10 Best Before & After Stained Glass Windows

10. A kitchen transformation makes a big difference.


Before stained glass, this kitchen was a sight for sore eyes. After installing some Prairie Style inspired stained glass, this kitchen looks absolutely amazing.

9. A beautiful fix to an age old problem.

The windows in this bathroom brought in plenty of light, however from the before picture you can see the problem. After adding clear beveled stained glass windows, this bathroom had the privacy it yearned for and the light it needed.

8. Living room window with a new stained glass view.


For some a view of the neighbors backyard might be desirable, but for most people its not. This problem was solved after installing these clear stained glass windows with beautiful beveled designs.

7. Even grid windows can easily benefit from privacy glass.

bathroom-stained-glass-privacyMany clients think that we can’t use our stained or leaded glass solutions in grid windows. This project shows just how that can work!

6. A beveled glass window brings new light to this bathroom.

B&A3While we admit that these photos don’t compare apples to apples, it’s obvios how much nicer the room is now that the shutters can be left open at all times!

5. Interior leaded glass doors for privacy in the office

stainedg-glass-interior-doorsThis client needed some privacy for their home office and was able to use our leaded glass to achieve it this elegant solution.

4. The perfect finishing touch to a Master Bathroom


This bathroom window used to have an undesirable view of the neighbors side window, not to mention the lack of privacy. Taking a bath was out of the question. After installing stained glass the view changed to a beautiful clear beveled glass window with a center accent piece. This glass fixed the privacy problem without losing any light.

3. Bathroom windows that are beautiful and functional.

church-bathroomBefore stained glass this bathroom was dark and dreary. After installing stained glass this bathroom was transformed into a beautiful space with lots of light, without compromising the privacy.

2. This bathroom needed leaded glass privacy in the worst way…

bathroom-stained-glass-windowsThis ground level bathroom that looked right onto the neighbors needed privacy in the worst way, but the client hated how dark shades and blinds made the room.  When she found our leaded glass solution she was able to keep the natural light without having to sacrifice any privacy.

1. Stunning Entryway Remodel

stained-glass-entryway-before-afterWhile we admit that stained glass isn’t the only ingredient in this beautiful before and after, we are proud to have provide this client an excellent solution from beginning to end.  Could your home use a spectacular new entryway?

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