New & Refurbished Stained Glass Entryways

Posted May 24th, 2011 by Martin Faith


Scottish Stained Glass can provide four services to anyone looking for stained glass in their entryway, sidelights, or transom.

1. If you have existing clear glass in your door, transom, or sidelights, we can design our stained glass to be bonded to this existing window, thus allowing your home to retain the highest possible structural integrity and energy efficiency. Assuming your door’s wood is in good shape, our stained glass is the perfect finishing touch to create a stunning entryway.

2. If you would like to brighten up a dreary entryway and need to refurbish wood of your door Scottish Stained Glass can not only design a beautiful entryway stained glass system for you, but we can also refer you to one of our partner companies that include Dazzling Doors.

3. In many cases clients are looking for a complete new entryway system. This allows us the optimal flexibility to create a solution that is exactly what you want. We can create stained glass designs that compliment you wood and stain choices while allowing you the broadest choice of door designs. We work with Stark Lumber to design and install custom entryway systems.

4. In a limited number of cases, there is the opportunity to cut out part of the door and insert stained glass into it. While this is not the ideal situation, there are certain cases where this is the only choice.

Follow this link to learn more about your stained glass entryway choices and see more photos.

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