Bathroom Stained Glass

By Patricia Stroud, Scottish Stained Glass Designer

Bathroom Stained Glass WindowsAs a designer, one of the most requested locations for a prized Scottish Stained Glass window is the bathroom. This may strike some as usual because stained glass is usually something to show off in the public areas of the home and make the Joneses a little envious. So why hide these treasures away in the bathroom? The answer may be more obvious than you think.

Stained glass can do more than just add style; it can also provide excellent privacy!  If you have large windows in a bathroom, or just windows with easy visibility, privacy may have become a problem. Homeowners often take back their privacy in these areas with blinds or curtains to cover a window. This eliminates the use of sunlight, and often creates the feeling of a closed off, dark space.  Instead, consider stained glass to give you the best of both worlds by blocking vision but not natural light.

What Makes a Stained Glass Window Private?

There are three factors by which to achieve privacy with stained glass window additions to a bathroom.  First, forget all color that is typically associated with stained glass windows and let’s focus on texture. Even colorless glass can block vision through any window.  We can achieve these dramatic results though selecting a colorless glass that features a heavy texture.

Scottish Stained Glass stocks a large variety of textures including our most popular types; waterglass, granite, hammered, vecchio, gluechip, corded, seedy and rough rolled. Each ranks somewhere on our 1-10 privacy scale to give our clients the precise distortion level needed to put their minds as ease, especially while taking a long bubbly soak in that garden tub.

Now let’s talk about colors. Many of our clients request stained glass windows precisely for the color that they add to the room. Colored glass sparkling in the sunlight may be one of the most beautiful sights in the world, but don’t just take my opinion- ask one of the millions of people attending places of worship around the world that feature stained glass windows. Colors are where stained glass windows come to life.

Lastly, there is opacity, which is how clear your glass is. Some colored glass is the faintest tint resembling something to a soft watercolor painting. Gazing through a translucent window of this gentle nature can actually have you looking at the world through rose colored glass(es). At the other end of the spectrum we have opaque colored glass which is a pure shock of color that is completely unable to see past. While difficult for natural light to illuminate past, opaque colored glass provides complete privacy for those who need extreme measures.  There are those many levels in between that can feature translucent tints with colored swirls allowing light to pass, but providing enough of a pattern to limit visibility.

Bathroom Stained Glass with Scottish

With so many options, and many different levels of privacy, you’ll be able to create a work of art while adding much needed privacy to any bathroom in your home.  You’ll work with an experienced designer, like myself, to select the best glass choices and design for your home.  Give us a call today to learn more, and to get started on your bathroom stained glass!

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