigh The Cost Of Replacing Vs. Repairing Stained Glass Windows

Restoring damaged stained glass windows, especially very large ones, can be quite pricey. However, keep in mind that, once they are restored, the value of these stained glass window could go up as much as 4x as much as they value of a new window. While a new window may cost less initially, it will be decades before its value is equal to a restored antique stained glass window. In regards to the cost, at Scottish Stained Glass Kansas City, we have seen many congregations hold fundraisers for their stained glass repairs and we are always happy to give you some guidance on what we have seen work with other congregations. This type of project is one we have almost always seen most congregations support and even communities as well.

Understand That Scottish Stained Glass Can Match Your Existing Glass

One hesitation that many churches have with replacing their church stained glass is that they think antique glass cannot be matched. While it is true that techniques used to create some older stained glass are difficult, happily we have some of the most skilled stained glass repair artists in the state, able to precisely match almost any stained glass panel. We also have developed special methods for removing and restoring very large church stained glass windows. Now, these types of restorations do take quite a bit of time but will the amazing process brings these windows of great sentimental and monetary value back to their original luster and beauty. Additionally, these restored windows will easily last another 80-100 years before needing more work.

Consider The History Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

Lastly, don’t forget what a long and unique history your Kansas City church stained glass holds. Many stained glass windows have accrued a lot of value both monetary and sentimental–so keeping them is a strong option. If your stained glass is very old (dating back to the early-mid 20th century) your church’s stained glass windows may have been designed by a stained glass master of the time, which greatly increases their value. Also, works by this skilled artisan play an important part of the history of your church which in and of itself hold value. In this case, investing in an extensive stained glass repair project may well be the best choice for your congregation.

Watch the video below for more information on repairing your church’s stained glass:


Scottish Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Church Stained Glass Restoration

If your church stained glass shows signs of wear it is a good idea to have Scottish Stained Glass come in and consult with you. In the case of very old stained glass, it is best not to wait because the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation of your Kansas City church stained glass.

Stained Glass Through Time in Kansas City: A Thousand Year Old History Brought to Light

Posted March 18th, 2018 by Martin Faith
kansas city stained glass through time

Did you know that Kansas City is home to some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world? Works produced by famous artists like Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Comfort Tiffany can be found in historic churches, old restaurants and hotels, and even older homes in Kansas City. Stained glass is indeed an essential part of Kansas City’s architectural history.

But what is the true story of these works and where did they come from? This is a question that can only be answered with an explanation of stained glass itself and its history, past, present, and future.

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Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in Kansas City’s Historic Theaters, Museums, and Restaurants

Posted March 7th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Kansas City is known for their beloved stained glass features housed throughout the city in historic theaters, museums, and restaurants. The Kansas City community agrees that preserving historic stained glass for future generations is an important task. These rare treasures can feature symbolic messages, significant art, and meaningful sentiment. Antique stained glass around the age of 75 – 100 years are most likely ready for restoration. We always recommend restoring at the first signs of deterioration in order to prevent any potential irreversible damage.

The Importance of Preserving Heritage Through Stained Glass Restoration

Restoring stained glass is vital to preserving Kansas City heritage and history. Many theaters, museums, and restaurants that house these stained glass features are often visited by the community in order to enjoy these relics. Historic commercial property owners can actually increase their property equity, improve antique value, and restore their stained glass for another 100 years. These financial benefits definitely make historical preservation worth it. Stained glass restoration can also lead to more customer retention while attracting new ones.

Stained Glass Restoration from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

How to Get Started on Your Historic Stained Glass Restoration Project

Our historic stained glass restoration project begins with an on-site consultation. Whether you’ve spotted signs of deterioration or would like us to determine if your stained glass is ready for restoration, we’re happy to help you get started. The assessment determines what external factors have lead your stained glass to require restoration. This allows us to create individualized restoration plans for each piece based on their requirements. Our goal is to preserve these treasures for another 100 years for more generations to enjoy. The assessment can provide the project estimate as well, giving you the opportunity to analyze the costs and benefits.

For more information regarding historic stained glass restoration in the Kansas City area, please give us a call anytime: (816) 399-3764

Kansas City Church Stained Glass Restoration: What You Need to Know

Posted March 4th, 2018 by Martin Faith
kansas city church stained glass restoration

If your Kansas City church has a stained glass window that is in need of restoration and showing signs of deterioration such as cracked glass, loose pieces, or warped leading, you will need to seek the assistance of professional glassmaker. A glass company will be able to conduct the repairs safely in a controlled environment in their workshop. If this is the case, you probably have some questions about the matter. In this article, we’ll provide some information to help clear up any questions or matters of confusion about glass repair, including an explanation of the restoration process process, costs, and when to consider replacement.

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Painted Stained Restoration Experts For Your Kansas City Church Windows

Posted February 20th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass:  Kansas City’s Premiere Painted Stained Glass Artist

Painted stained glass is beautiful and as difficult to create as it looks, however,  it is an incredibly rewarding art form that we at Scottish Stained Glass have perfected over the last 2+ decades.  This makes us one of the few experts on painted stained glass in the Kansas City area and we are proud that when churches in the city are looking for original or restoration painted stained glass, they come to us!  And rightfully so–at  Scottish, we can successfully take on and complete any type of painted stained glass work. For more information on the fascinating process that goes into creating one-of-a-kind works of painted stained glass art or restoring one, continue reading for the particulars of our beloved craft.

The Long and Lovely Tradition Painted Stained Glass Tradition

Painted stained glass is simply stunning and, as it happens, is a unique way to add character and charm to your  Kansas City church–there is no question about that.  It is also a feature many churches in KC already have.  On the surface, it may look like a relatively simple art form but the process is quite detailed and could even be considered scientific. This is because colors on painted stained glass are brought about through complicated chemical interactions of different minerals and oils, which result in various majestic colors.

Painted Stained Glass Method 1

The most basic method for painting color onto stained glass is for the artist starting with colored glass and then applying special black paint made up of oils and minerals onto it.  This starts a chemical reaction that changes the glass into rich colors you see on church and home windows and  is completed when the piece of glass is fired in our kiln at 1250-1450 for a couple of hours.  After the glass comes out the paint/color is permanently melted into the glass.  Now that the paint is part of the glass it can never rub off or be removed.

Painted Stained Glass Method 2

The second method involves clear glass.  During this process, colors are painted on a clear piece of glass one at a time and fired in between layers of color to build up layers of shading or color. Any color that involves the use of yellow can be particularly difficult in this method as the chemical used for yellows color (silver staining) is very toxic and will destroy other colors.  For this reason, when trying to achieve the color green for instance, the toxic yellow must be painted on the opposite side of the glass as the blue paint in order to keep the yellow from damaging the blue paint.

Scottish Stained Glass: A Painted Stained Glass Specialist For Kansas City, Texas

Restoration projects for painted stained glass come with their share of challenges but are definitely worth the time and effort involved in restoring the beauty of your glass.  The main challenge is figuring out precisely what type of techniques the original artist used.  For example, sometimes artists would use black paint on their glass but scrap some of it off with a stick to add texture. This same method was also used to etch in individual elements like blades of glass.  No matter what type technique was used,  our artists work hard to mimic them exactly– sometimes even doing multiple iterations to get it right.


Learn more about the history of stained glass here or watch the video below.

Here, at Scottish Stained Glass, we take great pride in what we do and always love the final, beautiful outcome! Contact us to find out more about original or restoration painted stained glass for your Kansas City Church today!

Our Technique for Restoring Kansas City’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Kansas City features some of the most beautiful, historic churches displaying elegant, vintage stained glass windows. Scottish Stained Glass is honored to have restored some of these beautiful, antique stained glass panels, contributing back to Kansas City’s wonderful church community. Our detailed, thorough stained glass restoration process is definitely something we’re well-known for, a process completed all over Kansas City and the rest of the Western half of our nation.

Kansas City Church Stained Glass Restoration Technique

Our church stained glass restoration technique begins with an assessment. Our team of local, experienced stained glass artisans start with an on-site assessment in order to evaluate the root issues that have caused the deterioration of your church’s stained glass windows. The on-site assessment allows us to analyze all contributing factors in order for us to better manipulate a custom-fit course of action when it comes to the restoration itself. For instance, if your stained glass is a concave shape it could mean that years of wind flow coming across your church is causing a vacuum, sucking the glass the other way.

Once we determine all underlying causes of deterioration regarding the glass, lead, and composition as a whole, our team carefully removes your stained glass window and transports it back to our repair studio.

Processing Kansas City Church Stained Glass Restoration

We soak your church’s stained glass panels in a proprietary soap mixture for at least two weeks, ensuring we’re able to remove the dirt build up from the last 100 years. Once we take apart your window, we replace or replicate any distorted or broken pieces from either our vast inventory of over 50,000 stained glass pieces or have it custom made to perfectly match.

We rebuild your stained glass window with lead, tin, and black cement, heightening durability and strength. Once every piece is polished to perfection, our team reinstalls your stained glass ensuring everyone in your congregation will be stunned by its new, fresh appearance.

Call today to schedule an on-site consultation to find out how Scottish Stained Glass can restore your Kansas City church’s stained glass windows: (816) 399-3764

Bathroom Stained Glass for Your Kansas City Home

Posted January 8th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Have you noticed all the desperate buyers in Kansas City looking for homes? According to The Kansas City Star, Kansas City has had the largest decline in available housing inventory compared to all regional metro areas, with a 55.4% decrease from 2012 to 2017. With only 14% of houses available on the market, it is definitely a seller’s market in Kansas City. Hear that great news, homeowners? It’s the perfect time do find your next home renovation project! Adding stained glass to your Kansas City home bathroom really increases curb appeal, privacy, and takes your interior design game to the next level!

Why Stained Glass for Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is definitely one of the most important rooms in your home when it comes to protecting your privacy. Leaded glass, often referred to as clear stained glass, is the best option for privacy. Kansas City homeowners typically choose leaded glass and beveled stained glass, a clear glass which is ground and polished around the edges to create the beveled edge around the exterior of the glass piece which gives a prismatic effect when reflecting light, design in whatever style of their choice. Our experienced local glass artisans build these custom designs using frosted and textured glass that adds in privacy without blocking out that beautiful, natural Kansas City sunlight.

Bathroom Stained Glass Elevates Your Kansas City Home Decor

Another amazing attribute of stained glass is the sheer beauty and artistic element it solely possesses out of all the window options. Kansas City homeowners agree that elegance is key for any bathroom design. Stained glass gives every homeowner the opportunity to create a custom piece of art. Bathroom stained glass is perfect for any window in your Kansas City home bathroom, whether it’s that large window behind your bathtub, the little window in your shower, or even in your bathroom cabinet doors! The addition of stained glass really elevates your whole bathroom decor to the next level!

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation to see how we take your bathroom decor to the next level with stained glass: (816) 399-3764

Get Your Kansas City Home Ready for Winter with a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

Posted October 31st, 2017 by Martin Faith
stained glass fireplace screen kansas city

It’s only a matter of time before winter hits Kansas City. Soon, it will once again be that time of the year where we can gather around the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa and sharing laughs with our loved ones. If you’re like many Kansas City residents and enjoy spending time around your fireplace during the winter, why not dress up your fireplace a little bit this year with a stained glass fireplace screen for your Kansas City home!
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Stained Glass Window For The Perfect Basement Remodel

Posted October 27th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass For A Basement Renovation

Basement renovations are all the rage right now in Kansas City, as real estate booms and people flock to the Midwest, and across the nation. Renovating a basement can add not only square footage to your Kansas City home but also a significant amount of retail value. One thing we recommend considering for your basement remodel is stained glass windows. This simple but lively addition will turn any basement into a stunner and is relatively inexpensive. Read on to find out why we think basements are the perfect place for stained glass windows.

Stained Glass Windows For Your Kansas City Basement Remodel

At Scottish Stained Glass we have seen many boring basements turn into something spectacular with stained glass. If you are doing a renovation on your Kansas City home, this is the perfect time to add this wonderful and versatile feature. There are many reasons why we believe this:

Stained Glass Brightens Your Basement: Let’s face it–basements are dull and boring. However, stained glass can bring that pop of color to your basement remodel that really makes it stand out. Don’t settle for an average basement–get something you’re really going to love and somewhere you want to spend time with stained glass.

Stained Glass Covers Ugly Window Wells In Basement: Basements typically have ugly views of the ground, street or even worse, window wells. If you are taking the time to redo your basement, don’t settle for mediocre views or curtains. Instead get something lovely, personal and stylish like stained glass windows to cover the less than perfect views.

Beyond just treating the window with stained glass you are, of course always adding value to any stained glass window you add to your Kansas City Home. Contact Scottish Window Tinting for a free, stained glass window estimate for your basement today!

Beautify Your Kansas City Home with Stained Glass Hanging Panels

Posted October 5th, 2017 by Martin Faith
kansas city hanging stained glass

Summertime has come to a close here in Kansas City and we have to admit, we’re pretty excited about it. The next few weeks will bring beautiful fall weather our way which means for plenty of time spent relaxing outdoors. And if you’re like many Kansas City residents and tend to spend a lot of time hanging out in your backyard, sunroom, or porch, you may enjoy a stained glass hanging panel for your home.
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How Stained Glass can block those ugly window wells in your Kansas City basement

Posted September 10th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Tired of looking at the ugly window wells in your basement? Conceal them in a stylish, discreet manner with a stained glass window. Stained glass is perfect for Kansas City homeowners who use their basement as a guest room, bar area, or entertainment room. It looks beautiful and it helps hide those little defects like window wells that can take away from the aesthetic appearance of your home.

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Kansas City’s Antique Stained Glass Restoration Specialists

Posted August 22nd, 2017 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Restoration And Repair In Kansas City

At Scottish Stained Glass we know believe that stained glass should be an heirloom piece for your Kansas City home. Which is why, for the last decade +, we have made a huge part of our business stained glass repair and replacement. If you haven’t already seen the difference in a piece of stained glass after it has been restored to its former beauty, then you are missing out. At Scottish Stained Glass we use a simple, straightforward for all of our restorations to make it replacing or restoring a stained glass window in the Kansas City are as simple as possible

  1. In Home Consultations For Repairs: Architecture, especially in Kansas, is very diverse. Which is why we take the time to come to your home, inspect your glass, come up with a restoration or replacement plan and get your input. We outline pricing and scope of work at this time.
  2. Repairing Stained Glass: Our Expert craftsmen carefully clean, repair and create replacement pieces for your stained glass windows using a combination of old world techniques and modern technology.
  3.  Installation of  Repaired Stained Glass: Once our master stained glass craftsmen build the stained glass replacement parts to your exact specifications we reinstall the window or parts of the window on your Kansas home. We have many methods of installation and we clearly outline all of them to you and pick the right one for your job.

Kansas City Stained Glass Experts

We know our stained glass replacement process is the best because we have spent the last 2 decades refining it. We have repaired thousands of windows on homes and churches in the Kansas area and we can be trusted to get the job done one time and within budget every time. Contact us today for a free consultation for your Kansas City home’s stained glass windows!

Stained Glass Kitchen Windows Increase Kansas City Home’s Value

Posted June 12th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Kitchen Windows For Your Kansas City Home

The Kansas City you see today is a far cry from the KC just ten years ago! Business is booming and the real estate market is no exception. Fetching the asking price on your home in a market like Kansas City’s is the norm and some buyers are even willing to go above it. But as you probably know, real estate is a volatile market and the market could change drastically by the time you are ready to sell your home. Sure, selling a home is easy right now, but it will not always be such a “sellers” market here in Kansas City or anywhere for that matter. As a smart homeowner, looking to ensure your home will sell well in the future, investing in features now that add value to your home and attract potential buyers is key to your long-term success. One such feature that we have seen work wonders for those selling their homes, even in a buyers market, is kitchen stained glass.

Stained Glass Windows In Your Kansas City Kitchen

As we mentioned, selling your Kansas City home may not even be something you are considering right now–but it probably will be something you will be doing one day. This is why we suggest looking into kitchen stained glass for your home now. First off, all stained glass in your kitchen is a fantastic design feature. It has numerous niches it can fill- everything from cabinet doors for style to privacy on you windows facing other houses for function. The stained glass windows you put in your kitchen are sure to delight you, your family and friends for years to come, of that we are sure. As if that wasn’t reason enough, let’s not forget how pivotal stained glass windows in the kitchen of your Kansas City home will be when you finally sell! As you have probably heard time and time again, kitchens and bathrooms are what sell homes and dollar for dollar add the most value after renovations. It is a fact that stained glass on a home allows for a higher asking price. Also, it is so beautiful it adds immense appeal for potential buyers. They will not soon forget such a standout feature and when comparing your home to other homes for sale, yours will surely be at an advantage because of your kitchen stained glass. For these reasons, putting a stained glass window in your Kansas City home’s kitchen now is a very real investment in your home’s future.

If you are interested in a stained glass entryway window or have questions on other types of stained glass windows for your Kansas City home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and schedule a free consultation.

The Stained Glass Walls of the Prairiefire Museum in Kansas City

Posted May 4th, 2017 by Martin Faith
stained glass kansas city museum

In 2014, the Museum at Prairiefire opened its doors with the mission to provide access and information to the public about natural history and science related topics. While the opening of the museum was anticipated for years by locals, the architecture came as surprise to many. The Prairiefire Museum has an exterior that’s hard to look away from. Beautiful stained glass panels line the walls of the museum, bringing awe and joy to its Kansas City visitors.

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A Hidden Piece Of Architectural History in Kansas City

Posted January 11th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Frank Llyod Wright’s Kansas City Masterpiece

At Scottish Stained glass, works of art, stained glass or otherwise, are what inspire us day to day. Take for instance a historical gem hidden deep in one of our largest market cities: Kansas City. Lying low amid a bustling single family home neighborhood is an unassuming but spectacular church building on the corner of 46th street and Main. While the beauty and individuality of the church are evident upon first glance, the very famous architect of this unassuming chapel may not be. When in fact, The Community Christian Church building, in the heart of the Kansas suburbs, was designed by no other than Frank Lloyd Wright himself. The congregation of the church has been around since the 1890’s, but after the destruction of their building by fire, in 1939, the design and construction of this new church building, under the direction of Frank Lloyd Wright, went underway in 1940. His mission “to build the church of the future”, was realized in 1942.

The hallmark design style of the Frank Lloyd Wright is still very evident today. A geometric interior roof paneling and a stylized hallway gate whisper of Frank’s touch.

While the geometric exterior and bold auditorium seats speak more loudly in the distinct design voice of the great American architect.

Although there is no stained glass on the original structure, one can find a lovely piece of Frank Lloyd style stained glass sitting unpretentiously on the square add-on building protruding from the Hexagon section. These windows, although not designed by Wright himself, do justice to his exquisite style. With so much history by such a famous designer, this quiet church will be forever an icon for Frank Lloyd Wright admirers worldwide and a must visit for any true fan of his work.

Kansas City’s Stained Glass Experts

As stained glass artists, it’s treasures like, a community church with stunning details tucked away in an unassuming neighborhood, that keep us motivated. We work hard on our customer’s stained glass, large or small to make them beautiful for the sake of beauty–much like the master himself. We emulate the Frank Lloyd Wright style and have a deep appreciation for simple beauty, as did he. If you are looking for a stained glass window and like the Frank Lloyd Wright style, contact us today. We will do a free consultation and get you on your way to having a little piece of classic beauty in your home or church.

The World’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass Part 3

Posted November 12th, 2016 by Martin Faith

The Middle East and even some parts of North Africa are some of the oldest still intact windows in the world. As beautiful as they are ancient, they represent stories and sometimes even lessons from different religions.  While the symbols and  religious significance may vary, one common thread in these windows is the intensely respectful  dedication to the art of form; fine craftsmanship being ubiquitous among them.    The tradition of religious stained glass windows being the peak of glass art expression transferred easily to the new world.  South America can make a case for some of the finest crafted stained glass windows the world.   The Cathedral of Maringa in Brazil is a shinning example of an absolutely stunning feat of glasswork work , and one in a markedly different style and tone than that of the old world.  As pictured below, the bright colors seem to rise, almost towering over the viewer in a color pallet akin to the bright foliage of the Amazon River Valley, pulling eyes upward in a prayerful gaze towards heaven.     Another South American stunner, he Santuario Dom Bosco in Brazil, is unlike any other stained glass you have ever seen.  The monochromatic magnificence of the cathedral stained glass windows bathe the chapel in ethereal azure light, giving it nothing less than a deeply moving ambiance.  Again, in the spirit of the new world, this religious stained glass makes use of abstract, almost Picassoesque shapes in sharp contrast to the old world tradition of literal figures.



Where ever stained glass is found, church, chapel or synagogue, the artistic and spiritual value is there.  These precious works of art and remembrance are of the utmost importance to keeping our history preserved.  These truths are something Scottish Stained Glass takes to heart. Since we work in stained glass restoration, stained glass construction, and stained glass repair, we understand the value of these precious relics. We have restored, repaired and built stained glass in Kansas for decades and our passion for all things stained glass shows. If you are looking for stained glass repair, restoration or construction and live in Parkville, Overland Park, Olathe, Prairie Village, Leawood or anywhere else in the Kansas City/Metro area, contact us today for a free consultation. When it comes to stained glass we are Kansas’s premier restoration, repair and manufacturing company and you will see the difference experience makes when you work with us.

5 Great Prairie Stained Glass Applications for Your Kansas City Home

Posted September 6th, 2016 by Martin Faith

Due to its connection with several homes built in the area by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, prairie style stained glass is extremely popular in Kansas City homes. The artistic appearance of prairie stained glass is appealing to those seeking to add a bit of modern or contemporary flare to their home. Its incredibly unique design often features symmetrical patterns, geometric shapes, and bright, warm colors. When placed in exactly the right spot, it has the ability to selectively allow sunlight to enter the room and can highlight specific architectural features of your home.


Prairie style stained glass makes a beautiful addition to any home and can serve as a captivating focal point for your guests. When your visitors enter your home, they will instantly be drawn to its vivid colors and sophisticated design. For this reason, the designers at Scottish Stained Glass thoroughly enjoy creating custom prairie style stained glass artwork that is elegant and unique. And because we love the style so much, we’ve put together this list of our five favorite prairie stained glass applications for Kansas City homes.

1. Prairie Stained Glass for Private Entryways

Your entryway is the first impression that guests have of your home. Installing a unique prairie stained glass piece in your door or sidelights can create a gorgeous design for your front room or foyer and provide you with a bit of privacy from the outside world.

2. Prairie Stained Glass for Kitchens and Cabinets

Due to long-established traditions, many people tend to spend a large amount of time with their family and guests in their kitchen. If you enjoy throwing parties or entertaining, prairie style stained glass can give your kitchen the extra touch of liveliness and color it needs to make it the perfect place for hosting special events.

3. Prairie Stained Glass in Bathroom Windows

Because many appliances are often white or stainless steel, bathrooms are typically one of the rooms in a house that can benefit from a bit of added color. Prairie style stained glass offers the perfect solution for adding elegance and color to bathrooms while protecting your privacy.

4. Decorative Hallway Prairie Stained Glass

Decorating a hallway or stairway can sometimes be a tricky task and may create a desire for variation from the typical arrangement of picture frames and paintings. Adding prairie stained glass in these areas can be a fun and creative way to enhance the interior design of your home.

5. Transom Prairie Stained Glass

Stained glass transoms are a beautiful way to let natural light enter your home and also add height and depth to your rooms. We just love the way that prairie stained glass allows the sunlight to brighten up a room.

Custom Prairie Stained Glass for Your Kansas City Home

Has looking at all this prairie stained glass in Kansas City got you feeling inspired? Call Scottish Stained Glass today to get a custom stained glass piece for your home!

Scottish Stained Glass is Coming to Kansas City!

Posted November 18th, 2014 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is the largest custom leaded glass studio in the country, and we are proud to expand our company to Kansas City in the coming months! Kansas City is a beautiful area, with so many homes that lend themselves perfectly to the addition of custom glasswork, and our team is excited to begin working with clients in the area!

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