Antique Residential Austin Stained Glass Restoration

antique residential stained glass restoration

Have you noticed a change in the appearance of your Austin antique residential stained glass? Restoration may be in your future.

All in all, stained glass windows are generally fairly sturdy and hardy. After all, some of the oldest works are literally hundreds of years old. But they’re far from indestructible. There are circumstances and situations that require attention. Sometimes stained glass windows in urban areas get vandalized. Other times, stained glass may start to weaken because of too much heat, hail, or strong wind.

In these instances, it’s best to acquire the assistance of an expert who can help with the repairs. With antique residential Austin stained glass restoration, fragile glass art can be strengthened and restored to its original beauty, and, most importantly, saved from destruction.

Why Your Antique Residential Stained Glass is Worth Restoring

As the owner of stained glass, you probably enjoy your artwork very much. Still, the prospect of incurring the costs from restoration can be daunting. But they shouldn’t put you off completely. There are many good reasons that antique stained glass restoration is worth the investment. For one, it preserves an important part of art history. Secondly, it could increase the value of your property, so costs for repairs may be offset by resale profit.

Initiating the Process for Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass restoration should only be conducted by an Austin professional, without exception. Antique glass is very delicate and should be handled only by someone who knows what they’re doing. Your stained glass repair expert will work with you to develop a plan for making minimally invasive repairs while keeping in line with your budget. Here’s how the process is usually started:

Planning – A plan is generated for the repairs. The stained glass is carefully examined to identify all existing issues. Then, a plan is made for removing, repairing, and re-installing the stained glass.

Documenting – Before anything at all is done to the stained glass, each window is carefully dated and documented. Dating the stained glass helps to ensure accuracy with materials and technique. And documenting ensures that every last detail is recreated in exactness.

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Scottish Stained Glass is here to help with all of your antique stained glass restoration needs in Austin. Call today to get a quote for your project!

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