Antique Stained Glass Window Collection Sold to Save Lives

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If you love stained glass and have been perusing our sites looking at all the lovely photos of our work, then you already know that every stained glass window we produce is custom made, and built to last for generations. But there is another kind of stained glass we are excited to tell you about – the kind that already has successfully withstood the test of time – antique stained glass!

On June 21st, Scottish Stained Glass will be hosting a benefit for Project C.U.R.E, a highly regarded charity that takes in donations of used, new or reusable medical equipment and supplies, and ships it off to needy clinics in third world countries around the globe.

Antique Stained Glass from Scotland

To date, they have collected around $1,000,000 worth of supplies for the recently finished pediatric ICU in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. This is one of that nation’s primary health care facilities, located in Belize City, Belize.  But although these much needed supplies have been donated free of charge, shipping that amount of tonnage to Belize is another matter entirely.
And that’s where we come in! Scottish Stained Glass founder, Martin Faith, has collected over 150 antique stained glass windows from his native Glasgow. They were “rescued” when many homeowners modernized their windows in the seventies and eighties, perhaps not realizing the worth of these lovely antiques. And although Martin dearly loves this stunning collection of 100+ year old windows, when he realized that selling it could potentially save hundreds of lives – his decision to sell them was easy.

During the 19th century, Glasgow Scotland was a mecca of stained glass art, the city filled with master craftsman plying their ancient trade and outfitting the Victorian homes and castles of the day with their amazing artworks. Stained glass has a long history across Europe, and particularly in Glasgow, home of master architect and stained glass artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The windows in Martin Faith’s personal collection are one of-a-kind treasures of all sizes, colors and types of glass. In fact, many of them are made out of types of glass that are no longer possible to produce today, so not only are they beautiful, they are a tangible chunk of history. If you’d like to add one of these treasures to your home, it can be hung in a larger existing window via hooks, so you can let the sun shine through it, always the best way to view stained glass windows.

To see what these antique windows look like please view our stained glass samples.

Please visit Project C.U.R.E to make a donation or learn more about this wonderful cause.

The bulk of them will be viewed and then sold at our cocktail party fundraiser, to be held at our main Centennial, CO showroom on the evening of the summer solstice. We chose that particular evening so our guests would have the longest possible amount of daylight to admire their beauty, and choose the one they love the most to purchase. We’re expecting a great evening, complete with Glass, Grapes and Gruyere! The prices range from $500 to $20,000 for these beauties.

Please contact us for more information!

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