Stained Glass Windows Increase Your Privacy

Posted March 24th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Glass Windows Ensure Privacy

Are you tired of your mailman peaking in your sidelight at the entryway while dropping off the mail, or solicitors looking in to see if you are home to try and make a sale?  What about that large bathroom window that sold you on your home because it allowed natural light in, just to find out that natural light meant natural nosy neighbors?

Stained glass windows have become a popular alternative to window treatments Denver, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.  This is especially true in areas where natural light is preferred, but privacy is necessary.  For example, take the common sidelight, window to the side of the door, at the entryway.  This is a great element to make a first impression to anyone entering the home.  The only downfall is sidelight windows usually consist of clear glass that allows anyone to see into the home.  When blinds are installed on these windows, it takes away from the design intent, natural light, and adds another item on the list to clean.  The best alternative is the use of stained glass windows.  Depending on the design of the stained glass windows, the window will no longer entice people to peak into your home and will provide a stunning show piece for all your visitors to enjoy!

Because each piece is handmade to custom fit each window perfectly, stained glass windows allow for many design options and can match any style or décor.  Not only do the stained glass windows get installed directly to the existing glass making the installation process easy and fast, they allow for all the natural light to come in, but keep the interior of the home private to outside onlookers.  The glass is smooth to the touch making cleaning way easier than a set of blinds.

The next question that is commonly presented when discussing stained glass windows is “do I have to use color?”  The answer is no.  In fact most stained glass windows are made without color as this provides a timeless look and many home owners prefer not to limit the interior color palate.  Privacy can even be achieved without the use of colored glass, and just using textured glass to make shapes and patterns.   Another type of glass commonly used to maximize light is beveled glass.  Beveled glass refracts light, helping to increase the amount of light in the room while offering a nice touch to the overall stained glass window.  With a mixture of textures, bevels, and of course some lead, you can achieve as much privacy as you need to feel comfortable in your home.

Most importantly, natural light keeps the home  happy, bright, and airy.  When the environment that you’re living, working, or entertaining in puts off a positive vibe, the people in that environment reflect it as well.  Stained glass windows not only allow the natural light in, it brings character, art, and most importantly privacy to your home.  So let the light in, keep the wondering eyes out, and be happy in your home.
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